“It is not easy to put into words how much The Black Heart Foundation Scholarship has done for me. I am honoured to be a recipient of the award; to have the time I’ve spent supporting young athletes reach their potential recognised. I am taking this opportunity to change my career. The funding has enabled me to enrol at Makers Academy, learning best working practices to become a Software Engineer. It is with my greatest and deepest appreciation that I say thank you to everyone at The Black Heart Foundation. I am thankful for the opportunity to grow, not only as a developer, but also as an individual. In particular, I would like to thank Mr R. Lewis for all his words of encouragement. I am honoured to become part of this distinguished group of scholars.”



“I am truly thankful and privileged for the financial assistance The Black Heart Foundation has provided to help alleviate the financial pressures that University has placed on my family and I.

As a result of their generous donation, I have been empowered with the financial freedom to confidently dedicate more time to my studies without feeling restricted and unable to engross myself within my new student environment. Furthermore, I have been able to apply and obtain prestigious internships within London and not have to worry about travel and living costs associated with taking part in these programmes.

Valuable time that would have been spent working to fund my degree is now being utilised effectively, taking advantage of the opportunities available to enrich my future career prospects.

I honestly cannot understate how helpful the bursary has been and I will forever be grateful for the support The Black Heart Foundation has provided.”



“I am truly grateful and honoured to be one of the recipients of The Black Heart Foundation Scholarship. This grant means so much to me, as it has enabled me to continue my education without the pressure that comes with working while studying. This has not only given me the opportunity to work to the best of my abilities, but has also given me the time to explore my passions and interests, helping me to decide what careers I’m interested in. This has allowed me to take steps to pursue it, such as gaining valuable experience in industry and securing a summer internships.

Once again I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to the foundation for helping to open these doors for me and giving me this opportunity to excel.”



“I feel so privileged that The Black Heart Foundation had decided to support me with my studies. Due to their very generous grant, I can now solely focus on my postgraduate education without the financial pressures I was previously encountering. This grant means that I will be able to continue my studies without the pressure that comes with also working full time giving me an opportunity to work to the best of my abilities. It would have been impossible to continue my studies without the grant afforded to me by the foundation and I am extremely grateful that I have been given this opportunity to excel.”



“Ever since I was a little girl I have always loved the power and magic of the movies and knew I wanted a career in the field. I studied hard at college with the aspiration of attending University, but knew it wouldn’t be easy. As the first member of my family to express an interest in University I did feel some resistance and gaining support was a challenge – mainly due to the financial implications and associated financial strain on my family.

The financial bursary offered to me by The Black Heart Foundation will allow me to undertake my studies without the huge financial burden I faced. I will have the freedom to focus solely on my studies and take every opportunity presented to me through my University.

At the end of my three year degree course I hope to pursue a long and successful career in sound, bringing film to life and helping to build emotional connections with audiences around the world. This is an aspiration which would remain just that, an aspiration, without the support of the foundation. I truly believe that for me, the sky is the limit and I will forever be grateful to the foundation for supporting me in achieving my dreams!”



“I am extremely grateful to The Black Heart foundation for awarding me this scholarship. It is a huge blessing to me and my family, as it has taken a lot of financial concerns away about accessing higher education. My mind is now at rest and I can look forward to university with the confidence to pursue my passion for physics and fully integrate myself into student life. This is truly a privilege! I intend to always extend the kindness that you have shown to me and I hope in the near future I can impact somebody’s life as positively as you have impacted my own. The ethos of the foundation has motivated and taught me to give opportunity to those that are short of it.”



“I now have the chance to solely focus on my studies without worrying about finances, giving me greater experience in my area of study. I can now advance my education and develop my knowledge throughout my university degree, to help achieve my goals.

I am extremely grateful to have been granted the support that The Black Heart Foundation has given me. They have allowed me to progress further into my education and expand my knowledge as there are so many more opportunities that I can take advantage of now, without worrying about finances.

With their generous donation I can become more involved in the university, and pursue extra curriculum activities, enhancing my university experience not only academically but also with regards to my vocational interests. I feel honoured to have received their support, giving me the chance to concentrate on my studies without needing to figure out how to fund my living costs. This will enable me to achieve my maximum potential in my course, which I know will help tremendously in the future. Additionally, it will contribute towards my year studying abroad, which is something that I have always wanted to do.

Thankfully, I can now become more involved in university and focus on achieving my career aspirations, as I now have the option to take part in more career events to increase my employability. On top of this, they have helped me be able to build the skills and knowledge required for my degree.

Words cannot express how thankful I am that I have the chance to enjoy being a student, without feeling financially restricted and have the best opportunity to thrive in my studies, to make my dreams a reality.”



“You believed and invested in my dream. Now the future shines a little brighter, while my resolve to make an impact, waxes a little stronger.

Thanks to The Black Heart Foundation, I can complete a stage in my barrister’s training as well as undertake my placement at the United Nations International Residual Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals at The Hague.

Doubtless, without the scholarship, I’d have had to deal with financial strain, which would have made studying the BPTC much harder. Furthermore, because of the generosity of the Foundation, I can comfortably undertake my placement in the Legal Capital of the World, The Hague. There, I shall work with the President of the Mechanism on important international law cases.

