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In 2013 The Foundation launched The Black Heart Scholarship Programme. The Programme represents the formal development of some of The Foundation’s previous initiatives. The Scholarship Programme awards several annual bursaries to qualified candidates to advance their educational goals and life aspirations.

These awards have enabled the successful candidates to advance their education where they might otherwise not have been able to do so. The process is open to all stages of education from preparatory education to post graduate schooling and the bursaries can be applied to the costs of formal (classroom/school) education or experiential education (field/community).

The Scholarship Programme supports candidates with their educational endeavours primarily in the UK and US but is open to considering work in other education resource limited geographies. The demand for scholarships is high and therefore submissions that are closely aligned to the aims of The Foundation have the highest chance of successful application.

Due to the volume of applications, candidates are reminded that their application must conform to the criteria and that submissions can only be received in electronic or hard copy via the Foundation’s postal address or electronic mailing address.

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To apply to the Black Heart Scholarship Programme, please submit an application of no more than 1200 words providing a brief summary of the educational activity for which you seek a scholarship, outlining how the scholarship would align with the aims of The Black Heart Foundation and presenting a clear case of financial need. Take care to also include all of the information on the application checklist before submitting it in either of the following ways.



The Black Heart
Scholars Programme
The Black Heart Foundation
PO Box 7789
United Kingdom

Application Checklist

In addition to the personal summary please submit the application form and the budget sheet.

Please supply any financial statements and supporting financial documentation as part of your application

Applications are accepted twice a year

Cohort 1: Applications will be accepted between 1st March and 15th August. Applicants will be informed of the outcome by 30th September

Cohort 2: Applications will be accepted between 16th August and 31st October. Applicants will be informed of the outcome by the 31st December

We will not be accepting applications between 1st November – 28th February. If you submit an application during this time it will be added to the applications to be reviewed as part of cohort 1

*Please note that only successful candidates will be contacted and all scholarships will be announced on The Black Heart Foundation website.

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Rubbia Ali

Pg Dip (Masters) Global Mental Health | Queen Mary University of London

“The black heart foundation has provided me with the exciting opportunity to further my studies by sponsoring a PGDip. in ‘Cultural and Global Perspectives in Mental Health Care’. Being a recipient of such a scholarship has relieved me of financial burdens that would have otherwise hindered my studies. In the absence of such funding, I would have had to work full time to support myself which would have negatively impacted my academic ability. This opportunity has greatly aided my journey in pursuing a career in clinical psychology. Through this profession, I aspire to transform how mental health conditions are viewed and catered for, both socially and clinically, especially amongst vulnerable groups e.g. refugees, care leavers and people of ethnic minorities. Working with these groups has been the forefront of many volunteer projects I have participated in both in the UK and abroad, all seeking to improve the mental wellbeing of these individuals. Aside from my practical experience, I am now looking forward to gaining a greater theoretical understanding of how mental health issues manifest in these groups, and it is thanks to this foundation that I am able to gain such. I am truly humbled and appreciative to be recognised by such an organisation.”

Eunice Amankwah

Politics and Economics | University of Birmingham

“I have always been a student determined to defy the odds stacked against me and wanting to succeed in life. I have strived to find opportunities to help change the trajectory of my life, but I faced limitation due to lack of social and economic capital that I didn’t have. I am so grateful to the BHF that they have awarded me this scholarship as it will help ease the financial burden.

This award will not only enable me to pursue my dream of becoming an investment banker but provide the incentive to keep striving and defying the odds. I want to thank the BHF for investing in me and choosing to support my dream. I can’t wait to give back to this foundation in the future and help people like myself!”

Kirsten Cadogan

Human, Social and Political Sciences | University of Cambridge

“I am very proud and thankful to The Black Heart foundation for selecting me as a recipient of this award. The scholarship will lessen the stress associated with the financial burden of university. Not only will this allow me to immerse myself in societies, extra curriculars and other commitments, but will help ease the weight of student debt I face post university allowing me to start my working life free of extra stress. Overall, the removal of a cloud of financial troubles will give me peace of mind and help me to prosper at university and beyond. I hope to serve as an example of how finances should not be a limitation to an individuals education.”

Efosa Egharevba-Buckman

Economics | University College London

“I would like to thank The Black Heart Foundation for this opportunity. This scholarship has relived me of the stress of finances of a student in London. This scholarship is so beneficial for people coming from low-income households that face financial barriers of going to university and achieving their dreams. I was ecstatic to find out I was achieved an unconditional offer to study Economics at UCL. However, the financial burden of living in London was going to impact my university experience and future aspirations. Now with the help of the Black Heart Foundation, I hope to achieve future experience in the banking world and become a role model within my sphere of influence, community and the world at large as a trader, paving the way for future city traders from the same background and struggles as myself. Thank you again to the Black Heart Foundation for believing in me.”

Jude Farrant

Forensics | University of Kent

“I will never be able to thank the Black Heart Foundation enough for this scholarship. When I first came across the Foundation I was unsure as to whether I should apply, but after lots of deliberation I decided to go for it, and it’s forever going to be one of the best decisions I will ever make. I have always enjoyed school, and university was the next step in my education, but unfortunately, it’s a very expensive step. I always knew I wanted a job where I could make a difference, and I found the perfect field for me, combining my love of science with my desire to help people. The job market for my degree is extremely competitive, and to stand a chance of working in this field I need the best grades that I can get. Thanks to the Foundation’s generous investment into my future, I am now able to focus entirely on my studies meaning I don’t have to compromise the quality of my university assignments by taking on extra paid work. This will allow me to achieve the best grades I possibly can, allowing me the best chance at securing a job after. Therefore, I will forever owe the Foundation everything, because of the amazing help they have provided me, I stand a chance at being one of the best, giving me a great chance at a career, something I wouldn’t have had otherwise. Thank you so much to The Black Heart Foundation, for everything.

Marie Larauce

BA in international Relation | Queen Mary University of London

“Words will not be able to accurately demonstrate the life-changing effects of being a recipient of the Black Heart Foundation scholarship. Nor will it ever be able to truly express the extent of my gratitude for the amazing opportunity that it presents. After having to interrupt my studies for two years due to serious financial difficulties, this scholarship came nothing short of a miraculous gift. One that will not only enable me to complete the last year of my degree and finally graduate, but to do so without any financial burdens or additional stress hanging over me. I will also be forever grateful for the endless opportunities that are now comfortably within my grasp, and I am beyond excited to explore all the possibilities open to me after university without fear of financial barriers getting in the way. I will always deeply appreciate and admire the foundation for not allowing the harsh realities of mine and many other’s socioeconomic and social class status impede career prospects and life ambitions. As Benjamin Franklin said, “an investment in knowledge pays the best interest” and I am eternally grateful to the Black Heart Foundation for investing in me and my education; I hope one day I will be able to pay it forward and help support the inspirational aims of the Black Heart Foundation in every way I can.”

Andu Masebo

Masters Product Design | Royal College of Art

“It’s hard to show enough appreciation for the opportunity that the Black Heart Foundation has afforded me. Put simply, had I not been awarded this scholarship, I would not have been able to return to study for the final year of my Masters at the Royal College of Art and continue to progress towards my goal of becoming a product designer in my own right. To be awarded a scholarship by such an incredible organization that works solely to help individuals in need, in the pursuit of their goals is humbling. This award has allowed me the possibility to drastically change my prospects in life and I hope one day I have the chance to pay this generosity forward.”

Jason Mbuku

Law | University of Cambridge

“The immense gratitude I felt upon hearing that I was granted this scholarship by the Black Heart Foundation is indescribable. They have recognised that financial restrictions should not be a barrier for anyone trying to achieve their goals. I want to give a great big thank you to all of the trustees involved in making this decision as they have significantly alleviated the financial pressures I expected to face when going to university. I hope to be able to use the advantage I’ve been given to support those around me and give others the helping hand they need to put themselves in a more fortunate position. The Black Heart Foundation is an organisation that is determined to better our community and the gift they have blessed me with inspires me to always strive to do the same; for that, I am very thankful.”

Theodora-Faith Omotayo

MBBS (Undergraduate) Medicine | Brighton and Sussex Medical School

“I don’t think I can adequately express my immense gratitude for the Black Heart Foundation scholarship being granted to me! I count it a privilege to be a Black Heart Foundation Scholar. I am committed to emulate the BHF’s core values and to selflessly support underrepresented students, and to prove with confidence, the success that this scholarship will fulfil.
Gaining this scholarship has lifted the financial and emotional constraints which has been my previous experience. This scholarship empowers me to achieve what I know I am capable of, and to re-invest this into the students like myself from disadvantaged backgrounds. A passion of mine is to push myself to achieve academic excellence and to inspire and teach others how to achieve the same with practical examples and guidance. It’s infrequent for students that came from a state school background to reach postgraduate education, as the tuition fees are a significant barrier that directly opposes our socioeconomic background. However, the significant financial support of the Black Heart Foundation scholarship has allowed me to conquer this barrier. This scholarship brings more financial flexibility, and enables me to commit more of my time to my medical studies and volunteering in diverse healthcare settings- driving me closer to contributing back to those with ill health, disabled, and disadvantaged. I strongly believe that this life-impacting scholarship would enable me to be the best medical doctor I can be to the lives of my patients.”

Jade Wilkinson

Masters in Psychology | University of Leeds

“It is difficult to convey the magnitude of my appreciation and gratitude to the Black Heart Foundation, but their scholarship has been the difference between me returning to university to study for Master’s degree, and not being able to afford to do so. It is not until I looked further into postgraduate study that I realized how unobtainable this can be for people from working-class backgrounds, so this scholarship really is life-changing. The generosity of the Black Heart Foundation has motivated me even more to make the most of this opportunity and work hard to achieve my goals. Thankyou for giving me this opportunity; I really hope that, one day, I will be able to emulate the same philanthropic objectives and invest in others the way that I have been invested in.”

Tamara Achampong

Master’s in Education and Philosophy | University of Cambridge

“I am still in awe at this amazing opportunity! I am so grateful to the Black Heart Foundation for investing in me and the research I plan to do at Cambridge. This masters will allow me to take the next step in pursuing my passion for supporting disadvantaged children and young people. This scholarship will enable me to do this without the worry or fear that this is a future that is unattainable because of my financial disadvantage. My hope is that I can encourage others from backgrounds similar to myself in knowing that it is possible to be educated at institutions like Cambridge. So thank you Black Heart for helping me in my next step!”

