“I am extremely thankful to the Black Heart team who supported my career aspirations by providing a grant. This allowed me to enroll on an industry leading financial modelling course. The benefit of the grant went beyond simply allowing me to enhance my knowledge, it assisted me in challenging the personal and professional boundaries I had erected in my mind.

A multitude of opportunities have arisen from me embarking on the course. A particular highlight is undertaking pro-bono work in relation to a burgeoning early stage East London start-up in order to help them understand their exit strategy options. Without the course, I would not have had the confidence to offer consultation to a business at a pivotal stage of its development. I can safely say that without the support of the foundation I would have been unable to add value.

I now look forward to the future with a renewed sense of purpose and a wider skillset, most importantly I have learnt to challenge the self – imposed limitations we unknowingly put on ourselves. I extend a heartfelt thanks to the Black Heart team, who have continued to support my aspirations. I look forward to giving back and helping others.”



“With the support of The Black Heart Foundation I have been able to begin a major research project (PhD) looking at the rights of children living in extreme poverty and outside the family home to be heard and consulted on the services they receive. The work is being conducted at Northumbria University Centre for International Development. The maintenance grant I received is the only thing that made it financially possible for me to dedicate the time required to conducting this research, and this in turn has allowed me to pass on opportunities to others. Through doing the research I am trying to uphold The Black Heart Foundations ethos by empowering children from all backgrounds to exercise their rights to be heard and responding to this. I am so grateful to the Black Heart Foundation allowing me to conduct work which not only allows me personally to grow as a researcher and charity worker, but also to contribute to societies understanding of children living in extremely vulnerable circumstances.



“I am most grateful to have been made a recipient of The Black Heart Foundation scholarship. The financial support enabled me to excel in my first year of University without the financial restraints that would have been present without it. When applying to University, I was very anxious about whether I could afford to go. The grant alleviated my worries and doubts and I was able to focus on my studies and thoroughly enjoy my first year at University!

Receiving the grant has given me confidence in achieving my dreams and excelling in my academic studies in ways that I hadn’t imagined were truly possible prior to receiving this financial support. I now have the opportunity to participate in a placement year that is being offered by my course, which will allow me to gain necessary experience in my field, and hopefully strengthen my options in regard to a grad job after I complete my degree. My first year at University was everything I could’ve hoped it would be and more and I am so appreciative for the Black Heart Foundation for making this possible!”