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In 2013 The Foundation launched The Black Heart Scholarship Programme. The Programme represents the formal development of some of The Foundation’s previous initiatives. The Scholarship Programme awards several annual bursaries to qualified candidates to advance their educational goals and life aspirations.

These awards have enabled the successful candidates to advance their education where they might otherwise not have been able to do so. The process is open to all stages of education from preparatory education to post graduate schooling and the bursaries can be applied to the costs of formal (classroom/school) education or experiential education (field/community).

The Scholarship Programme supports candidates with their educational endeavours primarily in the UK and US but is open to considering work in other education resource limited geographies. The demand for scholarships is high and therefore submissions that are closely aligned to the aims of The Foundation have the highest chance of successful application.

Due to the volume of applications, candidates are reminded that their application must conform to the criteria and that submissions can only be received in electronic or hard copy via the Foundation’s postal address or electronic mailing address.

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To apply to the Black Heart Scholarship Programme, please submit an application of no more than 1200 words providing a brief summary of the educational activity for which you seek a scholarship, outlining how the scholarship would align with the aims of The Black Heart Foundation and presenting a clear case of financial need. Take care to also include all of the information on the application checklist before submitting it in either of the following ways.



The Black Heart
Scholars Programme
The Black Heart Foundation
PO Box 7789
United Kingdom
Application Checklist

Take care to also include all of the information on the application checklist and the budget sheet.

Please supply any financial statements and supporting financial documentation as part of your application

Please note that only successful candidates will be contacted and all scholarships will be announced on The Black Heart Foundation website.

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Somtoo Mefor

GCSE | Boswell Independent College

“To adequately express the gratitude I feel for my candidacy as a Black Heart Scholar, would be difficult to do through words. 

There’s an English proverb that says “Give a man a fish, he eats for a day, teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime.”

I feel immensely privileged that I have not only been taught how to fish, but have been provided with the means to do so. Knowledge is a valuable resource – one that transcends race or ethnicity background or religion – if only one is given the opportunity to acquire it. 

Being somewhat of a perfectionist, I’m ever aspiring to reach new heights, and to perform to the best of my ability in all that I do. This scholarship allows me the room to not only broaden my horizons, but to grow in a multicultural and multinational environment, as well as receive the highest degree of education! I’m incredibly thankful to the Black Heart Foundation for this prodigious endowment, and for all the transformative work that they actively carry out!”

Nia-Cerise Conteh

MA Education | University of Cambridge

“Receiving admission into the University of Cambridge to do my masters degree was an opportunity of a lifetime that I have been able to seize thanks to the Black Heart Foundation. The financial strain that this degree would have caused without this grant could have potentially cost me my place or saddled me with a huge amount of debt that I would have been unable to carry. I am honestly overjoyed that BHF chose to invest in my future and helped to fund this dream. When I discovered the masters I desired to undertake at Cambridge, the opportunity to apply for scholarships and grants had already passed. I did not allow this to stop me from applying and went ahead filling out the application with faith and determination that I would find a funding organisation that would see my educational success and want to help me fulfil my future academic dreams. I couldn’t be happier that I found The Black Heart Foundation and they selected me. I’m so grateful to God, my family and friends for cheering me on the whole way and want to thank the Black Heart Foundation for their contribution to my education. No student should have barriers to their learning and Black Heart Foundation is doing tremendous work to break them down and birth dreams!”

Naomi Rametto

BA Biochemistry | Kings College London

“I really want to thank The Black Heart Foundation for investing into me and, in turn, my dreams and plans for the future. The scholarship will definitely ease the financial strain I would have, otherwise, been dealing with. I will now be able to fully focus and dedicate myself to my studies without worry of finances and affordability of university essentials. I know now I have to work hard as I have support of the Foundation and others, I mustn’t let them down! Thank you again!”

Sarah Meath

MA Development Studies | University of Sussex

“I am a proud and truly humble recipient of The Black Heart Foundation Scholarship 2019/ 2020. After working part-time or full-time since the age of 15, it was difficult to make the decision to invest in my skills and return to Post Graduate Education, but BHF has helped make this happen. As a mature student, it’s a big transition away from full-time work to full-time studying and nerve-wracking to know that there won’t be a pay cheque at the end of the month but BHF has helped alleviate this worry and will contribute greatly towards my MA Development. I hope to use my MA to truly and honestly explore what opportunity does (and should) look like for communities across the globe. After a number of years working in UK, Zambia and Tanzania, I hope to ask difficult questions about who should be empowering who and understand how to genuinely work alongside a community to open educational, economic and political opportunities for all ages and abilities; how to close the gap between grass-roots and governance and how to contribute effectively to policy and attitude change. BHF will always be part of this journey with me, and I am incredibly grateful to have received this opportunity.”