Khalil Greenidge

Master’s in Computer Science – Artificial Intelligence | University of Birmingham

“Coming from the small island of Barbados, the first thing most people think about is white sandy beaches and paradise. However, limited opportunities and resources in Barbados have curtailed the possibilities of postgraduate education for me. Attaining education has always seemed out of reach as funds always seem to be limited for me as the eldest child. All my life, lack of money has often plagued my family with many financial struggles. On many occasions, I have had to sleep on the floor without a bed. Being determined and tenacious, I decided not to allow my background to predict my future and applied to over 70 various scholarships and grants to help fund my masters. Unfortunate for me, even though I have been a UK resident for 3 years, my nationality proved to be a hindrance to qualify for many scholarships and grants. Furthermore, the coronavirus exacerbated the situation as most charities had already used up their funds. Nevertheless, difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations and thankfully, I could not have seen funding my masters possible without the Black Heart Foundation. In the future, I would like to make my contribution to society and start a trust to help international students from backgrounds like mine where funding can seem virtually impossible. From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank Rhondi and the trustees for believing in me and helping my dreams come through.”

Lilien Gyabaah

BSc English | University of Cambridge

“The Black Heart Foundation has opened up a world of opportunities for me. This grant will alleviate my family and I of the financial pressures that pursuing higher education would have otherwise placed upon us. I feel blessed to no longer be held back by my financial position and for that I am eternally grateful to the Black Heart Foundation for investing in me and my dreams. I have worked incredibly hard to receive admission into the University of Cambridge to read English and because of the amazing support that I now have from the Black Heart Foundation, I feel empowered to explore this opportunity in its entirety. I am proud to be a scholar for a programme that actively works to challenge the cycle of poverty that holds back capable and ambitious students from lower socio-economic backgrounds. What the BHF represents is so incredibly inspiring and I look forward to the day where I can positively impact someone else’s life in the same way that Rhondi Brown and the trustees at the Black Heart Foundation have impacted mine.”

Machi Onuorah

BSc Chemistry | UCL

“Expressing my immense gratitude in words will not suffice how thankful I am to Rhondi Brown and the Black Heart Foundation team for their extreme kindness they have shown to me. Such a financial investment in my life can never be forgotten and will be one of the greatest stepping stones in supporting my education. My motivation to apply to the Black Heart Foundation Scholarship stems from growing up in a Nigerian household. I am always encouraged to put myself forward to seize any opportunities that will provide enough leverage to break social barriers that black females, like myself, can face. My offer to study BSc Chemistry at Imperial College London was one of my happiest moments but I was extremely concerned about the financial hardships that studying in London can bring, especially coming from a low socioeconomic background. Therefore, I am truly blessed and honoured to have been chosen to become a Black Heart Scholar. With the Black Heart Foundation Scholarship, I can fully devote my time to my studies and in turn, follow my goals and ambitions I have planned out for my duration at university. I am grateful that I can continue my passion for learning and excel in my studies without any worries of financial burden.”

Romance Splendor

BTEC Performing Arts – specifically Acting | Arts Ed.

“I highly appreciate the Blackheart Foundation for making it possible for me to attend Arts Educational School. I am extremely thrilled that I am going to be attending the school of my heart desire next week! Without you I wouldn’t have my dream and heart desires to be fulfilled. I can now pursue my education in acting and master the techniques. Thank you for your financial support. It is highly appreciated. Hopefully you can come to my shows at ArtsEd. I am forever grateful towards Blackheart Foundation for funding my Education in Acting.”

Stanimir Stoilov

BSc Medicine | University of Warwick

“I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the Black Heart Foundation for awarding me this vital scholarship without which the completion of my education would be much harder and more complicated. Studying medicine as a second degree is very exciting but also costly, which is why I am truly humbled to receive such generous support from the Black Heart Foundation. This scholarship will allow me to continue my passion for widening access to medical school throughout university, hopefully inspiring the next generation of physicians who otherwise might have decided against studying medicine due to the numerous barriers one faces when applying. I am a firm believer that education should be accessible to anyone who desires it regardless of their socio-economic background. The way the UK medical school application system currently works, however, does not ensure fair participation – that is why I am determined to make a positive change in the strive towards a fairer system. I am also committed to continuing my research in diabetic kidney disease which is a major public health challenge and affects thousands of people in the UK every year. With the support provided by the Black Heart Foundation, I will be able to dedicate time to causes I believe will positively impact our communities. I would like to thank the Foundation for its trust in me – You form an integral part of my journey to becoming a doctor and I am eternally grateful.”

Jacqueline Von Seth

Mphil in Basic and Transitional Neuro Science | University of Cambridge

“I am immensely grateful to have been awarded this incredible scholarship which will allow me to take up my offer and pursue an MPhil in Neuroscience at the University of Cambridge. This degree provides an amazing opportunity for me to realise my life-long passion for language, neuroscience and education and prepare for further postgraduate training and research. I was over the moon when I received my offer but at a loss as to how to fund my place. High tuition fees and living costs combined with restrictions on part-time work meant that I would not have been able to afford to go otherwise. Thanks to the scholarship I will now be going into the next academic year with the opportunity to focus entirely on my education, which I know is an incredibly privileged position to be in. Attending university, first at undergraduate and now at postgraduate level, has given me so much confidence, joy and perspective. Thank you to the Black Heart Foundation for believing in me, for making this possible and showing me that sometimes having a burning passion for something really is enough! I hope that in the future I will be able to pay it forward through mentoring others and hopefully, eventually, by making a meaningful contribution with my research.”

Juliet Abiola

MSc Accounting | LSE

“There are no words to express my gratitude. I was beyond ecstatic to learn that I was selected for this year’s Black Heart Foundation Scholarship and I feel honoured to be a recipient of such a generous award to study a masters in Accounting at the London School of Economics. I am grateful to the Black Heart Foundation, Ric Lewis and the trustees for investing in me and my career aspirations. Continuing further education in postgraduate studies can be particularly expensive, so this award will enable me to offer my full attention to the programme without the burden of sourcing financing. The importance and value of education has been instilled in me from a young age and I can assure that BHF’s confidence and investment in me is well placed. In all of this, there is the bigger picture for me. While I anticipate establishing a fruitful career, I want to pay it forward one day. I place value on being a contributor to the wider community and making a tangible difference. Studying this MSc means developing my financial analysis skills, academic background and career trajectory so that one day I can be an example or inspiration to students from lower socio-economic backgrounds. I look forward to helping young people to develop their financial literacy skills to help them better navigate their own opportunities by: giving more speeches, leading workshops and creating opportunities for students like my mentors did for me and assisting in the Black Heart Foundations pursuits wherever possible.”

Rachael Adeyoluwa

BA Performing Arts – Acting | Guildford School of Acting

“I am so grateful for the Black Heart Foundation and its trustees for investing in me and my goal to train in one of the UKs best drama schools. As well as for their generosity, their kindness and their motivation to the advancement of young peoples careers. I am so honoured that I have been given the opportunity to be a scholar for this incredible foundation. The money I have been awarded will be able to cover my maintenance for the entirety of my first year at drama school. This may not seem like much to others but for me, I believe that your 1st year at any professional institute is imperative in building the correct foundations. This scholarship enables me to fully put my focus into my training and my extracurriculars this year in order to continue the work I have started in being the best performer I can be, instead of panicking about being able to pay for reading materials or extra classes. The work that the foundation do for young people is life-changing and I am encouraging anyone who is reading this, to get in touch if you are serious about furthering your career through any form of education. It will give you the confidence, and ignite a fire within you to be the best you can be at whatever career you are trying to pursue so that you can pay it forward, support and motivate others on your journey to success.”

Aaron-Jerome Agyei

Mchem Chemistry with International Placement | University of Warwick

“Becoming a Black Heart Scholar has allowed me to truly invest in my future and have a more fulfilling university experience. I was given the opportunity in my 3rd term of university to do a research placement in Singapore. Due to the generosity of the foundation it has allowed me to take this unpaid opportunity where I can partake in research that can provide clean sustainable energy via Biofuels, Solar or Battery technology improvements, especially for the developing world.  Doing this in Singapore, a country that has gone from developing to developed within a generation, a leading example for what can be achieved for most of the developing world. I will forever be grateful for the Black Heart Foundation, seeing an organisation dedicated to providing the financial funding for students like myself from underprivileged backgrounds and allowing us to take every opportunity given to us and not worry about the finances and to offer us opportunities to progress in life and give back to the community. The foundation allowed me to not have to make the difficult decision between giving up my extracurriculars to work more hours to fund my research placement, being able to dedicate more time to sports at university as captain of a sports team. I look forward to paying forward this generosity by getting involved again in volunteering, which I’ve been doing for a while now but had to put aside to work part-time during university.”

Muhammed Al-Diraa

Medicine | University of Cambridge

“To say that I’m grateful would be an understatement. I feel as if a huge burden has been lifted from my shoulders. Being an ethnic minority and coming from an underprivileged background, there have been many obstacles that I have faced while trying to secure a place at university, and finances have definitely been one of them. Throughout the summer I spent time budgeting to make sure that my student loan would be able to cover the various expenses from accommodation to travel to textbooks, and the scholarship has helped me cover any deficits in funding. Moreover, the Black Heart Foundation scholarship has given me the opportunity to fund electives or medical placements to help patients in underdeveloped countries while also learning more about medicine myself. The scholarship couldn’t have come at a better time, especially with the current ongoing global pandemic, where thousands of other students like me have suffered from unexpected financial circumstances that can impact their plans for university and further education. I appreciate the work that the Black Heart Foundation does in supporting students like me from ethnic minority and underprivileged backgrounds to be independent and stand on our own two feet, without being burdened by finances becoming a limiting factor. I am very grateful to the Foundation, and would like to also thank the supporters, volunteers, and donors of the Foundation for their ongoing kindness and support!”

Camelia Alves

LPC | University of Law

“No words can describe how The Black Heart Foundation Scholarship has just changed my life. I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to become a Black Heart Scholar and receive a scholarship towards the funding of my postgraduate degree. I was recently accepted to study for the Legal Practice Course at The University of Law. However, pursuing a career in Law is known to be expensive. Many students like myself, who come from difficult socioeconomic circumstances are often disheartened from entering certain career paths due to the lack of financial support available. Nonetheless, this did not discourage me. I was lucky enough to come across The Black Heart Foundation and their financial contribution towards my education is nothing short of a blessing from God. The scholarship will allow me to complete the LPC course and head towards the next steps for qualifying as a Solicitor in England and Wales. The Black Heart Foundation is a voice of inspiration to myself and many others. I am proud to be a part of an organisation that provides an equal opportunity for all students trying to achieve their dreams and create a better life for the future.”

