In 2013 The Foundation launched The Black Heart Scholarship Programme. The Programme represents the formal development of some of The Foundation’s previous initiatives. The Scholarship Programme awards several annual bursaries to qualified candidates to advance their educational goals and life aspirations.

These awards have enabled the successful candidates to advance their education where they might otherwise not have been able to do so. The process is open to all stages of education from preparatory education to post graduate schooling and the bursaries can be applied to the costs of formal (classroom/school) education or experiential education (field/community).


The Scholarship Programme supports candidates with their educational endeavours primarily in the UK and US but is open to considering work in other education resource limited geographies. The demand for scholarships is high and therefore submissions that are closely aligned to the aims of The Foundation have the highest chance of successful application.


Due to the volume of applications, candidates are reminded that their application must conform to the criteria and that submissions can only be received in electronic or hard copy via the Foundation’s postal address or electronic mailing address.


To apply to the Black Heart Scholarship Programme, please submit an application of no more than 1200 words providing a brief summary of the educational activity for which you seek a scholarship, outlining how the scholarship would align with the aims of The Black Heart Foundation and presenting a clear case of financial need. Take care to also include all of the information on the application checklist before submitting it in either of the following ways.





The Black Heart
Scholars Programme
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Application Checklist

Take care to also include all of the information on the application checklist


Please note that only successful candidates will be contacted and all scholarships will be announced on The Black Heart Foundation website.




I feel honoured that The Black Heart Foundation has offered to support me...

“I now have the chance to solely focus on my studies without worrying about finances, giving me greater experience in my area of study. I can now advance my education and develop my knowledge throughout my university degree, to help achieve my goals.

I am extremely grateful to have been granted the support that The Black Heart Foundation has given me. They have allowed me to progress further into my education and expand my knowledge as there are so many more opportunities that I can take advantage of now, without worrying about finances.

With their generous donation I can become more involved in the university, and pursue extra curriculum activities, enhancing my university experience not only academically but also with regards to my vocational interests. I feel honoured to have received their support, giving me the chance to concentrate on my studies without needing to figure out how to fund my living costs. This will enable me to achieve my maximum potential in my course, which I know will help tremendously in the future. Additionally, it will contribute towards my year studying abroad, which is something that I have always wanted to do.

Thankfully, I can now become more involved in university and focus on achieving my career aspirations, as I now have the option to take part in more career events to increase my employability. On top of this, they have helped me be able to build the skills and knowledge required for my degree.

Words cannot express how thankful I am that I have the chance to enjoy being a student, without feeling financially restricted and have the best opportunity to thrive in my studies, to make my dreams a reality.”



Black heart has not only made in impact in my life...

“I am still a DACA student meaning financial aid is not an option, but I graduated North Shore Community College in May 2018 and transferred to Salem state university. This was all possible because of the generous donation of The Black Heart Foundation. I could not have done it without their help. Thank you very much for supporting me in achieving my goals for the past two years.

Thank you again for all your help. Black heart has not only made in impact in my life, my family as well. We can’t express how much your donation means to us.”



Words cannot describe how honoured and grateful...

“Words cannot describe how honoured and grateful I am to be a recipient of the Black Heart Foundation Scholarship. The scholarship has completely changed my outlook for the next few years of my degree. Thanks to the scholarship, I can concentrate on and look forward to my studies rather than worrying about my living costs. I have been given the chance to fully pursue my educational interests. At my university, working during term time is highly discouraged, therefore this scholarship is vital as I want to be able to have the same chance as my peers to do well at university.

In the past, I have to turn down amazing opportunities that would have helped my pursuit of a legal career tremendously because of the fact that I had to work part-time alongside my GCSE and A-level studies to support myself. Due to the support of the Black Heart Foundation, I can spend my time outside of university taking on these opportunities which will hopefully put me in a position to make a successful training contract application.”



This scholarship has changed my life in ways I cannot begin to explain...

“Being raised by a single mother who works at a supermarket and being the first person within my family to go to University, I would have never believed that I would one day have the opportunity to study at a world-leading institution such as the University of Cambridge. The Black Heart Foundation scholarship has allowed me to continue my education as a post-graduate and have the opportunity to produce forefront research into furthering women rights. By removing the financial barriers I faced by covering my course costs, as well as providing me with encouragement to overcome the socio-economic constraints due to my background, the Black Heart Foundation has allowed me to focus on my aspirations in helping other women.