Dalton Bally

BA Medicine | University College London

“Getting this scholarship from The Black Heart Foundation is one of the biggest blessings of my life. Words can’t describe how grateful I am for this scholarship. Growing up in east London having to take care of my two younger brothers while my Dad was always working made it hard to invest into my ambition- but I still had my focus on the target. Being gifted with this life impacting scholarship allows me to put most of my time and energy into studying Medicine at UCL as I can now have financially flexibility. I was always worried about the financial problems that came with studying in London, this has allowed me to diverge my focus solely on Medicine- enabling me to become to work to become the best doctor I can be. Now I can spend more time in social events and volunteering- bringing me one step closer to working for the NHS to give back to the underprivileged. I plan to succeed in mentorship by inspiring more young people from underrepresented backgrounds to aim to succeed in their ambitions. This is greatly appreciated!

Whitney Ikenwe

BA Biomedical Science | University of Warwick

“I feel very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to have financial support from the trustees at The Black Heart Foundation. I am very grateful for the relief that this scholarship will bring, reducing some of the financial burden and strain that I will have once I graduate with the hope of going into further study. Not only has this foundation helped me financially, but also mentally and emotionally. Opportunities like this show me that there are people out there willing to not only see the vision you have for yourself, but also believe in it too. The Black Heart Foundation has given me hope and made me feel that I am not alone, as I try to reach my goals, not being limited to my benefit, but for those around me too. Having received a scholarship to pay off the rest of my final year at University, I will use my last year to put all my energy into academic success and staying involved in sports at my University. I would like to thank everyone at The Black Heart Foundation for their generous help and support.”

Esther Ujah

BA Theology, Religion and Philosophy of Religion | University of Cambridge

“In trying to articulate how much of a difference The Black Heart Foundation Scholarship is going to make to my studies, I feel I will always come up short. I embark on an almost futile venture, as I try to explain the immense impact the Foundations’ generosity has had on my education. Through this bursary, I have been given back the gift of education and consequently the ability to fully immerse myself in my studies without being paralysed by my economic inadequacies. My perception of this grant is more than just a ‘handout’ but in fact an investment. One that will not stop at me but will eventually be re-invested into the lives of other deserving children. Although I cannot say with complete clarity what my plans are for after my studies at the University of Cambridge, I know that this ethos will be at their core. So, as I try to inadequately say thank you, I want to once again express my profound appreciation to Mr R Lewis and The Black Heart Foundation Team, you have given me a liberty to study that I otherwise wouldn’t have had.”

Kai Moore

BA Politics and International Studies | University of Warwick

“I am truly honoured, thankful and grateful to be awarded as a recipient of The Black Heart Foundation scholarship. Being a young Caribbean black male from a single parent family the odds would be said to be against my favour. I’ve always wanted to make myself and my family proud and now thanks to this scholarship I have one huge barrier moved away from me. My family has always told me anything in this world can be solved by education and The Black Heart Foundation is allowing me to maximise my potential.

I can happily explore any extracurricular activities that will make me stand out and that I am interested in. Match this with financial worries being eradicated means that I can focus on my educational prowess.

Being part of such a foundation, I hope to inspire future generations and want to echo the core values of The Black Heart Foundation to ensure that not just myself, but my community prospers too.

I’d like to thank Black Heart once more for believing in me and I will do my part for the future!”

Isaiah Wellington-Lynn

Undergraduate Degree in Anthropology and Computer science | University College London

“It can be easy to think that getting into a world-class university is the most difficult part of higher education for students from low-income, financially insecure backgrounds; however, for people like me, trying to navigate university and its associated challenges can feel like an additional degree. With the generous support of this scholarship, I will be able to truly focus on studying, grappling with lecture material, immersing myself fully into tutorial sessions, and making the most out of the privilege to learn, explore curiosities and draw links between seemingly unrelated fields of study. This scholarship will also allow me to freely give back to my local communities through volunteering and continuing to mentor teenagers who come from socially deprived backgrounds without worrying about an income to support my living expenses. Thank you so much! I am so grateful, and I can’t wait to be in a position to do the same for the next generation of thinkers, leaders, and entrepreneurs.”