Gbemi Anifowase-Eso

BSc Politics and Sociology | University of Warwick

“I am beyond grateful to the Black Heart Foundation for this scholarship. It honestly could not be coming at a better time! Being in my final year of a joint honours degree, I cannot even begin to imagine how I would balance being in my final year while dealing with the financial strain that comes with being at university. This is why I was so ecstatic when I found out that the Black Heart Foundation chose me as a scholar. With this scholarship, the financial burden of being at university has been removed, which means that I am able to focus my time and energy on my education and planning for my future. I am truly grateful to BHF for investing in me and being a part of my journey. ”

Oreoluwa Bakare

MBBCh Medicine | Keele Medical School

“Words cannot express my deepest gratitude to the Blackheart Foundation for awarding me with a grant towards my medical studies. Studying medicine has been my dream since I was a young girl. However, as a graduate, studying medicine means I am not eligible for government tuition fee support. I came across The Blackheart foundation at a time where I had lost hope of finding external funding and now my hope has been restored. Thanks to the foundation, I can now go through the rest of my course without worrying about my finances. I can now fulfil my dream to battle the health inequality that currently plagues my country, the United Kingdom. I also can now comfortably fulfil my passion to become proactive in my local community to inspire young people from similar circumstances like myself that if an average black girl from Essex with the odds stacked against her can do it, then they can too. This has been made possible through the generous grant by the foundation. The work and impact the foundation has had and continues to have is inspiring and amazing. Thank you for assisting young people in pursuing their dreams despite the circumstances being set up against us. I am so honoured to be a part of their legacy. I hope to make the foundation proud! Blackheart Foundation, thank you.”

Aaron Barrett

BsC German and Sociology | Aberdeen University

“I would like to thank everyone within the black heart foundation for believing in me and supporting me throughout my degree at university. When I received the news that I had been chosen to be a black heart Scholar I could not believe that I finally had the chance to achieve my goals of becoming a high school teacher, the foundation will have a lasting positive impact on my life and for that I am truly grateful. Having already had to leave university before because of financial issues I finally feel free to achieve my goals and focus on University without the added pressure of acquiring extra funding. I am truly amazed by the generosity of the organisation and would once again like to thank them for believing in not only my dreams but also the dreams of many other young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. I’m privileged to have been accepted for this grant and will always be entirely grateful that you have taken a chance on me and my future, I hope to do the foundation and the board proud.”

Naomi Bellshaw

MA Development Economics and Policy | University of Manchester

“I’m extremely honoured to have been awarded the Black Heart Foundation Scholarship. I became interested in development work at around 13-years-old when I began helping victims of modern slavery in India. Since then I have travelled to India and Thailand to better understand how to close the inequality gap between the rich and the poor. Studying an MSc in Development Economics and Policy brings me one step closer to realising my dream to help improve the lives of people living in poverty around the world. As I come from a low-income background myself and am the first person in my family to go to university, I never imagined a postgraduate education would be possible. Not only has this scholarship relieved me of the financial burden that accompanies pursuing a postgraduate education, but it will also enable me to immerse myself in my studies and dedicate more time to volunteering. In the coming academic year, I hope to mentor a final-year undergraduate student from a disadvantaged background, helping them to overcome similar challenges I faced during my undergraduate studies. I would like to thank the Black Heart Foundation once more for investing in me. I am incredibly grateful to have received this opportunity! ”

Darvy Cana

LLB in Law | LSE

“This award is nothing short of a blessing. The Black Heart Foundation’s scholarship has meant that I can complete my studies to the best of my abilities – even in the tough climate we all currently face. A proverb my dad once taught me translates roughly to “we can tell the character of a good person on a bad day”, and as such, I can hold nothing less than praise for the Foundation. University has not been easy. Commuting back and forth across London, taking care of personal commitments, whilst also keeping on-top of my studies has been exhausting. The generous contribution Black Heart have made towards myself have given me a sense of freedom and independence I could only otherwise have dreamt of. My dream moving forwards is to fight for the underrepresented in society, and to challenge the status quo on how and where individuals can find reprieve against the State. In much the same way that the Black Heart Foundation have supported me in my time of difficulty, I hope to give back ten-fold.”

Baian Chen

Mechanical Engineering | University of Newcastle

“I wish to express my deepest sense of gratitude to all who have chosen to award me with the Scholarship towards my academic studies at University of Newcastle for the upcoming 2020-2021 academic year. This award is a great aid to me. As a student, I highly value any form of generosity or contribution in support of my continuing education. Thank you, trustees, for your willingness to support me and other students in achieving our educational goals! I am a first-year student who will be attending Newcastle University this autumn. I will be majoring in Mechanical Engineering with an emphasis in the Energy sector. I am eager to begin this next step of my undergraduate education and this scholarship will go a long way in allowing me to focus on my academic responsibilities. Thank you again for your confidence and willingness to help me achieve my goals for the future.”

Melanie Chen

MSc Computer Science | University College London

“Having just moved to London, I was immediately hit with the hefty cost of living in this city. However, gaining a Black Heart Foundation Scholarship allowed me to not have to work in order to support myself through my studies, which would have majorly negatively impacted my studies as well as life outside of my course. I am now able to fully focus on my academic work and achieve to my fullest potential. In line with the Foundation’s values, I am now able to invest my time in engaging with my community as well as giving back to it. I am immensely grateful to the Foundation, the Trustees, and the donors for this opportunity.”

Jessica Coleman

MSc Air Transport Operations Management | University of West London

“I was absolutely shocked when I received the email saying that my scholarship application was accepted. I am now more than ever determined to prove that I will one day be doing a job that I love within the aviation sector. This scholarship means that I do not have to worry about finances for the duration of my course and I am extremely grateful, without this funding I would have struggled through the academic year. I would like to thank The Black Heart Foundation for believing in me, I will continue to uphold the values, putting in the work and finally demonstrating that it was the right choice to choose myself as a Black Heart Scholar. This is a turning point in my careers/studies, and I will be indefinitely appreciative for this opportunity.”

Alice Condon

MA Writing for Stage and Broadcast Media | The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama

“I will be forever thankful for The Black Heart Foundation’s investment in my educational aspirations and I will never forget the support I have received. I was unable to afford the cost of my relocation to study at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama and was anxious that remaining in South Wales would jeopardise my chances of networking and actively learning about writing for the stage. ‘The show must go on’ is a phrase that has been adopted by those supporting the Arts during this time of financial hardship. Despite the uncertainty of the future of the creative industry, thanks to The Black Heart Foundation, my show can, and will, go on. This scholarship will enable me to make the most of my time as a postgraduate student and relocate to the city of London. The move will allow me to immerse myself in London’s creative environments and meet others who wish to pursue careers in the Arts. Without the foundation’s assistance, I would not have been able to afford accommodation for the duration of my course, thus sacrificing the opportunity to meet like-minded people and gain experience in my chosen field. Growing up in a former coal mining valley, opportunities to secure creative intensive work experience are virtually non-existent. Thanks to The Black Heart Foundation, I can progress to the next stage of my educational and creative journey alongside those who identify with my desire for a career in the Arts.”

Samantha Dicken

MA in International Child Studies | Kings College London

“I would like to thank the Black Heart Foundation from the bottom of my heart for believing in my dreams and giving me the opportunity to truly pursue them. With this belief and support, I am now even more motivated and determined to achieve my goals. While working as paediatric nurse for the past two years has been incredibly rewarding, caring for disadvantaged adolescents has inspired me to want to change the systemic social issues children are facing the in the UK and globally. Equipped with the skills of my Masters, I hope to work for an international organisation championing children’s rights. With the help of the Black Heart Foundation, I am able to fully dedicate myself to my studies and the wider university experience without the burden of also having to balance part-time work in order to get by. I feel very fortunate that I can now make the most of this opportunity and also engage in extra-curricular activities the University offers including, learning a foreign language and completing an internship. I am honoured to be chosen as a Black Heart Scholar and to be supported by an organisation whose core values closely align with my own career aspirations.”

Charlene Douglas

Undergraduate Law | Cilex Law School

“When an email popped up from a scholarship mailing list, I was intrigued when I saw the name Black Heart Foundation. I’ve been searching for ways and means to assist me complete my studies for some time. I checked the criteria and still wasn’t sure if I would be eligible. I decided to email to clarify. To my surprise what I was concerned about was not even an issue. I nervously applied! As I wondered about what the outcome would be, and why I had never heard about this organisation until now, as I was struck by all the positivity on the website. A few weeks later I received the email from the Black Heart Foundation. I actually could not believe that I was successful. I felt so blessed, as that very same morning I had been considering ways of fundraising to help get me to the next step of my Law course. I hope my small words of appreciation, capture just how much the scholarship has impacted my life and literally answered my prayers. I struggled to find another way, to be able to get the finances together for the course. As being a mature student, and working full time, comes with its own challenges and obstacles. So to the Black Heart Foundation, a real sincere thank you for believing in me, and for everything you represent.  To anyone aspiring to take that leap of faith I would urge you to “See it, Believe it, and Achieve it!”

Aiseosa Eweka-Okera

BSc Human, Social and Political Science | University of Cambridge

“A massive thank you to the Black Heart Foundation who have given me a generous scholarship. When I applied to Cambridge and received an offer I knew that it would be a fantastic opportunity. However due to financial constraints I knew that I would need additional support. Thank God I found the Black Heart foundation. I’m so thankful for the support I have received from the foundation. My degree is the beginning of an amazing journey, I hope to change the world. Studying at Cambridge has been one of my goals since I was young. As a black heart scholar I am filled with happiness and laughter.”

James Frater

Medicine | Kings College London

“Navigating university is a unique and tumultuous task that is difficult to understand without experiencing it. The burden is compounded when you’re coming from a background that doesn’t afford you the freedom to solely focus on your educational pursuits. With the generosity extended to me by the Black Heart Foundation, I am now able to fully immerse myself in the range of learning experiences and opportunities that university offers with. Most importantly, this scholarship allows me to increase my capacity to serve young people, and more broadly, the most in need communities around me.  I am incredibly grateful to God, and to all those at the Black Heart Foundation involved in making this possible. There aren’t enough words for me to express my gratitude. All I can do is continue to strive to pursue excellence and genuine impact in my academics, in my professional career and whilst serving others. I want to be able to offer the support that others need to realise their potential and narrate their own stories.”

Shirley Frempong

BSc Medical Physiology | University of East London

“I will forever be grateful to the Black Heart Foundation for giving me the opportunity to complete my degree in BSc Medical Physiology. They came to my aid when all hope was gone. I will not have been able to continue onto my last year in university if it were not for this wonderful charity. Now I can focus on my third year without worrying so much about affordability. Thank you so much to the board of trustees for believing in me enough to give me this amazing opportunity. I look forward to being part of this great cause soon.”

Estefany Fuguett Gutierrez

Meng Structural Engineering and Architecture | University of Sheffield

“I want to thank the Black Heart Foundation for believing in me and enabling me to pave my future. As September approached, I grew more worried about the costs of university and the Black Heart Foundation provided the reassurance and help I needed. Without this scholarship, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to keep up with the costs of university or if I would be able to participate in the extracurricular academic opportunities that I had looked forward to. The Foundation’s support has truly been a blessing and I hope to one day be able to support others in the way the BHF has supported me.”

