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In 2013 The Foundation launched The Black Heart Scholarship Programme. The Programme represents the formal development of some of The Foundation’s previous initiatives. The Scholarship Programme awards several annual bursaries to qualified candidates to advance their educational goals and life aspirations.

These awards have enabled the successful candidates to advance their education where they might otherwise not have been able to do so. The process is open to all stages of education from preparatory education to post graduate schooling and the bursaries can be applied to the costs of formal (classroom/school) education or experiential education (field/community).

The Scholarship Programme supports candidates with their educational endeavours primarily in the UK and US but is open to considering work in other education resource limited geographies. The demand for scholarships is high and therefore submissions that are closely aligned to the aims of The Foundation have the highest chance of successful application.

Due to the volume of applications, candidates are reminded that their application must conform to the criteria and that submissions can only be received in electronic or hard copy via the Foundation’s postal address or electronic mailing address.

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To apply to the Black Heart Scholarship Programme, please download and submit an application pack. As part of the application we request a personal summary of no more than 1200 words providing a brief outline of the educational activity for which you seek a scholarship, outlining how the scholarship would align with the aims of The Black Heart Foundation and presenting a clear case of financial need. Take care to complete all of the sections in the application before submitting it via email or post. For further information on completing the application pack please refer to our frequently asked questions (FAQ’s)

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The Black Heart
Scholars Programme
The Black Heart Foundation
PO Box 7789
United Kingdom


Please supply any financial statements and supporting financial documentation as part of your application

Applications are accepted twice a year.

Cohort 1 2023: Applications will be accepted between 1st March and 18th August. Applicants will be informed of the outcome by 31st October 2023

Cohort 2 2023: Applications will be accepted between 19th August and 31st October. Applicants will be informed of the outcome by the 31st January 2024

We will not be accepting applications between 1st November 23 – 28th February 24. If you submit an application during this time it will be added to the applications to be reviewed as part of Cohort 1 2024

*Please note that only successful candidates will be contacted and all scholarships will be announced on The Black Heart Foundation website.

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Computer Science | University of Oxford
“I am extremely grateful to be receiving this generous support from the Black Heart Foundation. Due to the great assistance I have been provided by this incredible fund, I can pursue my dreams studying Computer Science at the University of Oxford breaking through obstacles as a minority woman. Being at university, has created a stimulating environment in which I can pursue many of my different interests both within the field of my degree and extracurriculars such as sporting and musical events which are two of my biggest passions . This fund will allow me to continue to immerse myself within the university culture without worrying about the financial implications it may have. Thus, giving me the best opportunity to do well in my studies and become a well rounded individual. Moving into the new year, I am thrilled by the new doors which have now been opened for me.”


Computer Science | Coventry University
“I received an email from Black Heart at 12:26pm GMT, 31st of December 2022 describing how the trustees have decided to issue me with a grant. I was overjoyed and just couldn’t help smiling. I am so thankful that I was granted the grant; the process was quiet straight forward and easy to complete. Black Heart really do support the students in need and at the right timing too. Best way to start the year 2023, words can’t describe how grateful I am to the team at Black Heart, I truly appreciate every one of you and pray for all your continual success in all that you do. I testified to Black Heart’s great support.”


Biomedical Sciences | Nottingham Trent University
“I am truly grateful to be a recipient of the Black Heart Foundation Scholarship. As an individual from a lowincome, single-parented household, I can attest that financial limitations can present as a huge barrier to high educational attainment. For the last two years, it has been extremely difficult for me to balance my studies, working 30 hours a week, and my other commitments, such as being President of the Investment Society. The generosity of The Black Heart Foundation has greatly alleviated this burden and will enable me to fully immerse myself in my degree, extracurriculars, and internships in my final year at university.”


Law | University of Surrey
“I could not believe my eyes when I checked my email and saw that I was accepted to the Black Heart Foundation Scholarship. I am beyond grateful to be given this opportunity and to have been accepted as I believe it would truly help me throughout my university studies – especially as I am studying Law. It will also allow me to be able to travel to different internships and opportunities across London. The Black Heart Foundation has truly allowed me to fully focus on my studies and pursue a law career without the financial burden. As an organisation that aims to help underrepresented groups in the UK, I am truly honoured to be accepted and to also be a part of being a representative for those from underrepresented backgrounds which aligns with why I chose to study law.”