Claudia Pueyo-Garcia

Nursing | Salem State University

“I am genuinely honored and grateful to be a recipient of The Black Heart Scholarship. This award has enabled me to pursue my dream of becoming a nurse at Salem State University.  This generous scholarship has removed the financial pressure associated with higher education in the United States and will allow me to focus and fully engage in my degree as well as enjoying my time at my university. I would like to thank The Black Heart Foundation for believing in me and my dream and understanding how difficult it has been as an immigrant student, finding resources and support to achieve my goals. I hope that through my career and personal life, I can make a difference as this foundation has made for me and many others.”

Isik Ulgenalp

Advertising and Communication Diploma | School of Communication Arts

“I feel extremely honoured to have been recipient of this award. It once again proves just how many incredible organisations there are in the UK, and how generous people are in supporting young people to pursue their dreams. This award has quite literally been life changing for me. Even with a full scholarship offer to School of Communication Arts 2.0, if I hadn’t won this bursary, there would’ve been no possibility of me attending it. I will remain forever grateful to the foundation and hopefully be supporting the next generation of Black Heart Scholars in the future.

Tia Reid-Brady

A Levels | Holyport College

“I have a deep feeling of appreciation towards The Black Heart Foundation because without them I wouldn’t be at the amazing school that I am now. The opportunities that have been presented to me over the few weeks I’ve been at Holyport College is incredible and I have the Black Heart Foundation to thank for that. I lack confidence in public speaking skills but with the different opportunities presented like going to Eton for things like Model UN that will help me build that confidence. At the end of my time at my new school, I will have a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge that will help me at university and in the working world. I will continue to share the works of The Black heart foundation so more young adults may have some opportunities to get into their dream schools without the constant worry about whether they can afford it.”

Denise Laniyan

BA Hons Acting | Royal Central School of Speech and Drama

“I want to thank The Black Heart Foundation wholeheartedly for their generous donation towards my tuition fees for my BA (Hons) Acting degree at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. I can’t thank them enough for being so supportive and helping to alleviate the overwhelming financial pressure that has been a weight on my mind for so long. Without this scholarship I can’t even imagine how I would have been able to complete my course, as, in the absence of Student Finance I have been funding my studies privately. The impact of the grant that I’ve received will enable me to complete the final 2 years of my studies and will relieve the immense financial pressure that the cost of going to drama school entails. It is well known that studying at drama school often comes with considerable costs, however receiving financial support has removed barriers that could’ve prevented me from completing my course. For many reasons, with finances being a major factor, many people with my background are very underrepresented in the creative sector but thankfully I can still continue on my journey within the performance arts industry due to the organisation’s generous gift. The Black Heart Foundation has made such a tremendous impact on so many lives, including my own, and I hope to be able to be in a position to also help out others in the same way in the future.”

Ayoyemi Adekanle

MBChB Degree in Medicine | University of Sheffield

“A year ago, I came across The Black Heart Foundation following Ric Lewis’s interview on BBC news, I did not know watching that interview would have such a big impact in my life. I want to thank everyone at The Black Heart Foundation for this life changing scholarship. Words cannot express how thankful I am for your generosity. Last year, I declined two offers to study medicine due to the overbearing expenses, I felt the realities of socioeconomic and social class status limiting my career prospects; despite my hard work. This year I chose to power on, and I started medical school this September. I was excited to finally embark on the journey towards my career, unfortunately it was overshadowed by the anxiety of tuition fees and university expenses.

This scholarship will place me on a level playing field with my peers, instead of working excessive hours to cover my university cost, I can now have a healthy work life balance. I can put my energy and time into excelling on my course by attending additional study sessions, conferences and joining medical sub-societies.

This scholarship breaks the glass ceiling, so in the future I can be a voice of inspiration and perseverance to youth. I will help others actualise their dreams through application mentorship and access to work experience. I hope to start now by volunteering with projects similar to ACMM in order to facilitate the preparations and education of future doctors.”

Lamya Ilou

Mathematics with Actuarial Science | Queen Mary University of London

“I cannot express how much The Black Heart Foundation as eased my family and I’s year financially. Having to pay for my academic year has meant me taking two jobs whilst studying full time which is not only exhausting physically but mentally which has impacted my studies greatly. I can now focus on my degree, applying for internships and broadening my horizons in reading around mathematics and dedicating time to charity work in which I play a huge role in different societies in my university. I would like to extend my gratitude to The Black Heart Foundation for lifting such a huge burden and would love to be apart of easing another dedicated student’s finances in the future.”