Soraya George

MA Land Economy | University of Cambridge

“The Black Heart Foundation has proven invaluable in enabling me to access higher education after my undergraduate degree. Masters’ tuition fees are significantly more expensive than undergraduate fees and the increased living costs definitely contributed to my hesitation to pursue my academic interests further. Receiving this scholarship has relieved the financial anxiety I experienced during my undergraduate degree whilst enabling me to prioritise studying socio-political and economic issues important to me instead of rushing into employment. Without the pressure to work alongside studying, I am looking forward to being able to fully immerse myself in my degree alongside making the most of what all university life has to offer. Simply, the scholarship award has given me the opportunity to study at a world-class university to obtain a second degree which would not have otherwise been possible without it. Having recognised the importance of education for disadvantaged students, I would recommend any eligible student to apply for this amazing scholarship programme. I am so grateful that the Foundation has recognised the potential in me to excel in my MPhil and I look forward to carrying out research which is directly aligned with its values.”

Asha Hassan

Medicine | University of Exeter

“Words cannot express what I’m feeling. Ever since receiving news that I was successful, possibilities have exploded for me. Learning is exciting again and university is no longer just about surviving each year. Before I’d convinced myself the only way through was to ignore my mental and physical wellbeing until I graduated. Even with support from different places I still I had to balance full time work with my studies. I even had to take a year out because I felt like I was at breaking point. Now the hardest part has been magically wiped away by the Black Heart Foundation. I almost can’t believe it. I can finally enjoy soaking up all the knowledge, practicing my skills and just being a student of one of the most interesting subjects. I can also put all my energy into making sure no other student has to go through this.  The most painful part of this is knowing that there are many more people dealing with this in silence with nowhere to turn. Since the tripling of fees in 2012 and the addition of real interest, a whole cohort of students have essentially been denied access to university. Despite commitment from the government to provide a solution for the past 6 years there is no guidance anywhere. Education should never be limited by a person’s protective characteristics or financial capabilities. I now have more time and will do whatever is in my power to challenge this and raise awareness.”

Fiona Hughes

LLB in Law | LSE

“I am incredibly appreciative for the financial aid that The Black Heart Foundation has blessed me with. Since graduating from my law degree in Ireland, I have dreamed of doing further study in Public International Law. Getting accepted to the London School of Economics for their prestigious LLM was a dream come true. Due to the recent Covid-19 outbreak, my plans for self-funding my academic year was undermined by the shortage of jobs due to the current global lockdown. This roadblock sparked doubt in my ability to afford my year of postgraduate study. To have this threatened was absolutely heart-breaking and undermined my future career goals of making a positive impact in the area of global governance and cultural tolerance. The Black Heart Foundation relieved this anxiety and allowed that I be able to focus wholeheartedly on my degree, getting the most out of my year without worrying about financing or spending my time trying to earn enough money to get by. It really has been a dream come true and I am forever grateful.”

Harriet Jackson

MA International Relations | University of Manchester

“I will forever be grateful to the Black Heart Foundation for their incredible generosity and support.  After months of struggling to fathom a way I could finance my studies, I was overwhelmed with happiness upon receiving the news I was going to be a Black Heart Scholar. This scholarship has enabled me to advance to postgraduate study and qualify myself to work within my dream job role. Not only this, but I feel a greater level of motivation to succeed as I can now see my career aspirations becoming a reality. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to BHF and the trustees. I am incredibly excited to continue the journey working toward reaching my career goals and will always feel driven to work hard because of BHF’s faith in me.”

Alexandra Jenkins

MSc Forensic Psychology | Manchester Metropolitan University

“It is difficult to express how grateful I am for being awarded a scholarship – I never thought I would be in such a fortunate position. Receiving a scholarship from the Black Hearts Foundations has relieved the financial pressures of doing an MSc. From losing my job during COVID-19, it was unlikely that I could fund the Forensic Psychology MSc program along with accommodation. However, from the gracious contribution made by the Black Hearts Foundation, I can happily proceed with my desired career plan to become a Clinical Forensic Psychologist and Researcher. As a result of receiving such a privilege, my next educational step being the Forensic Psychology MSc has been secured which brings me closer to my final destination; and for that I am eternally grateful. With many thanks and best wishes to the foundation, Eternally grateful.”

Rufus Jordana

MA Sociology | University of Cambridge

“It is a great privilege to receive a scholarship from the Black Heart Foundation to support my postgraduate study at the University of Cambridge. The scholarship will allow me to take up postgraduate study where otherwise I would not have been able to, to focus on my studies and research without financial burden, and to spend more time on the meaningful projects that I am passionate about. I wholeheartedly agree with the Black Heart Foundation’s aim of directing resources to disadvantaged communities to allow them pursue their goals, and for their empowerment of young people through education, sports, and the arts. Indeed, I intend that my studies and research will allow me to work with and give back to disadvantaged communities in the UK. I am therefore proud to be a Black Heart Scholar and thank the trustees for selecting me for a scholarship.”

Kaitlin Joseph

MSc in International Financial Management | Queen Mary University London

“I am extremely grateful to the Black Heart Foundation Scholarship programme for choosing me to be one of their scholars for the new academic year – it has given me the confidence boost that I needed before embarking on this journey. Studying a Postgraduate degree is something I always saw in my academic career but was extremely hesitant as it can be quite costly, and I am ecstatic that the Black Heart Foundation has chosen to help me fund this next stage in my life. Not only will it help in terms of general financing, it will allow me to invest time into extra-curricular activities and allow me to truly immerse myself into student life as a postgraduate, as well as freeing up time to develop my general employability skills. I want to say thank you to the Foundation for believing in me and giving me further encouragement to pursue a postgraduate degree – I look forward to the day where I can pay it forward!”

Natasha Khan

MA Physics | University of Liverpool

“I am truly grateful to the Black Heart Foundation for allowing me to further my studies where I may not have had the opportunity to do so otherwise. I feel motivated to work even harder to achieve my goals. I am proud to be a Black Heart Scholar and represent an organisation which supports individuals like myself to follow and keep hold onto their goals and aspirations, no matter how ambitious.  Upon completion, I will be the holder of an IOP-accredited integrated master’s degree, following which I aim to combine my passion for science and the desire to benefit others to pursue a career in which I can have the most impact.  Within Physics, there is an apparent lack of Muslim, BAME, and female representation. I hope to serve as a role model for aspiring youth raising aspiration and standard within the British Muslim community. I aim to increase awareness of surrounding issues and limited opportunities in this field for people of BAME backgrounds and Muslim women. The scholarship has aided me greatly in reducing the financial stress and worry which would be experienced otherwise. The scholarship will allow me to pursue my studies confidently, leaving time to focus on my studies, engage in extracurriculars and maintaining a healthy mind and body.”

Shajeda Khanom

MSc Oceanography | University of Southampton

“I am immensely grateful to The Black Hearts Foundation for awarding me a scholarship to study a Masters in Oceanography. After the world went into lockdown, the financial barriers to pursuing postgraduate education became unconquerable. With the support of the BHF, I can now focus on my studies without having to worry about the financial aspects of my degree. I can also channel my energy into volunteering and work on publishing my undergraduate research on the impact of pollution on diatom (microscopic algae) morphology. As now more than ever, we need diversity in science that can bring new knowledge and skills to deal with current societal and economic challenges that occur with climate change and biodiversity loss. Because of the encouragement by the BHF, I can help inspire other minorities to enter the world of Oceanography, Marine Biology, and Ecology. These sectors can often be intimidating for people from a BAME background because of a lack of representation- but I hope we can change that!”

Nick Kirungii

MA International Banking and Finance | University of Kent

“I am truly honoured and grateful to be a recipient of this scholarship from the Black heart foundation. During my undergraduate degree I always had aims and aspirations to pursue postgraduate studies. However as a student studying finance I was always aware of the financial imprecations involved, acknowledging that there was a high possibility that I would be required to work a full time job concurrently with studying for a Master’s degree. Thankfully, the Black Heart foundation has given me the opportunity to focus on my studies as I aim to be prosperous in the field of finance. The financial freedom provided will enable me to search for suitable internships in order to support my CV, thereby making me very competitive for my dream job roles once I graduate. I feel very indebted to the Black Heart foundation and will ensure that I perform to the best of my abilities in order to repay the faith they have shown in me.”

Mercy Milgo

Civil Law | Oxford University

“I am enormously grateful to the Black Heart Foundation. Their generous financial support enabled me to take up my place on the Bachelor of Civil Law (BCL) course at the University of Oxford. As an international student, the overseas fee costs are considerably high! However, with the foundation’s help, I will now be able to study one of the most highly regarded taught masters-level qualification in the common law world and go on to qualify as a barrister! Once qualified, I plan to contribute to diversity at the Bar by helping remove barriers that students from underrepresented backgrounds face, in accessing the legal industry. I am also confident that in future, I will be in a position to pay it forward, by providing financial and mentoring support to other young people to pursue similar courses. Many thanks to the Black Heart Foundation for investing in me and for helping me realise my dream. I am excited for the future!”

Abubakar Mohamud

BSc Human, Social and Political Science | University of Cambridge

“I am incredibly grateful to be a recipient of the Black Heart Foundation scholarship. The global pandemic has created a very uncertain time and it is reassuring that the foundation is continuing to support students like myself with their academic journey. The scholarship will enable me to pursue my academic interests and undertake internships and placements without the worry of financial limitations. I will be able to immerse myself within the university experience and discover new interests.  I will endeavour to advance the ideals of the foundation by promoting diversity within my university as well as helping aspiring students whose backgrounds mirror my own.”

Chido Muswere

Post Graduate Diploma in Law (PGDL) | BPP Manchester

“I am so grateful to The Black Heart Foundation! Because of the generosity, care and thoughtfulness of the Foundation in granting me a full scholarship, I can confidently pursue my dream of a legal career. I am now able to complete the Postgraduate Diploma in Law (PGDL) without worrying about finances. I am so thankful to the trustees for considering and approving my application along with the context of my situation. I am so touched that in the future, I hope and look forward to supporting another Black Heart Scholar in the same way!”

Chelsie Obayan

Legal Practice Course LLM | University of Law

“I am honestly shocked that I am a Black Heart Foundation Scholar. Their support has lifted the financial strain and brought me one step closer to qualifying as a solicitor. In my case, the government masters loan does not cover the full cost of the course or include living costs. With the foundation’s backing, I can continue my volunteering commitments alongside my degree, and help at my university’s pro-bono law clinics. Following so much rejection and unease over these summer months, the foundation has truly been a light at the end of the tunnel. I am incredibly lucky to be a member of this diverse community and I am excited to what the future holds.”