Educational and Child Psychology | University of East Anglia
“I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the BHF for their support and generosity. The BHF grant will enable me to complete the last year of my doctorate without having to worry about financial constraints. I can now focus on my goal of becoming a competent Educational and Child Psychologist. After completing the doctorate course, I will continue to work towards the same goals as the BHF of breaking down the barriers children and young people face in education. More specifically, I will work as an Educational and Child Psychologist supporting the emotional, social and cognitive development of children and young people. I will forever be grateful to the BHF for supporting me to bring change to communities. I also look forward to continuing to inspire inspiration through the BHF scholar and alumni network.”


Jazz Drums and Percussion | Guildhall School of Music and Drama
“I could not be more grateful to the trustees of the Black Heart Foundation. Without student finance for the final year of my Artist Masters in Jazz Performance (Drum Kit) at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama, I found myself with insufficient funds to complete the course despite working alongside my full time studies. The Black Heart Foundation scholarship will enable me to complete my studies, keeping my plans and aspirations as a professional musician on course. I am filled with admiration for the Black Heart Foundation for its commitment to removing funding barriers for young people, and will be forever indebted to its trustees for their faith in me.”


Biomedical Sciences | University of Sheffield
“I am extremely grateful to be benefitting from The Black Heart Foundations scholarship scheme. This generosity means so much to me as I’m certain it will take a huge weight off my shoulders financially enabling me to wholeheartedly focus on my goals. I now don’t need to worry so much about my finances during my university studies which means the world. I will always be grateful for this investment into my future, and I am determined to make the most of it.”


London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
“I am immensely grateful to The Black Heart Foundation for their generosity and support. This award will alleviate the financial burden of pursuing higher education and will help me make the most of the opportunities available during my course. The application process was simple and straightforward without any unnecessary bureaucracy, so I would encourage all those eligible to apply. As a scholar, I feel empowered to achieve my dreams as it now seems more obtainable. I strongly believe that good health and education should be accessible to all and not limited by socioeconomic factors. I hope to prove worthy of the confidence the trustees have shown in me. In the future, I would like to work on making a positive difference in global health and disease, especially by improving health equity in disadvantaged communities.”


Human, Social and Political Sciences | University of Cambridge
“I am so blessed to have received an email stating I was successful in applying for the Black Heart Scholarship. I appreciate the fact that this foundation has alleviated a considerable amount of financial stress from me, enabling me to flourish at higher education and not have to stress about meeting basic living needs. The timing was perfect as I have been let down by student finance and current home circumstances means I am unable to live minimally without forking time and effort to work on the side of my degree, a practice severely discouraged by my university. Thank you so much black heart foundation.”


Medicine | Imperial College London
“I would like to say a big thank you to Black Heart Foundation for granting me a scholarship. As a Second year medical student, I have been having to juggle University work and a part-time job to meet my financial deficits, and I have found it really challenging. It became increasingly difficult to study as well as participate in social activities, which then started to negatively affect mental health. This scholarship means I would no longer have to work part-time during term and can focus on excelling in my studies whilst also having time for fun and growing meaningful friendships. Once again, thank you so much!”


Politics | Queen Mary University
“I received the Black Heart Foundation Scholarship acceptance letter at the perfect time. I knew my life had begun and I could now achieve everything I know I am capable of. With my socio-economic background and living circumstances, finishing university let alone thriving whilst in university felt comically impossible. The scholarship has made this possible for me, now I can complete my studies in a better frame of mind without dedicating so many hours to work. The Black Heart Foundation has done more for me than I can put into words and i will be forever grateful for their love and kindness. Thank you to everyone involved with the Black Heart Foundation, you have helped me immensely and have lessened my financial burden and I will be forever grateful.”


Legal Practice Course | University of Law
“The Black Heart Foundation has been a major instrument in allowing me to start the Legal Practice Course (LPC LLM), and has also allowed me to take another step forward to achieve my desire of becoming a Family Law solicitor. I am very grateful for the opportunity to be selected for this scholarship, and this foundation will not only allow me to complete my studies, but it will also help me to relieve the stress associated with the financial cost of this postgraduate degree. I will now be able to further my education and make a difference as a black woman within the legal industry, because of the assistance of funding. It is because of the help of this foundation that aspiring solicitors such as myself, can build confidence and use this as an opportunity to succeed in the course. Thank you again Black Heart Foundation for providing me with such as amazing opportunity, and for being an inspiration, not only to me, but also to many others who seek out for great opportunities and strive for greatness.”