“Words cannot begin to express how grateful and blessed I feel to have received a scholarship from The Black Heart Foundation. Thank you so much to the Black Heart team for giving me the opportunity to have the freedom to focus solely on my studies and to continue to apply the same diligence to my economics degree as I have constantly done throughout my educational journey, without being distracted by the financial strain of student life. Having financial freedom whilst at UCL means I’m able to fully engross myself in the university environment and take every opportunity to broaden my horizon both academically and socially. Receiving this scholarship not only gives me the chance to advance my education but also continue to fulfil my role as a One Young World Ambassador for the UK whilst at university, where my goal is to help make a difference in solving educational inequality amongst underprivileged young people.”



“I feel incredibly blessed and appreciative of the support I am receiving from The Black Heart Foundation. I had previously resigned myself to working long hours whilst studying for my postgraduate degree at the University of Manchester in order to support myself financially. However, with this scholarship a huge financial burden has been lifted off me and I am so grateful that I can study for my postgraduate degree without the anxieties of affording basic living expenses. As a recipient of this scholarship I can now focus, wholeheartedly, on my degree, developing my academic and personal background, and enjoying my time at university. I would like to thank the Black Heart Foundation for this opportunity, and I sincerely hope to be able to one day gift a dream like this to someone struggling financially.”



“I feel extremely privileged and grateful to The Black Heart Foundation (BHF) for having awarded me with a scholarship to cover the first and second year of my university fees. Because as an asylum seeker I am unable to work and access the traditional sources of funding in the UK, this means I have no chance rather than rely on charitable organizations such as The Black Heart Foundation to pay my university fees. Now with the generosity of The Black Heart Foundation, I am able to freely pursue a BA in Education at Brunel University London. Without the great financial support of the (BHF), I would not have been able to follow my studies and concentrate properly on my course. Due to the high volume of worries, I would have gone through. Such scholarship has removed a great deal of tension out of me, which for a long time has been part of my life and consequently, it has been a struggle for me to reach the point of being accepted at university. As I constantly remember myself being worried and from time to time being demotivated by not knowing how I was going to fund my university fees. I would like to take this opportunity and thank the (BHF) from the bottom of my heart for believing in me and for giving me the opportunity to pursue my dream. The BHF has made me realize that things are always possible through the hard work and the generosity of kind-hearted people. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!”



“The Black Heart Foundation has opened a door for me that I thought would always be closed. The scholarship has been a tremendous help in making my time at university a lot easier. I now can focus solely on my studies without the distraction and worry accompanied with experiencing financial hardship. I will be forever grateful to The Black Heart Foundation for giving me the chance to dream bigger and aim higher. The scholarship has also provided relief for my family as my mother does not have to worry about the difficulties I may face whilst at university, with finances being the biggest concern. The Black Heart Foundation has, in its own unique way, given me the chance to work towards a brighter future.”



“There are not enough words to describe how grateful I am to The Black Heart Foundation for enabling me to study at university without having to worry about how to cope financially. Knowing that this huge financial burden has been lifted is very reassuring and to be given an opportunity such as this, despite coming from a working-class family, is very special for me. This will allow me to focus entirely on my studies without having to worry about getting a part time job simultaneously. I aspire to get involved in scientific research in the future to be at the forefront of new knowledge to develop technology to help combat the climate crisis. Additionally, I want to provide access to the scientific community to people who have a similar background and grew up in challenging environments like I did.



“I feel extremely honoured and blessed to become a Black Heart Scholar.

The very fact that The Black Heart Foundation committee has chosen to support me and invest in my education has given me even more motivation to succeed. No words can truly express my gratitude for this opportunity.

The Black Heart Foundation has taught me that there are very kind hearted people in the world today. I hope that soon, I will be able to positively impact someone’s life, just like how the Black Heart Foundation has positively impacted my own.

This scholarship will allow me to focus more on my education, as well as support me with my means of transport for placement whilst studying. I am very grateful for the gift that I have received from The Black Heart Foundation, as it has lifted a financial pressure off of my shoulders. I will be forever indebted for the Black Heart Foundation for believing in me, supporting me and teaching me that anything is possible and that I can and will achieve my dreams.”



“I don’t think I can fully express my gratitude to The Black Heart Foundation and how much this scholarship means to me.

The scholarship couldn’t have come at a better time. Embarking on this academic journey was no easy feat, I was deeply worried about the financial shortfall that comes with moving to another city and how tough the journey ahead was going to be. Then came the offer from the foundation. Indeed, as my mentor used to say, there is always sunshine if we could see beyond the clouds. The scholarship has enabled me to see sunshine every day for the academic year by removing the financial clouds, and to fully concentrate on my studies.

I am forever grateful and indebted to The Black Heart Foundation for making this possible. I hope to pay it forward in the future!”