Elizabeth Ogunbayo

Medicine | Keele Medical School

“2 months ago, I was deeply concerned with the possibility of me not being able to complete my degree. The Covid-19 pandemic left me without a source of income and unable to save up to fund my second degree in Medicine. Completing my third and fourth years was near enough impossible. I was shattered by the thought of finances hindering me from reaching my goal of becoming a doctor. I had exhausted all my options and a friend suggested I apply to the Blackheart scholarship. Today, I can wholeheartedly say that this was one of the best decisions of my life. My application was successful and I was awarded an unimaginable sum of money. The generosity of all the trustees has completely overturned my circumstances and I can afford to continue my studies without the pressures of self funding looming over me. This  scholarship means the world to me and I cannot express just how grateful I am to be receiving it. Thank you to the trustees and everyone at the Blackheart foundation for believing and investing in my dream. I will eternally be touched by your generosity.”

Joel Ohemeng-Manu

BSc Politics and International Studies | University of Warwick

“I truly feel blessed that the black heart foundation have chosen to support my future and help me achieve my dreams. Throughout my journey in education, there have always been challenges and obstacles to get over and I feel that the black heart foundation are assisting me in overcoming another obstacle to further myself in education. Getting this scholarship isn’t just for me, but the people who motivate and uplift me to achieve more in this life we live. I am now proud to say that the black heart foundation are a part of this collective. Becoming part of this foundation has given me the confidence to strive for more in life, showing me that you have to transcend through predicaments which then allows you to believe in the impossible. God and the black heart foundation have truly given me a blessing which will never be forgotten. The black heart foundation have now lifted the financial burden off my shoulders giving me the opportunity to solely put all my energy into education. I now believe it will be easier for me to achieve the life that I always dreamt about. I hope that this testimony allows young people that are also from an underrepresented background to always have an ambition which is worth trying to achieve. This is only the beginning to a brighter future. Thank you one again, your generosity will never be forgotten.”

Boluwatito Oladeinde

Undergraduate Biology | Howard University

“Waking up to the email that I am recipient of the Black Heart Foundation scholarship made my entire semester. At a time where the pandemic had severely affected my family’s financial standing, and my status as an international student in the United States, I could not have received better news, and at a better time. This scholarship will not only afford me the opportunity to complete my college education, but it will also provide a needed relief for my mental health. I am very grateful to the Board of Trustees for deeming me fit enough to be bestowed this grant. This is something I will never forget, and will always serve as additional motivation to me to continue to push forward because there is always a way even when it seems unlikely. Thank you so much once again.”

Oluwaseyi Olanrewaju

MA Public Health | Imperial College

“Beyond Belief are the two words I have to describe what I feel as a recipient of the Black Heart Foundation Scholarship. To be given such an opportunity is an honour. I am immensely grateful to be granted this scholarship. The support that they have given me, the faith they have displayed in me and my future and, the investment that they have made into my education has given me a newfound confidence in myself and my abilities. When I received my offer from Imperial I was overjoyed, but the question of how I will be able to support myself during my course was at the back of my mind. Especially since I live in a single-parent household and I did not want to add more financial stress on my Mother. When I got this scholarship,  I knew it was Heaven sent, the scholarship has eliminated a lot of financial pressures. It has given me the freedom to fully focus on my studies, immerse myself in university life, volunteer and take part in any extra-curricular activities. This scholarship has given me the chance to reach new heights of excellence and pursue my career goals. I am so happy to be a part of what Black Heart Foundation is doing and I will always be grateful for what they have done for me.  Once again thank you so much!”

Lisa Ollivierre

Post Graduate Children’s Counsellor | Place to Be Children’s Mental Health Charity

“I am certifiably overwhelmed and honoured to be a beneficiary of The Black Heart Foundation Scholarship. This amazing gift has allowed me to follow my dreams in supporting children’s mental health. Not only do I want to support the children but also their families and in turn their communities. I want to make a difference in the world and this scholarship is allowing me to do so. When I was offered a place to study I was ecstatic! It then dawn on me that I couldn’t actually afford it. Being determined and passionate I kept searching for financial support. One day my mum told me a friend had seen Mr Lewis on Good Morning Britain and that she thought he could help me. Once I looked up The Black Heart Foundation I began my application process, which was easier than I thought and before I knew it I had an email telling me I was going to receive a scholarship. I can now study stress free and without worry of a student debt – this will support my mental health and wellbeing and allow me to focus fully on my studies. I am a single mum of two children and receiving the scholarship will permit me to support my family with less financial struggles – it will help me, my children, the children I support, their families and their communities and that is a lot of people to help. I am so grateful that The Black Heart Foundation believed in me and my passion enabling me to continue my journey because without them I couldn’t go on. Thank you so much!”

Oluwatofumi Oluwakayode

Creative Writing and Script Writing | Tessa Emily Write Now

“I am Oluwatofunmi, a passionately talented upcoming writer with greater aspiration to become a published author. I have always desired a mentor who will cherish and invest in my individual talent, cater for my specific writing needs, and guide me along my writing journey. An award winning American multi-published author, Literary Agent and Acquisitions Editor on several imprints, Tessa Emily Hall, who began her writing career after her first book was published when she was just 19 years old, accepted me on her ‘Write Now Teen Mentoring Programme’. However, having lost her job in the face of COVID-19, my single mum could not finance the mentorship programme. So, she applied for the Black Heart Scholarship Programme on my behalf. My gratitude goes to Black Heart Trustees (and the executive manager) for awarding me the much need fund required to pursue my passion. I have since enrolled on a mentorship programme with Tessa Emily Hall and I hope to beat Tessa’s track record. With the fund, I am able to purchase a desktop computer, printer, desk, software, books, stationery and relevant essentials. Definitely, Black Heart Scholarship programme will not regret their investment on my writing talent. I look forward to supporting a Scholar and becoming a Black Heart Ambassador in the nearest future!”

Miriam Onen

MA Security Studies | University College London

“I am truly grateful that I have been selected as a Black Heart Scholar. I feel delighted and honoured that the foundation has chosen to believe in me. This scholarship has given me access to postgraduate study. I applied to University College London not expecting to be able to afford the tuition fee. I did not expect to receive the support from the Black Heart Foundation in the capacity that I did. This scholarship has opened the door for me to fully focus on my course and do the best that I can. Postgraduate education is not always easily accessible for people of my socioeconomic background, but I hope that I can inspire future prospective graduates to aim high and achieve their academic dreams. I look forward to being completely immersed in my course, taking part in extracurricular activities and also attending talks and workshops which will help me prepare for my future career.”

Khrishawn Powell

BSc Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence | Loughborough University

“I feel truly blessed to be a recipient of the Black Heart Foundation Scholarship being the first in my family to go to University and coming from Caribbean descent I have always felt that the odds have always been stacked up against me. Furthermore, having gone through my First and Second year of University without much support it was hard for me to pay attention to my studies with the financial living burdens of University being on my shoulders and being unable to get any external support due to my family circumstances. Obtaining this scholarship has enabled me to focus on my studies and focus on my purpose in the field of technology which has led me onto the path of working towards being a leader within the technology industry. I strongly believe that in the future I will look at this scholarship and will highlight its importance to me on my journey and how it helped me to become the man I look to be in the future to the world when I reach on the global stage. I’d like to give a big thank you to everyone at the Blackheart Foundation for believing in me and I’ll ensure I make them proud.”

Agnes Ranford

MSc Clinical Neurosciences | University College London

“For me, The Black Heart Foundation Scholarship embodies the power of manifestation. Engaging in a postgraduate degree amidst a global pandemic, with the weight of its financial implications, has been a risk. Yet I have always had faith in my vision. I am truly grateful for the resounding confirmation that this scholarship has provided me with. The impact of this award goes beyond covering my deficit. It has removed the barriers to my academic success and empowered me to reach my full potential. I can now fully focus on my studies, relevant work experience and extra-curricular activities that will enrich my time at UCL. Furthermore, I can continue volunteering in healthcare rather than working to self-fund my education. I am privileged to study at an internationally renowned institution and work alongside leading clinicians to enhance my knowledge, skills and research experience. My ultimate ambition is to become an NHS Healthcare Scientist specialising in neurophysiology. I want to channel my aptitude and passion for science into making a real difference to patients with neurological disorders. I am honoured to be a scholar of this dynamic and inspirational foundation. I feel blessed that The Black Heart Foundation trustees recognise my courage and believe in my capabilities, and I cannot wait to be in a position to pay this gift forward!”

Leona Richards

MBBCh Medicine | University of Bristol

“I had so much anxiety before embarking onto my final year of medicine at the university of Bristol. After 6 years of being on this course I have managed to achieve so much but it has come at a price. With the final hurdle approaching I was anxious about how I would be able to fully focus on passing the most important exams I am yet to ever do whilst also juggling a part time job and ensuring I was completing all the other components necessary to pass my clinical placements. I’ve always known the financial burden of taking on such a long degree without the adequate support available. Applying to the scholarship programme was me exercising my last bit of hope in gaining some form of support to alleviate the added stresses of completing this degree during a global pandemic. I found out my application had been successful during a night shift and I remember feeling a huge wave of relief and excitement so much that I didn’t struggle to stay awake that night. I cannot put into adequate words how much it means to receive this level of support. Being awarded the ability to continue studying without financial pressures is one of the highlights of my university experience so far. I am very grateful for what this will enable me to achieve and even more so that it pushes me closer to being in a position to one day do the same for others.”

Nicola Robertson

PhD Pedagogical reduction and the power of image | University of Strathclyde

“My gratitude at being offered the Black Heart Foundation scholarship knows no bounds. As I am about to progress into the second year of my PhD study, such a gift really does mean the difference between being able to continue and being forced to end my project, including all of the hard work I have put in so far, very abruptly. The situation regarding Covid-19 has meant that the employment I relied on to fund my studies has been put on hold; but with this scholarship, I no longer have to worry about finding the money to cover my fees. I can now concentrate on writing my thesis, building my reputation as an early career academic and, most importantly, enjoying my PhD journey. In expressing my most sincere appreciation, language finds its limits. Therefore, I will show my gratitude by making the most of the opportunity that has been offered to me, and upholding the values of the foundation in the work that I do now, and in the future.”

Monique Royal

Business with Management | University of Birmingham

“Honour and gratitude are only some of the words that can express the feeling of receiving a scholarship from the Black Heart Foundation. Currently, I am a final year Business student at the University of Birmingham. Recently, it was acknowledged by my University that due to an unpaid tuition fee, I could face the possibility of exclusion from my University course. Not only did this cause an immense amount of stress for myself and my family; however, it put me in an impossible financial predicament due to the impact of COVID-19. Hence, this scholarship has alleviated the burden and enabled the completion of my degree, and for that, I will be forever grateful to the Black Heart Foundation. Additionally, I am in the process of establishing a social mobility project, with aims to promote academic, social and professional success to black male students. Therefore, the scholarship will not only help the progression of my development but will support me in helping others, which I am incredibly grateful for.”