Business Economics | University of Essex
“Opening my emails and seeing that I have been awarded the Black Heart Foundation Scholarship has left me speechless. I almost didn’t apply because I doubted myself so much… so why would a scholarship programme. But you do. Finally, I have opportunity to maximise my potential without the financial burdens of being a student from a lowincome background. I want to emphasise how grateful I am for the Black Heart Foundation believing and investing in me across the next three year of my academic career. Being awarded this amount has relieved an enormous amount of pressure from my shoulders and has made me feel nothing sort of excitement for returning to study in the new year. Thanks to your support I can truly make the most out of my degree and extra-curricular endeavours. I will never not be grateful for your generosity, thank you so much.”


Geography with International Study | University of Manchester
“I am not only proud to receive the Black Heart Foundation’s scholarship but highly grateful for the faith it has in myself and the other scholars. It has allowed me to focus more on my career and studies at university with fewer financial worries. This not only takes the pressure off my shoulders but fuels my ambition to achieve the best I can whilst securing a future I can be proud of. It was also a relief for my mother, who was worried about the next steps of my life due to being the first in our family to go to university. Amidst the struggles of the costof- living crisis and the seemingly unavoidable troubles of poverty affecting many in my generation, With the black-heart foundation, I strive to give back to the community who refused to give up on me when I did myself and mould me into the person I am today. Once I achieve my degree in Geography, I plan to venture into Human Resources with a focus on travelling and interactions with many others who also have a story to share. I plan to use my history alongside my studies to mentor a future generation of people from similar backgrounds and shape myself into a suitable role model. The Black Heart Foundation continues to support the initiative and aspirations of many underprivileged children, and I could not be happier to be a part of its growth.”


PhD | University of Sheffield
“I am a self-funded PhD student that had to combine part-time work with the government loan and a bursary from the University and still it was barely enough to live on. I was incredibly stressed about whether I’d be able to afford living and whether I would have to drop out of the PhD. This scholarship from the Black Heart Foundation allows me to do my PhD without having to worry about not being able to pay my rent or afford my tuition fees, and it removes a lot of the stress from my life. I am an estranged student who has limited support from his family, as well as being disabled and gay, which means that I struggle with many additional barriers in life. Thanks to the Black Heart Foundation, a lot of these barriers have been lifted, and I will hopefully be able to become a Dr in 2026 if all goes well! I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity and assistance, the Black Heart Foundation and all those supporting it have really changed my life. I hope to be able to repay this through my research and teaching in the future and I hope to be able to help people have the same opportunity that I was generously given.”


Environmental Engineering | Stanford University
“I am extremely honoured and thankful to be awarded a scholarship from the Black Heart Foundation. This is an amazing opportunity that will allow me to focus on completing my studies at Stanford University. Being surrounded by likeminded individuals who want to create a greener future for our planet leaves me with optimism. Once I finish my master’s, I hope to use the skills I’ve developed to work towards a more sustainable and empowering future for our generation and future ones. The Black Heart Foundation is an inspirational organisation that continues to provide a lifeline to those in need of support at any stage of their education, and I could not be happier to be a recipient of the award.”


London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
“Finances are one of the biggest barriers, if not the biggest barrier to achieving our goals. It can become a huge stressor and for a part-time masters student like me who is still playing the juggling game, money was last thing I wanted to worry about. Unfortunately, that became my story until this organisation decided to invest in me. I can’t thank them enough. The ease I feel now is because I know that is not what I have to deal with money worries anymore. I squealed when I found out and I can only hope to spread the same joy in my career.”


BA Economics and Management | University of Portsmouth
“In my course, I have the option to do an additional placement year within the country or abroad. I was considering this option, however, I was anxious that it would add to the financial stress that I already endure. Funnily enough, I was attending the university’s local careers centre to have a meeting about considering placements to do between my 3rd and 2nd year. As I was waiting, I decided to check my notifications and that is when I encountered the email. Honestly, I did not have high hopes, since I have been facing a lot of difficulty this year but when I saw the great news of being offered the Scholarship, my face brightened up with a large smile and my eyes started watering! I would like to thank the Black Heart Foundation for recognising my potentials and offering this valuable support. This has taken the burden of tuition fees and personal maintenance off my shoulders and now I feel that I can pursue my studies with ease.”