“Words cannot express how truly grateful I am for the help and support of The Black Heart Foundation. Without their generosity, University would have been nothing but a pipe dream. After having achieved results better than expected and confirmed a place at my dream school – the University of Warwick – my hopes and aspirations suddenly seemed so distant as I found myself struggling by financial constraints. The support of The Black Heart Foundation came not only as a blessing but also as the beginning of a new journey for me. A journey that I intend on taking full advantage of in every way possible. I also hope to one day inspire others and pay forward this kindness through my support of others. I will be forever grateful and indebted to The Black Heart Foundation for this life changing opportunity.”



“Being a recipient of The Black Heart Foundation has been a life changing milestone in my life.

Receiving the scholarship will help to alleviate the financial and mental stress I suffered last year that nearly forced me to drop out of university. This will allow me to focus on some of my extra-curricular passions, to help other students from my demographic and University understand the importance of gaining valuable work experience. Growing up in a single parent Caribbean household with my father and older brother who has multiple disabilities, I was often faced with statistics that would show how low my chances were. Having made it to university and now being a recipient of this scholarship, I hope to continue my journey and inspire others along the way.

I hope to emulate some of the core values of The Black Heart Foundation, and I’m committed to supporting people who society deems to have low chances change their lives and career trajectories.

This scholarship has surely changed my next few years and I am forever grateful for being a Black Heart Foundation scholar.”



“Heaven sent. The only words that encompass how I genuinely feel towards The Black Heart Foundation. I struggled to believe it, that I would be chosen to be a recipient of such a generous award. Words can’t begin to describe how much of a blessing their support is in my educational endeavours. I have received no financial assistance from the government in regard to higher education due to my residency status and how long I have resided in the U.K. I am a victim of circumstance. It is unfortunately quite a common problem with individuals only realising when it’s too late, which was the same in my case. However, I did not let this stop me. I braced myself for the struggle and fought diligently to make ends meet whilst in university. Balancing deadlines and projects with shift schedules and any work whatsoever that came my way, the physical toll was a lot. There seemed to be no alternative. The Black Heart Foundation has provided me with that alternative. They have shone light into my tunnel, and I can see a means to an end. I can now solely dedicate myself to my studies knowing that this boulder is quite literally off my shoulders. To them, I am eternally grateful.”



“Sometimes miracles happen to change your life as an opportunity to realize your dream. This miracle won’t exist without the support from organizations shed the light on our way toward uncertain future. Black Heart Foundation financial support to continue my studies after I struggled for a years to the extent I thought that I will never be able to continue my higher education level.

Fortunately, I started my MSc course in Advanced Manufacturing Technology and Systems at Strathclyde University.

I would like and by all means to thank all Black Heart Foundation members and will do my best to take advantage of the opportunity given to me.”



“Black Heart Foundation, thank you. Knowing that the quality of education at Oxbridge is unrivalled, it has always been a dream of mine to study at either Oxford or Cambridge. Receiving an unconditional offer from Cambridge made this dream a reality, but it is the generosity of the trust that will enable me to make the most of this reality. This scholarship is, for me, an equaliser that will allow me to embrace opportunities for personal or academic development that I will encounter at university, but without financial concerns hanging over me or compromising my wellbeing, as has been the case in the past. I will now be able to achieve what I know I am capable of. Being awarded this scholarship has instilled in me a determination to support others as Black Heart have supported me by contributing my time and efforts to projects that widen access for students from disadvantaged backgrounds. I hope to be a role model for those who ever find themselves burdened with mental, emotional or financial situations, to prove that anything is possible.”



“I am deeply honoured and grateful to The Black Heart Foundation in receiving a bursary that helps me in achieving my dreams. This has made such an impact to my life, alleviating the financial strain that would have been on myself to pay my medical school fees. This bursary will allow me to focus on my studies wholeheartedly, and give me the leeway to get involved in extra-curricular activities that I was unable to do before. I just want to thank The Black Heart Foundation again for believing in young people’s dreams and making it clear that all dreams are attainable irrespective of one’s background or financial capabilities.

I am honoured to be a recipient of this award and will be using this opportunity to connect with other young individuals in mentoring them to achieve their dream within the medical field but  also getting more involved in widening participation schemes into medicine for students coming from under-represented groups. Again, I would just like to thank The Black Heart Foundation for this opportunity and hope that through this I am able to set an example to others that no matter how big or small, goals and ambitions are attainable.”