Raekwon Rahsaan Sargusingh

BSc Natural Sciences | University of Cambridge

“I can’t possibly tell you the help, support and care that The Black-heart-Foundation has helped me with, as they have once again lifted a financial barrier for me to fully explore my skills and the opportunity to learn more at university. It’s quite thoughtful and encouraging to have support from any kind, so I can’t stress enough how extremely grateful I am, that they have supported me for the next progression of my education. In a fast-changing subject such as Natural Sciences the volume and quantity of books and resources needed and expected to flourish at university would amount to more pressuring costs that could have jeopardised my future on top of other wholesome debts. I am thankful and lucky that I have a helping hand to help me with this hurdle, in which they have not only aided me, but has also helped relieve financial stress of my family. Personally, it was quite rough in trying to keep my passion alive in my earlier youth, where housing and books were an issue, now that I have the right foundation to stand upon, I can use the resources and education available to me to delve into my passion all the while knowing that the costs for my accommodation are eased. I strive to fully utilise the help I have available, and to show that my commitment and effort to my work and the community would only rise from here, as with the support of this inspiring foundation. Thank you so much!”

Thomas Shennan

Meng Civil Engineering | University of Warwick

“I don’t think I can accurately express how grateful I am to be a recipient of the Black Heart Scholarship for the remainder of my studies at university. On the day I received the offer I had been looking for jobs that I could do alongside my studies and considering which extra-curricular activities I would have to drop in order to make time for the work. I was keen to compete in multiple sports, but knew I would have to choose one since the club fees were more than I could afford and while I had been offered a leadership position in an engineering competition team, I knew I probably would not be able to accept it since I would need a paid job for 15 hours a week. Now, however, I feel the Black Heart scholarship has rejuvenated me and I can’t wait to make the most of my remaining academic years, without being constrained financially. It’s for this renewed feeling of excitement and opportunity that I am so grateful to the BlackHeart Foundation, and I hope one day to become involved with the organisation to help others in my position.”

Ismahan Shire

BSc Science, Biology | Royal Holloway University London

“Sometimes life is surreal, and this morning feels like one of those moments. Although ever hopeful, I had always vaguely wondered whether applying for a scholarship would be too competitive. I had assumed that Blackheart Foundation was worth contacting, yet not worth basing my whole hopes on. Yet how wrong I was! The generosity of this organisation has quite honestly astounded me, and also reinvigorated me with the desire not to let this immense opportunity go to waste. I have always been reminded that education was a gift worth treasuring, yet never has this lesson felt so poignant. I am grateful beyond measure today. With health, security, safety and countless other blessings, I now know that I must take a lesson from this scholarship, and always assist others the way I’ve been so kindly assisted. Teaching has now become more alluring to me, especially since millions around the world are denied even the most basic of education, whilst others may lose interest prematurely. Yet the zeal for learning must be preserved, and I thank all at the Blackheart Foundation for stabilising my focus and granting me the opportunity to study my final year of Biochemistry without financial worry. A sincere thank you to you all once more, and I hope I will carry the spirit of charity and support with me for the rest of my life. Thank you!”

Blessing Simeon

BA English Literature and Language | University College London

“I am incredibly honoured and grateful to have been selected as one of Black Heart Foundation’s Scholars this year. Throughout my life, I have faced many obstacles but the support of my family and friends has helped me to stay committed to not allowing my circumstances to define or restrict me.  Although I have many ambitions outside my studies, my education has played a major role in helping me realize my potential and develop my confidence. My GCSEs showed me that if I pushed myself, I could do incredible things. My A-Levels and the University Application process taught me to feel the fear and do it anyway. My First Year (thought cut short) instilled resilience in me that will carry me to places I thought I could never go. It was these life experiences and many more that led to the beginning of many exciting things, including the launch of my creative agency – Dokia. As a student doing a non-vocational degree, I am keen to use this time at University to also increase my employability and even hopefully build a business that I can use to employ myself and others post-University. However, as time passed, and the date to go back to University drew closer, I became increasingly worried as I knew I would no longer have as much time to manage my agency and YouTube channel, alongside my other commitments including my degree and my role as UCL ACS’s Welfare and Volunteering Officer. However, with this scholarship, I will no longer need to get a job and will be able to maximise the time available to me to achieve the best possible outcomes for myself, whilst still helping other students do the same. I am so thankful to the BHF and I hope I will be able to pay this generosity forward one day!”

Bethany Stewart

MA Architecture | Manchester School of Architecture

“I am still in disbelief! It is difficult to fully articulate the impact that the Black Heart Foundation has had on my life. All I can say is that I am truly grateful for the generosity and support shown to me. It is one thing to believe in yourself, but another for someone else to see that potential and invest in your future. I was amazed to receive an unconditional offer to study my master’s at a world-renowned institution, especially after being unsuccessful in securing a placement on my year out. Architecture is both an expensive and intensive course; without this scholarship, I would be at a disadvantage having to work whilst studying hence adversely affecting my grades. Black Heart Foundation have relieved this financial pressure, allowing me to dedicate the time that I would be working, to my studies. I can now succeed and achieve my goal of becoming a registered architect without worrying about financial barriers. Thank you so much Black Heart Foundation for enabling me to have a brighter future where I can, in turn, positively affect change in the communities that I design for. You have made a tremendous impact on my life, and I hope to do the same for others!”

Jack Taylor

BSc Data Science | University of Exeter

“I feel extremely privileged to be awarded the Scholarship from the Black Heart Foundation. Previous to receiving the bursary, I was anxious about covering various essential living costs and fees which are a part of University life, however, the support I am due to receive will relieve me of from the financial burden which would’ve hindered my University experience. Now that I am a Black Heart Scholar, I have realised that there are people that are not only interested in helping out students like myself but also have the belief that we can be successful, regardless of our socio-economic background. This has really motivated me to focus all my energy into making my time at University as productive as possible, so that I can carry on this philosophy after I graduate. I am very grateful to Ric Lewis and the Black Heart Foundation trustees for providing me with the support I need and I look forward to supporting the foundation in the future.”

Sophia Taylor

BMBS Medical Sciences | University of Exeter

“I cannot put into words just how much The Black Heart Foundation has helped me in pursuing my dream. Upon receiving my offer at Medical School, I had very little confidence in accepting the place due to the significant financial implications of the tuition fees. With the support of The Black Heart Foundation, I can now begin my journey with an unrivalled optimism. By easing the financial burden of the tuition fees, The Black Heart Foundation has opened the door to so many new and exciting opportunities that will enable me to make the very most out of my journey. As the first person in my family to attend University, I am incredibly proud to be able to pursue my dream of becoming a doctor and to do so as a Black Heart Foundation Scholar. Underpinning the financial support from the Foundation is a genuine belief in my potential. The true value of this is what lies at the very heart of The Black Heart Foundation ethos. As I embark upon the next stage of my career, I am determined to encourage other students like myself to believe in their ability to succeed. I will be forever grateful for the invaluable support that The Foundation has provided in helping make my aspirations become a reality. I am now on the road to becoming a doctor and I could not be happier. Thank you.”

Jade Thomas

MA Dance and Professional Practices | University of Salford

“I am so thankful to have been offered my scholarship from The Black Heart. After my training in London for my BA in Ballet and Contemporary Dance I was offered a place to gain my MA at the University of Salford. Unfortunately, I was debating not going as I did not believe I could fund myself for the year. After asking family and looking for jobs during Covid 19, I came across The Black Heart. I was awarded a grant that will cover my rent and living for this year. This means I can now focus on my studies both physical and academic. Knowing I have the privilege to not think just about finding money for this year alleviates a lot of stress particularly as I have specific learning differences which make it harder to juggle lots of commitments. I could not be more grateful and comforted to know I have the support of this amazing organisation. I cannot wait to start my Masters course and begin my career as a dance artist.”

Maxine Thomas-Asante

MSc International Social and Public Policy | LSE

“It is such an honour to have been selected as a Black Heart Foundation scholar. This grant is the difference between me having been able to survive during my masters degree and being stuck financially. This support will help me focus during my studies and perhaps even engage in internships that will strengthen my CV and empower me to apply for better jobs subsequently.     I feel privileged to be associated with the Foundation who have used their voice and public profile to rally the public and support many aspirational young people. The ‘EachDayEveryDay’ Campaign is an example of how we can embody our politics with actions. When a friend showed me the advert for the campaign, I felt certain that I had to apply. What is unique about this grant is that in addition to the cost of your course, Black Heart Foundation considers the realities of your studying experience, such as phone costs, bills, accommodation, the cost of surviving or even thriving. My course is International Social and Public Policy (MSc) and I cannot wait to get started. In choosing this course I am attempting to broaden my skill set and contribute to solving some of the social issues we see today. From homelessness, gender equality, race equality to migration it is clear we have work to do. I am hoping that this course will give me practical skills and theoretical knowledge to be a positive part of the change.”

Toni Wilkey

MA Theology and Religion | Kings College London

“Receiving The Black Heart Foundation scholarship is the most wonderful blessing, in an incredibly difficult year. I knew I was supposed to do the Masters degree in Theology at King’s College. This course enables me to pursue a greater understanding of humanity and how my faith integrates with the world. I want to become a well-informed servant of God and people. But I have been concerned about achieving high academic standards whilst being in full-time education, part-time work, mental health volunteering and ministry. Words cannot express how thankful I am to The Black Heart Foundation trustees for giving me the opportunity to pursue every single one of my passions to the best of my ability, not having to worry about the financial burdens they might bring. The outcome will be that I get to sow these same seeds of kindness and generosity to others.”

Pelumi Agbedejobi

Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering | University of Leeds

“Becoming a beneficiary of the Black Heart Foundation isn’t something I take for granted. In a time when COVID has caused mass separation due to lockdowns and crippling uncertainty due to economic downturns, it’s easy to despair and feel alone. In the face of the pandemic we’ve come to realise no man is an island, our actions affect others and our support helps each other. My appreciation for those who are looking out for me has deepened, and I am glad to bring the Black Heart Foundation into that fold. My University experience has been far from smooth and though this final year promises perhaps the greatest challenge I’m yet to face, I know I am not alone. The scholarship from Black Heart is a testament to that. Right now, everybody needs somebody and I’m grateful to have the Black Heart Team behind me as I study hard for my Masters in Aerospace Engineering at University. I pray we are all preserved during these times and for the grace to be a future blessing to others as the Black Heart Foundation has been to me.”

Success Anyameluna

Management | University of Warwick

“Words cannot begin to express how grateful I am to have been awarded with The Black Heart Foundation Scholarship. My unfortunate circumstances surrounding my residency in the UK meant that I would not receive financial assistance from the government. The day before I found out I had been awarded with the scholarship I was prepared to drop out of university because the financial burden and constant stress of having to fund university on my own was too much for me to handle. I am incredibly blessed for the financial support that the BHF have given me as it has allowed me to fully focus on my degree and enjoy the rest of my time as a student. I know that when I look back at my academic journey I will be proud to know that this organisation was such a significant part of my academic journey. I cannot wait to be in a position where I will be able to give back to the future Black Heart Scholars!”