Marine Biology | Portsmouth University
“I want to give my sincerest thanks to the Black Heart Foundation and their trustees for the support they have offered me. I can’t begin to explain what this means to me and my family and the possibilities this now gives me to grasp with both hands what I am working my way towards achieving. Just the fact that I have been chosen for a scholarship has given me a huge confidence boost to go out there and continue to fight for what I believe I can do. I was heartbroken to discover that where I live my options for studying marine biology in line with my academic strengths were limited and so I looked further afield – this has led to many sleepless nights and an awful lot of heartache at the fact that my chosen career wasn’t an option for me locally. Coming to the UK to study was stretching my family financially and I will forever be grateful for this scholarship and the opportunities this offer has given me to reach my goals and make a difference in the suffering world. The Black Heart Foundation is inspiring, the way it helps people from so many origins gain a way forward to be able to pursue a career that they dreamed of without being a financial burden on their families. It is simply astounding the changes they help people achieve in their lives, a way forward for so many of us. I am honoured to have been chosen too. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”


BA (Hons) Youth and Community Work | Cardiff Metropolitan University
“I cannot sincerely thank The Black Heart Foundation enough for believing in me and providing myself with the financial support to finally complete my undergraduate studies. Due to a range of unforeseen circumstances and terrible hardships I truly thought my journey towards succeeding in my degree was coming to an end without completion this year due to not being able to cover the costs any longer. After persevering and working hard through all of the trials and tribulations, I have been given a whole new lease of motivation and drive to finish my studies thanks to the kindness of The Black Heart Foundation. Thanks to this scholarship, I’ll be able to concentrate on my education because finances will not be a concern. I will forever be so appreciative.”


Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery | Imperial College London
“I consider it a true honour and privilege to have received this scholarship from the Black Heart Foundation. Being able to study without having the added stress of financial worry is extremely relieving, especially in this current financial climate. This couldn’t have come at a better time, and I aim to use this investment to help me give back to those in need. I would like to thank the Black Heart Foundation and the Trustees for supporting me in my endeavours and am proud to call myself a Black Heart Scholar.”


Psychology and Human Development | University College London
“As a Muslim, there isn’t the most support for us wishing to pursue an education and give back to our communities whilst keeping true to our religious obligations. Like many other in my position, we often have to choose between compromising our beliefs and completely forgetting the prospect of a university education. Unfortunately, this lack of support leads many to let go of their goals of pursuing their studies. In my case though, The Blackheart Foundation came at the perfect time. The amount was going to cover my remaining tuition fees as well as the many hidden costs often not acknowledged by prospective students. Receiving this scholarship means that I don’t have to stress where the next sum will come from to pay my tuition fees and even whether I can afford to travel to university in the first place! I can wholeheartedly focus on my studies and brush financial stress aside. I am truly grateful to be given this chance and I am so pleased to see that there are people who value our input and education. After looking for solutions for Muslim students like me for so long, this feels like a small success.”


Medical Genetics BSC | University of Leicester
“With my mother being institutionalised due to her life long struggle with mental illness, I feared I would have to press pause on my education and career in order to deal with the cards I was dealt, however The Black Heart Foundation’s decision to award me a scholarship changed the trajectory of where my life was headed, truly no words for how thankful I am. I am immensely grateful for the scholarship provided by The Black Heart Foundation as they have helped continue into my third year without the financial burden and stress I would’ve otherwise been dealing with. This scholarship mean I can truly focus on my degree without having to work part-time jobs, as this was effecting my grades negatively. Making it into university coming from a low socioeconomic background was difficult enough without the financial burden, however this scholarship will help me to pursue my dreams and can now fully immerse myself into the most fundamental part of my degree.”