“I am extremely grateful and honoured to be granted a full scholarship from The Black Heart Foundation. Receiving this scholarship enables me to confidently pursue my master’s degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice at the University of Oxford. This has been something I have been passionate about studying and to even say I am thankful would be an understatement. Without this scholarship, it would have been almost impossible to fully commit to the programme for a year.

Such a scholarship helps me in many ways. Not only would the scholarship help cover university fees, it would allow me to invest my time in education. It would allow me to study without having the worries of a large student debt over my head and it would also allow me to use my spare time to get involved in university societies as opposed to working 2-3 jobs to pay strenuous fees. It also permits me to use my spare time to be an ambassador for the University of Oxford and again hopefully open doors for prospective students who have a background similar to myself. Once I finish my master’s in Criminology and Criminal Justice, I intend to pursue a career related to this field and prove what an investment in education can truly achieve.”



“Coming from a low-income household money was also something I had to worry about. I have always worked throughout my education to support myself and not have to rely too heavily on my single-parent mother. In my second year of university I founded a project called #MadeInHackney that focuses on bridging the gap between state and private school students by providing state school pupils with information, motivation and attainable role models. It has meant that I have has less time to focus on working. Hence, I am extremely grateful for The Black Heart Foundation Scholarship which will allow me to focus on #MadeInHackney and finishing my last year of university without worrying about finances.”



“I’m incredibly grateful to The Black Heart Foundation for supporting my ambitions for postgraduate study. The Foundation’s generosity has enabled me to study for an MSc in Economics for Development at the University of Oxford. My course seeks to improve policy making for those who need it most, and resonates with many of the same ambitions that the Foundation stands for. It feels really great to be supported by a charity that shares these same values, because their investment serves as belief in my potential to improve the lives of people around the world.

Coming from a state school background, it is rare for students’ education to reach postgraduate level. The fees associated with postgraduate study adds a real barrier, one that confronts your socioeconomic background head on. The Foundation have helped me overcome this barrier, and provided me with a wealth of opportunity through their support. I hope to use my time in postgraduate study to work on policy, striving for better social outcomes and effective international development. My experience with the Foundation has given me a stronger personal investment in working to give young people around the world a better chance at success. I will continue to honour the kindness the Foundation has shown by working towards those very same ambitions that helped me in my time of need.”



“I am honoured and tremendously grateful to be named as a Black Heart Foundation Scholar for 2019-2020.  Whilst I intend to continue supporting myself working part-time, this grant underpins a new-found freedom to embark on upcoming research opportunities, volunteering and the extracurricular activities I enjoy. I am truly humbled to have received the financial support of the Foundation to complete my Medical education; defending my future ambition to deliver high-quality healthcare.

I will be forever indebted to the Black Heart Foundation and extremely thankful for the work that the Foundation strives to achieve; for all that they are doing for me and so many other students who may not have been able to attain any further education without their charity. Without the aid of the Foundation I would have been unable to pay the tuition fees for Medicine. However, this unique scholarship has not only alleviated the financial burden of studying Medicine as a post-graduate, it has confirmed my life-long commitment to the profession. I will endeavour to use my skills and knowledge to help those in my care and justify the confidence that has been installed in me. Ultimately, this investment in my vocational aspiration will empower me to deliver on the Black Heart Foundation’s manifesto as both a doctor and an agent of change. Thank you.”



“I am extremely grateful to The Black Heart Foundation for awarding me this generous scholarship. It’s such a huge relief to my family and I as it means that I can focus on my academics without worrying about my tuition fees. The Committee’s decision to invest in my education has provided me with even greater motivation to excel in my research and use my skills and intellect to contribute to the economic development of my country, Nigeria and the African continent. I am confident that I shall justify every penny invested in my education and my hope is that in the near future I shall be in a position to support other talented young people to pursue their academic aspirations.”



“I would like to express how extremely grateful and privileged I am to be a recipient of a scholarship from The Black Heart Foundation. Ever since I’ve known myself, I’ve had a passion to pursue a career as a Pilot. However, as a young male from a single-parent household in North West London this is often not possible without self-funding your training which can be in excess of £100,000. After years of networking and various flying scholarships, I have been awarded a place on the Aer Lingus Future Pilot Programme which selects and sponsors candidates to train as Commercial Pilots with the airline in Jerez, Spain. The scholarship has relieved the financial burden of Commercial Pilot training which will allow me to solely focus on my 14 months of Air Transport Pilots Licence exams and flying training without the worry of finances which would not have been possible without the immense generosity of the organisation.

Words will never truly express the gratitude I have for The Black Heart Foundation and their support but for as long as I live, I will hold the organisation close to my heart for assisting me in achieving my dream job.”