I cannot put into words how grateful I am to everyone at Black Heart Foundation for their generosity and support.”



I feel tremendously grateful to have received a scholarship...

“I feel tremendously grateful to have received a scholarship from The Black Heart Foundation. This scholarship has helped towards living costs in my final year of medical school. It has also helped to fund my 6-week medical elective trip to West Africa; an experience that is crucial to my personal and professional development as a future doctor.

Without the scholarship, I would have needed to dedicate a large amount of time to fundraising whilst coping with the added stress of my upcoming Final Professional Examinations, Situational Judgement Test, Prescribing Safety Examination and UK Foundation Programme job application. Because of the generosity of the Foundation, I have been relieved of an enormous financial burden. I can now dedicate my time more fully to academic commitments. Additionally, I can also dedicate more time to tutoring younger students and getting involved in some Widening Participation events to help encourage university applications in groups currently underrepresented in higher education.

Upon successful completion of my degree, I will begin an exciting and challenging journey into the field of Medicine; building on the skills and knowledge I have gained to save and improve lives in such a unique way. I am truly thankful to the Foundation in helping me to achieve my dreams.”



Text to follow...



Text to follow...




Receiving the grant has given me confidence...

“I am most grateful to have been made a recipient of the Black Heart Foundation scholarship. The financial support enabled me to excel in my first year of University without the financial restraints that would have been present without it. When applying to University, I was very anxious about whether I could afford to go. The grant alleviated my worries and doubts and I was able to focus on my studies and thoroughly enjoy my first year at University!

Receiving the grant has given me confidence in achieving my dreams and excelling in my academic studies in ways that I hadn’t imagined were truly possible prior to receiving this financial support. I now have the opportunity to participate in a placement year that is being offered by my course, which will allow me to gain necessary experience in my field, and hopefully strengthen my options in regard to a grad job after I complete my degree. My first year at University was everything I could’ve hoped it would be and more and I am so appreciative for the Black Heart Foundation for making this possible!”



With the support of the Black Heart Foundation...

“With the support of the Black Heart Foundation I have been able to begin a major research project (PhD) looking at the rights of children living in extreme poverty and outside the family home to be heard and consulted on the services they receive. The work is being conducted at Northumbria University Centre for International Development. The maintenance grant I received is the only thing that made it financially possible for me to dedicate the time required to conducting this research, and this in turn has allowed me to pass on opportunities to others. Through doing the research I am trying to uphold the Black Heart Foundations ethos by empowering children from all backgrounds to exercise their rights to be heard and responding to this. I am so grateful to the Black Heart Foundation allowing me to conduct work which not only allows me personally to grow as a researcher and charity worker, but also to contribute to societies understanding of children living in extremely vulnerable circumstances.”



I am extremely thankful to the Black Heart team...

“I am extremely thankful to the Black Heart team who supported my career aspirations by providing a grant. This allowed me to enroll on an industry leading financial modelling course. The benefit of the grant went beyond simply allowing me to enhance my knowledge, it assisted me in challenging the personal and professional boundaries I had erected in my mind.

A multitude of opportunities have arisen from me embarking on the course. A particular highlight is undertaking pro-bono work in relation to a burgeoning early stage East London start-up in order to help them understand their exit strategy options. Without the course, I would not have had the confidence to offer consultation to a business at a pivotal stage of its development. I can safely say that without the support of the foundation I would have been unable to add value.

I now look forward to the future with a renewed sense of purpose and a wider skillset, most importantly I have learnt to challenge the self – imposed limitations we unknowingly put on ourselves. I extend a heartfelt thanks to the Black Heart team, who have continued to support my aspirations. I look forward to giving back and helping others.”



BRIT SCHOOL (2016/18)

As a result of this high quality training and experiences...

Louis Wallond is a young, aspiring performer who was granted funding from The Black Heart Foundation for professional training at the Gielgud Academy in Sussex. The challenging programme has enabled him to progress in areas of dance such as Ballet, Tap, Modern, Jazz and Contemporary as well as professional Vocal Coaching and Acting tutoring.