BSc Psychology | The University of Warwick
“I am so incredibly touched that the Black Heart Foundation believes and supports me and my story. I spent numerous years knowing that I wanted to make a difference by helping marginalised and unrepresented individuals in our world, but I never could figure out exactly how I could do this. It wasn’t until a friend suggested User Experience and User Interface (UX/UI) Design to me and it resonated with me quickly and deeply on how I could use this career to help others. However, I started to shut that door before I could even take a peek inside because of my financial concerns about how I would be able to afford the necessary training that I would need to be a successful entrylevel UX/UI Designer. Thankfully, the Black Heart Foundation acted as that foot-in-the-door and spurred some hope for my future by believing in my dream. As I continue steadfast into my new future with the Black Heart Foundation by my side, I will be eternally grateful that the Black Heart Foundation paved the steps for me to create platforms that include, acknowledge, uplift and praise those in our society who have been continually unrepresented.”


Politics and Sociology | University of Bristol
“Words cannot express how grateful I am to have received the Black Heart Foundation Scholarship. The trustee’s belief and investment in my future has enabled me to continue my undergraduate degree. I had a myriad of obstacles standing in my way. However, with the support of the Black Heart Foundation, the financial burden of university has been lifted. I can now immerse myself into university life and confidently strive towards my goals. The effects of the Black Heart Foundation Scholarship are truly life changing. I am eternally grateful to the Black Heart Foundation. The scholarship has brought me one step closer to completing my degree and has kickstarted my future. I have been empowered to continue to dream big and aim high. I am forever indebted to the foundation and hope that one day I can pay it forward.”


Medical Sciences | University of Oxford
“Being a part of the first generation to attend university, the prospect of being able to study at a prestigious university was a blessing. However, the financial aspect of university was always on my mind, with the possibility of not being able to afford the many expenses slowly leading to me no longer being able to afford university. With the generous help Blackheart Foundation Scholarship, I am now able to cover my substantial shortfall and can attend university without the stress and worry of finances. The opportunity The Blackheart Foundation has bestowed upon me has opened the door for a comprehensive and fulfilling university experience. I now feel comfortable with participating in a vast array of societies, clubs and learning due to the generosity from the Foundation, which I am incredibly grateful for!”


Medicine | University of Exeter
“I am deeply grateful to The Black Heart foundation for supporting me on my journey of academic success. The Black Heart Foundation scholarship financial support for people is incredible and has personally removed the financial stress that once gripped me. I can now fully focus on my academic studies. It is humbling for me to join the vast number of scholars that the Black heart foundation has assisted. I am truly honoured and grateful for the Black Heart Foundation.”


BSc Computer Systems and Networks | University of Winchester
“I am sincerely grateful to the generosity of Black Heart Foundation for helping me with the scholarship to study my favourite course at university. I feel like I don’t have those words in my heart that can truly express of how much I am thankful to the kindness that Black Heart Foundation has shown upon me. This scholarship has given me a great peace of mind to complete my study with comfort, and full dedication. Salute to Black Heart Foundation for helping people like me.”


Medicine | University of Cambridge
“I’m grateful to the Black heart foundation for contributing towards my ability to complete my medical studies despite the financial challenges I’d otherwise be facing. Furthermore, the support of the foundation will enable me to access extra academic resources, as well as fund international elective experiences, all of which will be invaluable in making my career goal of personal, community and global impact a reality. On a simpler level, this award means that for the next two years, when I think about my plans for the future, I’m no longer defeated by the financial barriers. I can simply turn my focus to the hard work it takes to get there. Black Heart has levelled the playing field. Above all, it is a pleasure to be supported by an organisation whose core aims and values are so strongly parallel to my own. Widenining access lies at the heart of my ambitions and I’m extremely thankful for the resources to pursue this further.”


MSc Intelligence Security and Disaster Management | University of Derby
“I am entirely grateful for the Black Heart Foundation in granting me this scholarship, the money will help cover the financial hole which would be left by the costs of my masters course and accomodation. Coming from a single parent family meant that I couldn’t rely on my family for support, and so it caused a lot of anxiety but now I can stop worrying about money and instead focus on completing my course whilst also exploring other opportunities to expand my portfolio ready for when I graduate.”


A Levels
“I can’t express how much Black Heart foundation has impacted my life. I found the organisation right when I was going to give up on education. As an asylum seeker, the financial constraints I faced were blocking my way. The transport costs and the costs of study materials were beyond what I could afford. With the scholarship I was granted, I am now able to continue my ambitious journey to my dream destination. I now have the mental stability to solely focus on my studies. I was also continuously supported by it’s incredible staff members throughout the application process. It’s a huge blessing to Know that there is an organisation out there that really cares about people’s dreams!”