“No words suffice, nor do justice, to express the immense gratitude, that me and my family have towards The Black Heart Foundation (BHF) for deciding to bestow upon me a full-scholarship award. Without support from BHF, I would have been compelled to fill my weekends with part-time work in order to meet my financial commitments at the University of Oxford. Now, with such a generous provision I have realised an opportunity – an opportunity to spend more time and cognitive energy on further research, to participate in conferences, extensive reading and other activities of self-directed learning. This will prove invaluable for my career advancement as a budding neurosurgeon and neuroscientist. Ultimately, enabling me to work towards improving the quality of lives of patients struck with neurological disease.

In an age steeped in self-interest, seldom does one come across such organisations such as BHF. Through its efforts, I have understood the potential of philanthropy to empower students like me. By believing in me, BHF has not only further bolstered my resolve towards achieving my aspirations, but also instilled in me a realisation of my duty to invest back into societal welfare.”



“I am very happy and grateful for being awarded this scholarship from The Black Heart Foundation because it will immensely change my life and change the quality of my studies at York. This scholarship will allow me to benefit from all of the opportunities that are around me due to the barrier that is coming from a low income background being mitigated. I am excited to go into my second year of Politics at York with the huge weight that was financial struggles being lifted off my shoulders and the belief that The Black Heart Foundation has put in me that will take me to the next level of my journey. I see myself doing a law conversion after my degree and chasing a dream of being a role model in the black community as a stand-out lawyer that will then pave the way for the younger generations coming behind me. Education has allowed me to better my circumstances for myself and my family therefore I find that the work that this foundation does to make education accessible to all with the support and generosity of its trustees to be very important – especially in today’s world which increasingly uncertain for young people.”



“I am so honoured and grateful to The Black Heart Foundation, they have honestly changed my life and made me feel excited for what the future may hold. I am so grateful to them for their faith in me.

I am currently studying Musical Theatre in Birmingham and am really enjoying my course. Musical Theatre has always been a part of my life from when I was young. The potential seen in me by MAMT and now the Foundation means I will be able to complete this fantastic training and hope to go on to be a performer on the West End.

Without the help of The Black Heart Foundation I would not have been able to complete the course that I have always aspired to do. My mum and I work as many hours as we can to cover my tuition fees and with such a full – on timetable it was becoming an increasing struggle to maintain this. With the help of The Black Heart Foundation they’ve alleviated some of the financial pressure and no amount of words will truly express the gratitude I have for this opportunity and for the foundation.”



“I would like to wholeheartedly thank The Black Heart Foundation for awarding me with a generous scholarship to help support my undergraduate education. When discussing renewable energy resources and energy storage in physics class, I was enthralled with intellectual curiosity. The idea behind trying to develop an efficient way to generate and store power while being safe for our environment was something that got my mind buzzing and motivated to learn. This made studying Energy Engineering at Dartmouth College a dream of mine. Thanks to the Black Heart, that dream is possible while easing the substantial financial burden on my family and I. The gift from the foundation reinforces the importance of paying kindness forward, which is a practice I intend to emulate in my own life.”



“I’d like to express my profound gratitude to The Black Heart Foundation for awarding me this scholarship. Without the benefit of this scholarship, I would have to juggle between my studies and working part-time or accept a high-interest personal loan to meet the financial obligations of my postgraduate studies. The scholarship eases my financial burden and will enable me to focus on my academic work and enrich my time as a student at the University of Cambridge.

I would once again like to thank The Black Heart Foundation for their generous support. I am indebted to them for what they are doing for me, and thankful for everything the foundation continues to do, to make things possible for students that would have otherwise thought further studies in higher education was not an option. I hope that through my motivation and willingness to achieve the best results that I can, I will be able to justify the faith that has been shown in me. I look to pay forward this kindness by giving back and supporting others.”



“I cannot put into words how grateful I am to be a Black Heart Foundation scholar for 2019-2020. This scholarship is a true blessing and I am forever grateful to the team for giving me this honour.

I had hesitations about returning back to university after graduating from my undergraduate degree and working full-time. University can be quite expensive especially when it is located straight in Central London. Furthermore, the costs of attaining a further qualification alongside my masters did play on my mind. However, this scholarship has now made it possible for me to go back to university and develop new skills and take on new opportunities that will help me within my career.

I am very thankful to everyone for making this dream a reality for me.”