I pay tribute to the Foundation for empowering young people like myself. I set out to be a barrister at the age of 14 because I truly believe in the pursuit of justice. Thanks to the Foundation, I am more confident and truly hopeful that the best is yet to come!”



“I feel hugely grateful and honoured to have received a bursary from The Black Heart Foundation. Receiving this support brings huge financial relief and opens up the possibility to carry out what I hope to be impactful research while feeling encouraged and secure. As a PhD student at the University of Oxford, I will be researching geographic representation in the ethics and governance of artificial intelligence, with focus on localising technologies to benefitting marginalised communities. I am grateful to be funded by an organisation which shares my values and goals – The Black Heart Foundation will be a source of inspiration as I continue to cultivate these values and offer my contribution. Receiving vital financial support from the Foundation fundamentally changes the dynamics of my academic work. Working whilst studying for my PhD has been a challenge, and this bursary alleviates my concerns surrounding fees, accommodation, living expenses, fieldwork, etc. and enables me to fully immerse with university life, research projects, activities, as well as integrate with my cohort. As a single parent, my mother has always been determined to educate her daughters to the highest possible level and position us to contribute positively to global society. Financing the cost of my Masters at Harvard even after financial aid was a profound challenge, but I have since been able to assist three more students from the black British community successfully secure places there. It is with immense gratitude that I accept this bursary from The Black Heart Foundation, and commit to pay it forward.”



“Gaining support from The Black Heart Foundation has been life-changing for me. It has allowed me to dedicate a lot more of my time to medical education and has essentially put me level with my peers who are from more advantaged backgrounds. I am able dedicate more of my time to become the best doctor possible in order to improve the lives of others. Furthermore, I am able to participate in university activities which I have not been able to in the past which has enhanced my university experience. I know that I have so much to give to younger students who are in the same position I was in, I want to help them enter the medical profession, but I haven’t been able to. Now, with the help of The Black Heart Foundation I am able to dedicate a portion of my time to also help students who will become the doctors of tomorrow.

I am enormously grateful for the generosity of The Black Heart Foundation. It has made a huge impact on my life and I am taking every opportunity to ensure that it makes an impact on the lives of many others.”



“Words cannot describe how honoured and grateful I am to be a recipient of The Black Heart Foundation Scholarship. The scholarship has completely changed my outlook for the next few years of my degree. Thanks to the scholarship, I can concentrate on and look forward to my studies rather than worrying about my living costs. I have been given the chance to fully pursue my educational interests. At my university, working during term time is highly discouraged, therefore this scholarship is vital as I want to be able to have the same chance as my peers to do well at university.

In the past, I have to turn down amazing opportunities that would have helped my pursuit of a legal career tremendously because of the fact that I had to work part-time alongside my GCSE and A-level studies to support myself. Due to the support of the Black Heart Foundation, I can spend my time outside of university taking on these opportunities which will hopefully put me in a position to make a successful training contract application.”



“I am still a DACA student meaning financial aid is not an option, but I graduated North Shore Community College in May 2018 and transferred to Salem state university. This was all possible because of the generous donation of The Black Heart Foundation. I could not have done it without their help. Thank you very much for supporting me in achieving my goals for the past two years.

Thank you again for all your help. Black heart has not only made an impact in my life, my family as well. We can’t express how much your donation means to us.



“The impact of The Black Heart Foundation has been truly life changing and I am extremely grateful for the financial support that they have provided. Thanks to the generosity of the Foundation I was able to enroll at Makers Academy, an intensive Computer Programming Bootcamp. Completing this rigorous course equipped me with the necessary skills to pursue my vocation of becoming an innovative Software Engineer.

The support of The Black Heart Foundation has both empowered and encouraged me to strive towards my goals by removing the financial barriers that stood before me, The only way I can fully express my gratitude is by making the most of this opportunity and leaving no stone left unturned.”



“I feel tremendously grateful to have received a scholarship from The Black Heart Foundation. This scholarship has helped towards living costs in my final year of medical school. It has also helped to fund my 6-week medical elective trip to West Africa; an experience that is crucial to my personal and professional development as a future doctor.

Without the scholarship, I would have needed to dedicate a large amount of time to fundraising whilst coping with the added stress of my upcoming Final Professional Examinations, Situational Judgement Test, Prescribing Safety Examination and UK Foundation Programme job application. Because of the generosity of the Foundation, I have been relieved of an enormous financial burden. I can now dedicate my time more fully to academic commitments. Additionally, I can also dedicate more time to tutoring younger students and getting involved in some Widening Participation events to help encourage university applications in groups currently underrepresented in higher education.

Upon successful completion of my degree, I will begin an exciting and challenging journey into the field of Medicine; building on the skills and knowledge I have gained to save and improve lives in such a unique way. I am truly thankful to the Foundation in helping me to achieve my dreams.”



“Being raised by a single mother who works at a supermarket and being the first person within my family to go to University, I would have never believed that I would one day have the opportunity to study at a world-leading institution such as the University of Cambridge. The Black Heart Foundation scholarship has allowed me to continue my education as a post-graduate and have the opportunity to produce forefront research into furthering women rights. By removing the financial barriers I faced by covering my course costs, as well as providing me with encouragement to overcome the socio-economic constraints due to my background, the Black Heart Foundation has allowed me to focus on my aspirations in helping other women.

I cannot put into words how grateful I am to everyone at Black Heart Foundation for their generosity and support.”