Social Research Methods MSc | University of Sussex
“My time as an undergraduate was always underlined by financial stress, and my master’s was looking to be no different. Balancing work, university, and caring for my disabled partner seemed to be impossible at times. I was often forced to choose between producing good research or paying our rent – and rent always won. That’s why I can’t describe the relief I felt when I got the email from the Black Heart Foundation saying I had been awarded the scholarship. For the first time as an adult, I have the time and mental energy to focus on my studies! My research in sociology seeks to highlight discrepancies in bodily autonomy amongst Othered communities, an area I’m incredibly proud to be able to contribute to. I am so grateful to the Black Heart Foundation for the important work they do in enabling knowledge to be produced by voices that might otherwise have been drowned out.”


Mechanical Engineering | University of Manchester
“When I received the email detailing the Scholarship, I burst into tears. A mixture of gratitude, relief and joy filled me in that moment. The Blackheart Foundation has given me the freedom to have the best start to my Mechanical Engineering degree. The struggle to put into words how much of a blessing the Foundation is, is immense. I worked part time throughout my Alevels, nearing 20 hours each week, thankfully because of the Blackheart Foundation‘s generosity this isn’t something that I am continuing in higher education. This Scholarship has broken all financial restraint and will allow me to fully immerse myself in my degree, placements, super-curricular and extracurricular activities. I look forward to opportunities that may rise in the future to reciprocate the kindness of the Foundation.”


Medicine | University of Leicester
“It’s hard to put into words how appreciative I am of the Black Heart Foundation and how honoured I am to be a scholar! As a young woman from a working class family, I never thought I would be studying medicine. When I started in 2018, I had little understanding of the financial burden of this course outside of the outdated stereotype of only wealthy students applying. Between travel to placements and course material it can all become a bit much on top of an already demanding course. This financial difficulty is only exacerbated by the reduction in funding in the final year. After heavily relying on student loans in early years, I had no idea how I was going to make up the financial deficit to pay for necessities including rent and groceries. I do not come from a background where family members are able to make significant financial contributions meaning I would have to work additional hours at my part-time job around my full-time clinical placements. This is why I am so appreciative of the Black Heart Foundation. As my financial worry for this academic year has been eased, I can now fully dedicate my time to my course in the most pivotal year of my studies and the final hurdle before becoming a Doctor. Thank you Black Heart Foundation, I hope you can continue to support and encourage other dedicated students like myself!”


Music and Flute Performance | Royal College of Music
“Music has always taught me that there is nothing more beautiful than having a community helping, supporting and working together in making a piece come to life. When I applied for this scholarship with the hopes that my dream to finish the postgraduate studies could somehow materialise, little did I know that the Black Heart Foundation would make it happen with the same enthusiasm the conductor helps the entire orchestra to start that wonderful work everyone is excited to listen. Sharing their kindness with me means I’ve been privileged to have a fresh start in my last year of education before stepping in the professional musical world, and there is nothing more I could have asked for. Dear Black Heart Foundation, thank you for your kindness and generosity, and it will be my pleasure to be an ambassador of the great support you offered me in order to access such amazing musical training at one of the best conservatoires in the world. Having this scholarship is an honour and a privilege, and I am humbled and extremely grateful to be one of the supported students.”


Information Systems | Nottingham Trent University
“I am so grateful for this opportunity given to me by the Black Heart Foundation. I was so worried when coming into final year about my financial situation. Coming from a single parent home with 2 siblings where financial struggles regularly occur, I did not want to be another burden and allow for this to affect me mentally and physically during the most important year of my educational life. However, the Black Heart Foundation has lifted a massive weight of my shoulders by rewarding me with this grant which I am very thankful for. Thank you, Black Heart Foundation, for making the lives of people in situations like me easier.”


Computer Science and Mathematics | University of Manchester
“Thank you the Blackheart foundation. Your investment in me has allowed me to increase my focus in engaging in activities which will directly help me succeed in achieving my long-term career goals. It frees up the time to fully immerse myself in my studies and extracurricular activities, without having to worry about any financial limitations affecting my professional and personal development. This has motivated me to work even harder and look forward to the day when I can also do my part to help people overcome their obstacles to reach their ambitions as well.”