“Relieved. This is how I now describe myself after having been blessed with the generosity of The Black Heart Foundation. They have provided me with a gift which will allow me to focus on my studies rather than spend my precious time at work. The provision of this scholarship shall allow me to prosper higher by achieving more than the average student in aspects such as partaking in extra-curricular activities, taking extra short courses (such as learning Spanish or UX/UI Design) as well as progressing with my developing business projects. This weight that has been lifted off my shoulders shall inspire a happier and a positive outlook towards my journey at university. I would like to thank The Black Heart Foundation for this opportunity to flourish and I hope to always try to return the favour to people who may struggle financially.”



“I am extremely grateful and humbled to have been awarded the scholarship from The Black Heart Foundation, which will allow me to undergo a Master’s degree in International History, and take advantage of the amazing opportunities offered by the LSE. After finishing undergraduate study, I lacked the confidence in my abilities to be able to take the next step academically, and once I gained that confidence, the financial barriers seemed insurmountable. The support of The Black Heart Foundation means that I will be able to pay my fees without worry, as well as afford the study materials I will need. I really can’t thank the team and the trustees enough for taking the time to understand me as a person, my situation and my goals in depth. I will continue to work and volunteer in community history projects and widening participation schemes, to spread the knowledge and skills which I will gain from the Master’s, and to really pay forward the support which the Foundation has given me, to others who need it.”



“Being a Psychology student, I have always been aware of the impact of concerns about money on students’ wellbeing at university, and so I am extremely pleased to have been relieved of financial constraints by the Black Heart Foundation. Their support will be a crucial first step towards me becoming qualified in Psychology because it will allow me to focus solely on my studies rather than working long hours when I would much rather be working towards my goal of achieving a first.

The application process for this scholarship has taught me an invaluable lesson – that there are genuine, successful people out there who wish to see others flourish. As a direct result of the passion for philanthropy that I have witnessed and the support the Foundation has offered me, I hope that I can one day emulate the Black Heart Foundation by investing in the people around me and nourishing the potential of others.”



“Receiving support from The Black Heart Foundation is an absolute blessing. This Scholarship has meant that I am able to go to University despite not receiving a maintenance loan from the government. For a long time I thought that having moved countries for a better education came to be a waste of my mom’s hard work, since our immigrant status in the UK wouldn’t allow me to go to University regardless due to how expensive it is. However, finding out that I was one of the very lucky recipients of the foundation’s generosity will enable me to go out there and show the world that there’s no unbearable barriers! I am so fortunate and forever grateful to have found an organization that sees the power in individuals like myself. An organization that removes all your worries so that you can devote yourself to do the best possible. The Black Heart Foundation is the epitome of love and compassion because nobody should be denied of learning and growth. This has not only impacted me positively, but my family and our futures. As well as the lives of those I will come to meet on my journey. Due to this Scholarship I can say that I am officially the first to go to University! What can I say but thank you. Thank you for believing in me, sometimes that’s all the motivation you need.”



“I feel very honoured to be a recipient of The Black Heart Foundation and become a Black Heart Scholar. With the help and support of The Black Heart Foundation, they have provided me the chance to achieve a dream of mine as well as others who are part of the foundation. Being a student athlete at university is an incredible opportunity and it has given me  so many amazing experiences that I will never forget. With the assist from the foundation I am able to invest my time and put it to better use which has allowed me to take advantage of the opportunities that university offers.

Becoming a Black Heart Scholar is more than just receiving a scholarship, it creates opportunity to enhance your skills and take them to the next level in your career.

I would like to thank everyone who is part of the foundation for supporting me and making dreams become reality.”



“I feel very fortunate to have received such a generous award from The Black Heart Foundation. Obtaining a University Degree has always been an aspiration of mine, this scholarship will be instrumental towards my academic development as it means that I no longer have to worry about the financial strain of University living costs and can spend more time reading than working. I have worked in retail and office work since I was 16, constantly supporting myself alongside my studies but this is discouraged at Cambridge. I now feel positive about my University journey, and that the opportunities are endless. I very much look forward to paying forward this generosity through being involved in access initiatives whilst at Cambridge, helping those from under representative backgrounds realise that there is a place for them in elite institutions.



“Immense gratitude and appreciation are just a few of the words that explain how I feel about The Black Heart Foundation.

As a care leaver, I face more financial pressure than some as I have to pay for accommodation all year round with no family home to return to. This scholarship means that this immense burden is alleviated which means that I am able to take advantage of every academic and social opportunity I encounter whilst at university.

Often care leavers have quite different experiences at university than their peers, I am so grateful to this foundation as this scholarship means that I can experience university not as a care leaver but just as any other university should. I endeavour to make the absolute most of this amazing opportunity and once again want to thank the foundation for their assistance in enabling me to achieve my dreams.”



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