From this experience he has managed to gain a scholarship in Film and TV master classes, awards for most improved senior and male lead in the schools Ballet performance and he has taken part in workshops with West-End and TV professionals John Partridge and Saffron Sprackling.

As a result of this high quality training and experiences, Louis has managed to secure a place in the Musical Theatre Strand at the Brit School for September 2015. He plans then to go to an Arts University to study another Musical Theatre course and hopes to star on the West-End stage.



The Blackheart Foundation has not only had a positive impact on my own life...

“I graduated from the University of Oxford in 2017. The scholarship I received from The Black Heart Foundation was essential for completing my studies since it funded the greater part of my tuition fees.

Since graduating I have been running STEM Skills Fund, which I founded in 2016. STEM Skills Fund is an educational charity whose objective is to get more girls studying A-level maths and physics and interested in studying a STEM-related subject at university. The Black Heart Foundation has contributed funding to a pilot trial of the Maths and Physics Girls’ Scholarship administered by STEM Skills Fund.

The Institute for Fiscal Studies has recently evaluated the pilot trial of the Maths and Physics Girls’ Scholarship and found that it has significantly increased female applications to study A-level maths and physics. The Blackheart Foundation has not only had a positive impact on my own life trajectory but has afforded me the opportunity to positively influence the life trajectory of others in turn.”



This journey has given me the tools to grow...

“Thanks to the Black Heart Foundation I have been given the opportunity to have a unique experience in NYC. In August I set off from these shores to live and work in a place I’d never been before and knew very little about, beyond the rumours. Upon arrival I was captivated by the sheer size and pace of the city. I knew that I would be working with young people and it has been a humbling experience to form bonds with these young men and women and to know their stories.

I currently reside in Brooklyn, where I spend 5 days of the week living and working with boys and girls from disadvantaged parts of New York. My role is one of a counsellor but I also teach a little and act as an advisor to the Junior class. Whilst there I have decided to undertake an action research project looking at youths in urban areas of New York, while drawing a comparison with the same in London. This particularly resonates with me as my own upbringing in East London brought with it a number of challenges, which I have now learned to be universal when talking about boys of colour.

This journey has given me the tools to grow and challenge myself and I would like to sincerely thank the Foundation, as without them, this would not have been possible.”



I am truly grateful for the support...

“Receiving an award from the Black Heart Foundation has allowed me to pursue postgraduate study at the London School of Economics where I will be undertaking a Masters in Social Policy in September 2016. Without this scholarship, it would have been impossible for me take up my offer from such a prestigious university. My scholarship has removed the financial pressure associated with higher education and particularly postgraduate study and will allow me to focus and fully immerse myself into my degree.

I am truly grateful for the support as it has helped me work towards my desire to improve social policy in the UK, particularly within the education sector. I hope to positively impact social mobility and the prospects for young people from ethnic minorities and disadvantaged backgrounds. My lifelong goals and dreams are based on the problem of educational inequality which I want to help solve and I am pleased that the Foundation is helping me to realize this dream by funding my postgraduate study.”



This is the beginning of a challenging and exciting venture...

“I feel extremely honoured to be a 2016-17 recipient of the Black Heart Foundation Scholarship. The generosity of the Foundation has enabled me to commence upon a part time Masters in Education at the University of Durham. Over the next three years, I will be studying part time at this prestigious institution, whilst working full time for an education charity to continually apply my learning.

It remains true that the likelihood of young people achieving their aspirations is intrinsically linked to their opportunities for educational access. It is my hope that the knowledge and experience I gain through my Masters Degree can be used to implement solutions that create and widen educational access and opportunity for many students. This is the beginning of a challenging and exciting venture, and I am so grateful to be supported in my ambitions through the Black Heart Foundation, without whom none of this would be possible.”



The scholarship has helped me tremendously...

“I am grateful for the Black Heart Foundation for blessing me with the scholarship and the opportunity to be able to go to school full time. Without the scholarship, I would not have been able to attend college because of my financial status and my ineligibility for financial aid due to my DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) status. This status only allows me to get a job and go to school and pay in-state tuition, but does not grant me financial aid.