BSc Criminology and Psychology | University of Southampton
“I cannot fully express in words how grateful I am to the Black Heart Foundation for awarding me a scholarship. It will make a considerable difference to not only my undergraduate degree in Criminology and Psychology at the University of Southampton, but all the opportunities which will hopefully come from that, such as work experience abroad. Coming from a low income background, the funding from the BHF will allow me to access the necessary textbooks and materials I need for my course, but it also means I can engage a lot more with the social aspects of university, without worrying about the costs for everything. I am relieved, that I can begin to let go of my worries that came with the previous financial strain, and I can grab a hold of and take all of the opportunities that come my way throughout my first year of university. Thank you to the Black Heart Foundation for giving me this wonderful opportunity and truly making a huge difference!”


PhD Student Wellbeing | Swansea University
“The scholarship from the Black Heart Foundation has enabled me to undertake a full-time PhD in Education. After teaching in a secondary school environment for 8 years, I moved into working in student welfare in higher education. I have been given an insight into the stark contrast in support structures between sixth forms and universities and the impact that this has had on students. My previous research, whilst studying for my masters, has evidenced an alarming mental health epidemic in higher education in the wake of the global pandemic. I will now undertake research and develop a programme to better support students with the transition to higher education. Having both dyslexia and a life limiting illness, I have worked hard to complete my masters and pursue this doctorate study. This scholarship will enable me to undertake this time-sensitive study in a full-time capacity with a view to support future cohorts of students as quickly as possible. I am exceptionally grateful for this support and the impact that it will have on my life and the quality of my research.”


Medicine | University of Exeter
“I am beyond grateful and honoured to be awarded the scholarship from The Black Heart Foundation. My heart is truly overflowing with happiness. The financial assistance will be such a great help in propelling my success, driving me closer to becoming the best medical doctor I can be, and make a profound positive impact in peoples’ lives. The generosity of the foundation made me feel more determined to commit to an intellectually challenging, yet highly rewarding career, and has further inspired me to give back in the future.”


Economics and Industrial Organisation | University of Warwick

“I would like to appreciate the Black Heart Foundation for awarding me this scholarship and thus, putting my path on an upward trajectory. This financial support will allow me to focus on doing the very best I can in my education without the added pressures of financial hindrances. I have viewed education as one of the most crucial things in life, as I believed it is the most significant factor in achieving my preferred career. The Black Heart Foundation has further incentivised me to achieve my aspirations and make the most out of this opportunity and do the foundation proud. Thank you.”


BSc International Politics | City University of London
“Being an independent student could be very difficult. With the living costs and the inflation increasing, I have been founding myself stressing about my future. How would I be able to balance my studies and my work life? Since I received the letter from The Black Heart Foundation, I felt an unexplainable relief. I am so grateful for this scholarship, as it will allow me to peruse my international relationship degree without stressing about my economic situation. The grant will allow me to solely focus on my studies. I am very grateful to the Black heart scholarship as they are helping me during this stressful period in my life. I thank everyone at the Black Heart Foundation for supporting and believing in me.”


Paramedic Science | University West of England
“I am incredibly grateful to have been selected for a scholarship from the black heart foundation and am inspired by their meaningful work in supporting people from disadvantaged backgrounds pursue their passions and goals. For me, the BHF has been insurmountable in reducing obstacles that threaten to reduce my future prospects as not only has the foundation given me financial stability, but it has given me drive and encouragement by investing in me to fully focus on my education to become a paramedic where I’ll be able to care for people in urgent medical need. With this scholarship I will also be able to pursue hobbies whilst studying, including jiujitsu, which I am passionate about and will support my physical and mental wellbeing by providing an outlet to overcome any adversity I may face at university or placements. I can’t thank the BHF enough for investing in my studies and ambitions, and I am elated to be a part of a community that has such admirable values and ethos. I aspire to be able to reflect this care and generosity in my work as a qualified paramedic after gaining my university degree.”


Film, Television and Digital Arts | Royal Holloway University of London
“Grateful is one way to describe the feeling of being awarded this scholarship from The Black Heart Foundation. Finding out my application was successful was such an overwhelming feeling and I feel honoured by the foundation’s generosity. Not only do I feel relieved, but I also have been given the support and reassurance I need to study, Film and Television at university. This grant has given me the opportunity to create captivating filmography and have a chance to inspire others. From working many shifts, weekly to cover my rent, I can finally focus on my studies without financial pressure. I aspire one day to provide help to those who are also disadvantaged as I believe every person deserves a chance to reach their goals. Overall, Black Heart Foundation has provided me with the support and encouragement to continue excelling within my degree. I am deeply thankful to all the trustees for their helping hands and compassion.”