Spencer Bailey

Sociology | London School of Economics

“It is an honour and a blessing to receive such a significant award from the Black Heart Foundation; I am deeply appreciative for this support and generosity. To be part of a cohort of aspirational, intelligent and socially conscious young people is truly a privilege and will significantly ease the financial burden so tightly bound to higher education. Raised in South East London, the cultural enrichment and complex navigation of a chaotic but positive upbringing has ingrained a strong drive for social change within me. Philanthropic organisations like the Black Heart Foundation are deconstructing some of the boundaries that often stifle the educational progression of low-income students in my area on the path to success, providing aid at such a critical junction in our academic and personal development. This scholarship will allow me to extensively explore my degree in the depth it deserves and cultivate a polished, thorough understanding of our social world and the facets that govern it. It is my hope that this social fluency will serve as a conduit for a fruitful career that allows me to give back to my community and those who have invested in me. Thank you so much to the Black Heart Foundation for this incredible scholarship!”

Victor Banda

Data Science | Goldsmith University of London

“I feel relieved and at the same time amazed at how life has turned out for me. I am very grateful for the generosity that the Black Heart Foundation Trust has bestowed upon, by way of awarding me financial support towards my tuition at Goldsmiths. My hope for enrolling at Goldsmiths, was to help improve the interventions we are currently offering in new-born health in the United Kingdom, by applying machine learning and artificial intelligence to help predict disease severity or occurrence of conditions or discharge out of neonatal intensive care units (NICU), which potentially helps reduce care costs, which happen to be one of the highest operating costs that the NHS incurs. Being the first generation child to go to public university in my family and also not only stop studies at a bachelor’s degree but go all the way to Masters level, it is my ambition that through this award, I will provide an example and show my siblings, workmates from back home that it is possible. Through this award, I hope to graduate into a health data scientist and become one of the pioneers of Malawian heritage in this growing field.”

Jade Birch

Primary Education Teacher Training | University of Winchester

“I am extremely humbled and grateful to receive such a life changing amount of support from The Black Heart Foundation. I never dreamed that my application would be successful and I feel overwhelmed that the trustees decided to invest in me! Having obtained my degree through The Open University whilst working full-time with two children with disabilities, I wanted to make good use of my degree and pass my passion for learning on to our future generations. I’ve always wanted to be a primary school teacher but worried about the financial impact training would have. The Black Heart Foundation have significantly reduced this burden and enabled me to fully immerse myself into becoming the best teacher I can be! The underlying principles of the Foundation match those of my own to never give up and to aim higher. I want to pass this on to our countries future to build a better country together. This starts with learning in schools and can last a lifetime. I am extremely overwhelmed by the support offered by the Foundation and cannot wait to hopefully support their great work in the future – Thank you Black Heart Foundation!”

Jelissa Campbell

Acting | London School of Dramatic Arts

“The black heart foundation has enabled me to finish my course at LSDA to help pay for my tuition fees. Coming from a low income background and most private drama schools are very expensive. My plan is to show young people who are struggling financially that there is always a way to education once you put in that hard work, anything is possible.”

Jessica Govey-Scotland

Molecular Engineering | Imperial College London

“Since a young age, my mum has always taught me the importance of education. Growing up relying on resources such as breakfast clubs and free school meals I have always understood that everyone has a different start in life. However, your start does not have to determine your future and to ensure this, education is key. Education allows you to overcome the barriers caused by your background and with it, you decide where you belong. At the time of applying for my masters I did not realise how financially unrealistic this decision may have been. I was so overjoyed to have been accepted by my dream university, I hoped I could figure it out. When coming across the Black Heart Foundation and its beliefs, I felt a sense of understanding and agreement in the importance that there should be equal opportunities in furthering education. Anyone is capable of achieving their ambitions given the opportunity and if they’re willing to work hard. Thanks to the Black Heart Foundation, I am now able to complete my masters degree without the additional stress of whether or not I am able to fund everyday necessities. I now have the opportunity to explore a career in research and development to increase my scientific expertise and potentially go into policy and regulation or become a patent attorney. I am forever grateful to the Black Heart Foundation for selecting me as a Black Heart Scholar and giving me the opportunity to decide my future.”

Khuluud Hussein

Cancer Biology | Imperial College London

“The work being done by the Black Heart Foundation is truly life changing. Words cannot accurately portray how extremely grateful I am for receiving the scholarship from the BHF. During my undergraduate degree, I established a firm interest in cancer research and was keen to explore the field further through an MRes in Cancer Biology. I was very quickly given a reality check of the lack of financial assistance available at the postgraduate level. This serves as a significant barrier for prospective applicants and is the main reason for the vast gap in postgraduate studies – with many students unable to pursue higher education for reasons other than their academic merit. Consequently, initiatives like this go a long way in bridging these gaps and enable students, like myself, to pursue their career goals and focus solely on their work. In addition to this award facilitating my academic work, it also opens up the ability for me to engage in extra-curricular activities, collectively enriching my Master’s year experience. I want to emphasise my appreciation for this award and for the incredible work carried out by the foundation, I am more determined than ever to make this year great and do the BHF justice!”

Nana Osei Kofi

Psychology with Education Studies | University of Warwick

“It is with immeasurable gratitude and honour that I thank The Black Heart Foundation for awarding me this life-changing scholarship. Pursuing further education comes with associated challenges which are often overlooked. One of these is the financial burden that comes with studying at a university away from home, without external financial support. Being awarded this scholarship will alleviate the intense financial burden concomitant with studying at university. With the generous support of this scholarship, I will be able to focus more intently on my studies and pursuing my desired career following graduation. I will also be able to freely focus on my extra-curricular passions, which involve helping students from my demographic maximise their academic potential and grow in their personal development. It is a privilege to be part of a foundation which has transformed the lives of so many individuals, including myself. As a Black Heart Scholar, I aspire to embody the core values that the foundation promotes. In doing so, I am eager to reach a position where I will be able to give back and support the next generation of leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs. I would like to thank The Black Heart Foundation once again for recognising my potential and investing in me. I am very honoured and proud to call myself a Black Heart Foundation Scholar.”

Rebecca Longe

Business Law LLM – Legal Practice Course | BPP University

“I am absolutely overjoyed! Being awarded the Black Heart Foundation Scholarship means so much to me. The straightforward process of applying for the scholarship and the professionalism of the amazing Black Heart Foundation team, has illustrated to me that there are people who believe in and invest in the potential of others. I can only hope to emulate this and pay it forward to other students in the future. Studying the Legal Practice Course combined with a Masters in Business Law on a fast-track route has been challenging particularly in the midst of the global pandemic. This grant will alleviate my financial pressures and allow me to live a well-rounded life. Not only am I now able to focus on my academics and businesses, I can also take care of my mental and physical well-being. For all this, I am extremely grateful to the Black Heart Foundation.”

Krys McInnis

Learning and Teaching | University of Oxford

“I am honoured to be a recipient of The Black Heart Foundation Scholarship. Through their generosity, the foundation has granted me with a life changing opportunity which will have a great impact both personally and professionally for me. From humble beginnings, the scholarship has provided me with the resources needed to study at the University of Oxford. I intend to use this opportunity to volunteer and mentor others from underrepresented backgrounds; supporting them to reach their full potential in their career, academically or both.Education has always been a passion of mine and I am a firm believer that educational advancement is fundamental if we are to see greater social mobility within society. Moreover, I see education as a key which can be used to unlock opportunities and gain access to a variety of industries.I will never forget the opportunity that the foundation has provided me. It is easy to support individuals with years of experience and successful track records, but it takes a great organisation to believe in those at the beginning of their journey.”

Ayan Mohamed

Teacher Training | University of East London

“I am honoured to be one of the recipients of the Black Heart Foundation scholarship. Growing up in a less privileged community has not only offered financial and academic challenges, but has also helped me realise the value of education. By awarding me with the scholarship, you have lightened my financial burden which allows me to focus more on my studies without financial uncertainty. I look forward to being able to give back to the community once I begin my career teaching. I thank you for your confidence and willingness to help me achieve my goals.”

Rahma Moktar

Child and Adolescent Mental Health | King’s College London

“I am and forever will be eternally grateful to The Black Heart Foundation for awarding me this scholarship. I have been relieved of any financial burdens during this academic year, which will allow me to focus solely on my studies. I will additionally have some much needed free time, in which I will be able to partake in extra curricular activities. I am pursing a career in the mental health sector; an area which is underrepresented by Black Muslim Women like myself. The support from the BHF will allow for me to become a a familiar face in the sector for service users, as well as be an example to future students who are contemplating whether or not they should apply for a career in Mental health or for a scholarship from the Black Hearth Foundation. GO FOR IT! Once again, thank you to the Black Heart Foundation for believing in me and for allowing me to become a Black Heart Scholar.”

Keza Ng’ang’a

Medicine | Cardiff University

“I am immensely grateful to the Black Heart Foundation for supporting my medical training at Cardiff University. Due to the busy nature of a medical degree there is minimal time available to work to support myself financially. This scholarship has eased the burden and given me the opportunity to truly focus on my academic goals without shifting my focus. It is so encouraging to know that the Foundation cares about our aspirations and dreams and is keen to invest in our futures. This belief in my future has given me the incentive to strive for the best and create a positive impact on others. Thank you so much to the Black Heart Foundation for this fantastic opportunity.”

Josephine Nuamah

Forensic Science | King’s College London

“The support from the Black Heart Foundation could not have come at a better time. No amount of words on this page can express a fraction of the gratitude I have felt from receiving this scholarship; nonetheless a big thank you is needed. My education has always taken a place in my heart where I can put my determination and strive into. This can be difficult at times coming from a minority family with low income where my passion and skills can be overshadowed by my appearance. In spite of that, the BHF were able to overlook these differences and focus on myself and others whom are dedicated to excelling in their chosen field by any means necessary. It is no shock that being a postgraduate student in London studying science can be costly to say the least with little to no time to find other means of increasing financial stability. With that, being a BHF award winner not only has aided me in continuing to fund future research, but allowing me to study in a stress-free and mentally stable environment where my potential can surpass its current limits. This investment that the BHF have entrusted in me only continues to build my confidence as an individual as well as inviting others who are from similar backgrounds and pressures that there are foundations who can support them for their goals in life.”