The scholarship has helped me tremendously. I am able to further my education to achieve all the goals I have set for myself. I will hopefully graduate in the summer of 2018 if I continue to take 5 classes each semester. I am trying my best at North Shore Community College so that I may complete a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Biology.”




I really can't thank the foundation enough...

“The School of Communication Arts offers a very different learning style. They practice learning by doing, and aim to get their students jobs in the creative sector rather than degrees. Unfortunately, there is no government funding available for this type of study. Without receiving The Black Heart Foundation Scholarship, there would of been no way I could have accepted my place at the school. As well as the course fees, the trustees have also given me the chance to create advertising campaigns for their forthcoming charitable events. I really can’t thank the foundation enough.”



Overall, I would just like to thank you for the opportunity...

“Boarding life has given me a chance to be more active. I am always grabbing opportunities to improve on my sporting techniques in games such as badminton, hockey and basketball. I made it into the football team, this was a tough trial so I am very proud of myself. This also brought opportunities to meet new friends.

Overall, I would just like to thank you for the opportunity and I hope to keep you updated in the future.”




I’m truly moved by the charity of the Foundation...

“The Black Heart Foundation scholarship has helped me in ways difficult to articulate in words. Firstly, I remain wholly grateful for the Foundation’s monetary support, without which I wouldn’t have had the means to enroll on the Legal and Political Theory MA course at UCL. However my gratitude extends beyond just a recognition of the financial support. Whilst obtaining the scholarship, I also attained the warm hand of encouragement imparted upon me via the gracious personnel within the Foundation. One can calculate the fees of the masters, but it is impossible to quantify the added value of having Mr. Ric Lewis and The Black Heart Foundation instill faith into your dreams.

In its immediate context, completing this multi-discipline degree has opened an array of career opportunities. Although my applications are directed towards the private sector (in London and Africa), public policy work and academic research are now also realistic aims.

Finally, it is when I refer to the wider context of the benefits incurred unto me by the grant, that I’m truly moved by the charity of the Foundation. Born into a socially, economically and politically disadvantaged sect of the population, both in terms of race and region, access to legitimate success remains accessible largely through the exclusive door of education only available for the privileged. I’ve undeservedly received such a privileged education and I’m obliged to share it with my community. And so, not only have I acquired this masters, but so have, my family, my friends and my neighbours.”



I am sincerely honored and grateful...

“I am sincerely honored and grateful to be a recipient of the Black Heart Scholarship. The award enabled me to pursue a master’s degree at the world-renowned London School of Economics, studying International Health Policy. Having grown up in South-East London as a young black female, surrounded by various issues such as crime, poor educational opportunities and poor housing, I always felt I could change my life with a good education. Pursuing a master’s degree in Health Economics has equipped me with the applied and profound abilities to influence domestic healthcare policies in the future. I am able to focus on the important educational aspects of this experience, as opposed to being distracted by the financial strain.

During my time at the LSE, I have been coached and mentored by key researchers in the international health specialism and exposed to a wealth of exciting opportunities. Because of this scholarship, all the aspirations I hold for myself are ever becoming a reality. This generosity has further inspired me to help others and give back to the community. As well as continued support to the Black Heart cause, I am motivated to help young unprivileged people also achieve their educational goal.”



This scholarship has meant that I can pursue a career...

“Without the funding I received from the Black Heart Foundation Scholarship Programme I would not have been able to attend the Acting course at Drama Centre London. I would not be able to take this crucial step on my chosen career path. Therefore my future prospects in the theatre industry have undoubtedly been given a huge boost by the Scholarship Programme.

I am currently approaching the end of my course and I have learnt a lot. I have worked with industry professionals on a daily basis; been taught new techniques and approaches to acting in a supportive and practical environment; I have been able to put new skills into practice, performing regularly throughout the training; and I have worked with some very talented people who I’m sure I will work with again and again during my career. I have also travelled; as part of the course I have trained in Greece and Russia. I am now a more prepared, knowledgeable and skilled actor than I was prior to the training, and this is thanks to The Black Heart Foundation.

This scholarship has meant that I can pursue a career that, unfortunately, is increasingly closed to those without financial backing. This is particularly so with Postgraduate training. The funding I received has opened this career path to me and I’m sure the programme will continue to open career paths for others in the future.”