Chemistry | University of Oxford
“I can’t fully express how thankful I am to have been accepted onto the Black Heart Foundation Scholarship Programme. The scholarships support will help alleviate a lot the pressure and anxiety I have had around my financial circumstances and allow me to make the most of my university experience. The scholarship would allow me to get better involved with university societies and clubs alongside striving for academic success and work towards my future career. I am looking forward to chasing after my dreams with the support of the Black Heart Foundation!”


Human Resources Management | Liverpool John Moores University
“Thank you, thank you and thank you… Words just can’t describe how grateful I’m feeling right now. To have the opportunity to thrive and aim higher to make myself be the best version of myself. This scholarship will help me get towards were I want to go and make a big impact to my future; I really wouldn’t have been able to pay for this course if it wasn’t for The Black heart foundation. I was worried that I wouldn’t have been able to do the course but, I’m determined more than ever to work hard and complete my course in People management and Practice, CPD at the Liverpool John Moore University.”


BSc Business Management | University of Birmingham
“I feel incredibly blessed and privileged to be a recipient of the Black Heart Foundation Scholarship. A huge burden has been lifted off my shoulders as this scholarship will provide the financial support to alleviate the economic stresses during my final year at university. This will allow me to reduce hours of part-time work to really focus on my studies in my final year and have time to engage in extracurricular activities that I was unable to partake in, in my previous years of study.”


MSc High Education | University of Oxford
“I am grateful to the Black Heart Foundation for providing me with the financial assistance needed to thrive at Oxford. My higher education journey was not an easy one. I attended the 35th lowest performing school in England, self-taught Alevels, and I’m a firstgeneration graduate. I’ve spent the majority of my adult life helping disadvantaged students. Most recently, I worked as a history teacher in a deprived inner-city London secondary. Here, I came to realize that teachers often lack detailed knowledge about higher education, and this translates into worse outcomes for students. To help remedy this, I enrolled on the masters in Higher Education to gain a more comprehensive understanding of university. The financial assistance from the scholarship will allow me to focus on what matters: conducting research into pertinent topics within higher education that affects underprivileged students. My long-term goal is to work within the education sector to improve the university and career services of the most deprived schools so that students have better outcomes.”


Sociology | University of Cambridge
“As a postgraduate student at the University of Cambridge, I feel incredibly fortunate and blessed to have received ‘The Black Heart Foundation” scholarship and become a part of the support network. My masters research project aims to investigate the experiences of black youth living within rural, predominately white English towns and villages; to provide new insights into the reality of racism, black identities, and racial belonging. This is a much-needed research area, but an expensive topic to research, due to the inaccessibility of potential participants. So, throughout the postgraduate application process, my family and I were concerned about how I would afford the tuition fees and living expenses, especially within the cost-of-living crisis. But we were even more concerned, about how I would be able to afford living and researching an area, that requires so much travel around the country. At one point, it was looking like an unrealistic dream. But this scholarship will enable me to focus on my research project, live a well-rounded student life and have the financial means to holistically look after myself. I am truly thankful for this grant and its ability to help me and allow me to research and represent and unrepresented black population.”


Writing for Stage and Broadcast Media | Royal Central School of Speech and Drama
“The Black Heart Foundation has given me more than just a scholarship – they’ve given me security in a difficult financial time, and belief in myself and my own ability to pursue my dream career. With this amazing and generous opportunity, I’m able to focus my attention onto the most important thing – my studies as a writing student. I can’t begin to express how grateful I am for this opportunity to develop my practice, to be able to put my full heart and soul into my course without fear of financial trouble and give me a fighting chance at a career in the field I love most of all. Thank you so much, Black Heart Foundation!”


Musical Theatre | Mountview Academy of the Arts
“Musical Theatre has been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember. It’s a very demanding job physically and emotion, but the opportunity to tell stories as a job is always amazing. Thanks to the Black Heart Foundation scholarship, I will be able to focus entirely on becoming the best performer I can, without the burden of financial stress. Thank you!”



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