Naomi Odeyemi

Law | University of Cambridge

“I am over the moon at receiving a scholarship from The Black Heart Foundation, as having financial aid will ensure that money will not be a barrier as I embark on my studies at the University of Cambridge. The scholarship not only helps in funding scholarly activities, but extracurricular activities such as law societies which expose me to a network of career worlds I never would have known about and would help introduce me to my next steps. I am truly grateful for the Black Heart Foundation for believing in me and my dreams, their choice in investing in my education motivates me to carry on working harder and being ambitious in my studies, growth in my mind set and myself. I aim to inspire and help students just like The Black Heart Foundation, and show that I am proof that you can achieve what you set your mind to – Again immense gratitude for the Black Heart Foundation in believing in me, I can’t wait for what I’ll do next.”

Shaun Odili

Philosophy and Politics | University of York

“I am extremely grateful, proud and honoured to be a recipient of the Black Heart Foundation scholarship. Growing up there were several barriers and challenges that I had to face in order to excel and be great. From navigating the difficulties of immigrating to a foreign country to growing up in one of the most deprived boroughs in London, at times life was not easy. However, I always strived to overcome these obstacles to make my family proud and be an example for other young people from underprivileged backgrounds that it is possible to surmount these obstacles.  Through receiving this scholarship and becoming a part of the Black Heart Foundation, I believe that I am much better equipped to pursue my life and career goals. With the financial burden of completing a master’s degree now significantly lessened, I now have more opportunity to focus on attaining a top class university degree and engaging in my extra-curricular activities.   As a member of this foundation, I aim to continue my journey towards being a positive role model for younger generations and share the core values and principles that the Black Heart Foundation upholds.  I would like to reiterate my immense gratitude towards Black Heart for not just believing in me, but also believing in my vision.”

Denziel Ofiaeli

Engineering | University of Nottingham

“A testimonial fails to describe the gratitude I have for the Black Heart Foundation. Being granted both financial and professional support towards making my future aspiration of having a career in a medical profession more than an idea, but a very possibly lived reality. Studying Chemical Engineering at the University of Nottingham made very clear to me that working in the pharmaceutical industry can provide an array of skills, which will bring out the best in me when I choose to pursue a future life-long career in medicine and clinical practice. While it is a wild concept to me, I know that to this day, I still have a living passion to becoming a practicing medical doctor in the distant future. With this scholarship, I can now seek for work experience opportunities in hospitals, instead of using the time to work a job. I intend to work in the research and development sector for a pharmaceutical industry, to gain advanced knowledge of drug development and methods of improving devices which facilitate drug administration to patients on a large scale. Being then able to transfer this knowledge I believe will provide a huge benefit to the advancement of knowledge in the biomedical field, but also to clinical practice. Therefore, by then attaining an accelerated medical degree, I will be able to contribute both to the engineering sector and the medical profession; serving as an inspiration to empower other young men from the BAME community to reach their dreams.”

Olamide Olorunfemi

Undergraduate Economic History | London School of Economics

“I am extremely humbled and blessed to be a part of the Black Heart Foundation. Upon receiving my confirmation to study Computer Science at The University of Manchester, I was both excited and worried as I knew the opportunities university would provide me in the future but aware of the financial hardships along the way, especially coming from a disadvantaged background in South London. The Black Heart Foundation has allowed me to focus on my studies and my personal development without having to worry about my basic living costs and for this I will forever be grateful. I hope to emulate the core values of The Black Heart Foundation and that my journey inspires others and reminds them that there always hope and there’s always a way. I look forward to the day I too can reinvest back into the foundation, the same way they have invested in me.”

Emmanuel Tomude

Master of Science in Environmental Change and Management | University of Oxford
“I felt very excited about receiving the scholarship award from the Black Heart Foundation. It has been a great relief for my parents after receiving the award without thinking any longer about studying and working in other to offset my debts. I have gotten the confidence of embracing my course which will enhance my course work at the University of Oxford. I am very grateful to the Black Heart Foundation for investing in my education. It would have been a mere dream without their support. I am optimistic that I will make a significant contribution to achieving the best result. With this kindness shown, I look forward to giving back to my country Ghana and Africa at large, and the priority of extending a helping hand to the brilliant young ones in academia.”

Mac Geoffrey Ajaereh

MSc Engineering With Management | Kings College London

“I would like to express my genuine gratitude to all The Black Heart Foundation team that has granted me this award. I would like to show that having a great aspiration for something extraordinarily fresh and vital in your life can bring a high level of enthusiasm and emphasis to accomplish an individual’s goals mutually in personal life and career. Being able to study for a master’s degree course at a research-intensive Russel group university gives me the opportunity to acquire a qualification that can be used to indicate my suitability for a life progression in engineering and management. This earned opportunity to study at King’s College London allows me to come closer to my dream of becoming a chartered engineer recognised by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. I am thrilled to have been awarded The Black Heart Foundation Scholarship as I will embody an inspiring ideal to encourage others with assurance and direction into believing into themselves and grow self-confidence as a criterion for taking substantial action for the good of this world. As a Black Heart Foundation Scholar, I will expose myself as a student and mentor to lead more young pupils into STEM which can present them with a prospect to embark on an journey into this excellent and gratifying field, progress a passion for it and optimistically trail a job in a STEM area for those interested. I would like to direct all people for dreaming big and enhance the quality of their lives.”

Toluwalase Awoyemi

DPhil in Women’s and reproductive health | University of Oxford
“I found out about Blackheart scholarship late, and for weeks I was confused about whether to apply or not as I felt I had missed the deadline. I am glad I decided to give it a try despite every temptation, not too. This scholarship is indeed timely and incredibly generous. It will offer me the necessary support to complete my research as a clinician-scientist in Women’s and reproductive health without fear or worry about how to balance my finances. I will in years to come to remember members of this great foundation as one of those who gave me a fighting chance.”

Nyahalo Tucker

A Levels | Westminster School
“I am extremely grateful to Black Heart Foundation for awarding me the scholarship that will enable me to attend Westminster school sixth form. Coming from a disadvantaged background , attending Westminster school would have been impossible and because of family’s current financial situation but thankfully Black Heart Foundation has made this dream a reality and not allowed finances to be a barrier to this opportunity .Attending Westminster school will open up great possibilities for my future such as pursuing my dream as an architect in one of UKs prestigious institutions and inspire other underprivileged young people like me in the future to follow their dreams. I am motivated to work hard and make the most of this life changing experience and I am incredibly grateful and very excited as I am confident it is the first step in my journey towards a successful future .I would like to say a huge thank you to Black Heart foundation without whom this opportunity would not have been a reality. Thank you for changing the lives of so many underprivileged and underrepresented talented individuals like me.”

Harry Johnson

Undergraduate Degree in Business | Iowa Western College
“I am truly grateful to the black heart foundation who have blessed me with an amazing opportunity, thanks to the foundation I am now able to continue with my studies and ambitions to become a professional golfer in America. Coming from a working class family my parents have struggled over the last few years to support me financially in both my studies and golf, but now the black heart foundation has now changed everything for me and my family. I know that the opportunity the black heart foundation has given me does not come around often in life and that’s why I need to take it with both hands and give it my all. I’m looking forward to sharing my journey with the black heart foundation and I hope that one day I am able to give back to the foundation and support others in the way the foundation has supported me.”

Olivia Francesca Jessop

Undergraduate Degree in Health Play Specialism |Leeds City College- University Centre
“There is a saying that goes “helping one person might not change the whole world, but it could change the world for the person”. The helping hand you have given me is beyond what I can begin to covey in words to say how grateful I am to have been awarded the Black Heart Foundation Scholarship. Kindness is one of the greatest gifts you can bestow upon another, true kindness lies within the act of giving without the expectation of something in return and this truly is what the Black Heart Foundation is. Being granted the scholarship is a blessing which has allowed me to continue my studies and follow my dreams. I completed an Early Childhood Studies degree with a First-Class Honours and I have a passion to continue studying to become a qualified Health Play Specialist, working to support children in hospitals. A course was newly set up in Leeds in 2019, however unfortunately I could not fund the cost of the course myself. I applied for the scholarship with little hope, however, the Black Heart Foundation blessed me with the biggest gift. The Foundation has invested in me which means I can continue to invest my time in helping and supporting children. There is no greater gift in life than making a difference to other people’s lives and this is what the Black Heart Foundation has done for me. I will endeavour to help others and spread kindness.”

Precious Akegebjo

LLB in Laws | University of Bristol
“I am so delighted to be a recipient of the Black Heart Foundation. This award will enable me to pursue my dream of becoming a lawyer without the added financial strain that can often set back people of less privileged backgrounds. I intend to use it to assist the costs of living in London whilst studying the Legal Practice Course.  This grant has provided me with so much relief through knowing that I can effectively dedicate myself to the course without having to simultaneously hold part-time jobs. I am so grateful to the team and the trustees for providing me with this opportunity. The Black Heart is a truly wonderful foundation and it is encouraging to see schemes like this that are dedicated to supporting young people and their ambitions.”

Lucy Dixon

Master’s in Social Research | University of York
“Receiving the Black Heart Foundation Scholarship has changed my life. In 2019 I caught a multi-drug resistant infection resulting from living with a chronic lung disease called Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia. Having already spent many weeks in and out of hospital fighting off multiple infections that year, I made the difficult decision to leave my job and moved home to West Wales to focus on getting better. In a matter of weeks, I went from supporting a brilliant East London community of disadvantaged young people applying to top universities, to spending several hours a day doing chest physiotherapy to clear the infection from my lungs. I was so excited to receive an offer to study an MA in Social Research at the University of York, but given that I have been unable to work full-time whilst focusing on getting back to 100% health, I have naturally been very worried about being able to afford to study again. I turned to the Black Heart Foundation, thinking that I probably didn’t stand a chance, but like everything, it was worth a shot. I am so proud and grateful to receive this scholarship and I am looking forward to using my personal and professional experience to explore the various ways in which marginalised communities in the UK gain access to and navigate healthcare and education. To anyone who isn’t sure – apply. To those who make this possible – thank you, I couldn’t do this without you.”

Will Akers

Undergraduate Degree in Computing | Edge Hill University
“I want to be as honest as possible about my educational journey and life so that it’s fully understood how much this grant is going to improve my future; I’m now a mature student who made a poor choice in higher education at an early age, I had not yet identified as a teenager what was meaningful to me and gave me identity as an individual. This combined with the peer pressure of friends and family meant I entered a field I really had no interest in pursuing. After a few years of full time employment I began to ask the right questions about what I wanted from my life, I always held a passion for technology and seeing how far we could go as a civilisation which mostly came from video games and computers growing up in the rapidly advancing digital age. Since then I have gone back to college and achieved top grades in digital design and programming to earn a place at a good university, being a creative person, this allows me to learn valuable skills that are now the catalyst for my imagination. The Black Heart Foundation has given me the opportunity to delve into my studies with complete elation from the stress of the not knowing how I’m going to financially get by; you’ve given someone who wasn’t sure they had a second chance the answer “yes you have” and for that I will be eternally grateful. Thank you.”



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