“Without the funding I received from The Black Heart Foundation Scholarship Programme I would not have been able to attend the Acting course at Drama Centre London. I would not be able to take this crucial step on my chosen career path. Therefore my future prospects in the theatre industry have undoubtedly been given a huge boost by the Scholarship Programme.

I am currently approaching the end of my course and I have learnt a lot. I have worked with industry professionals on a daily basis; been taught new techniques and approaches to acting in a supportive and practical environment; I have been able to put new skills into practice, performing regularly throughout the training; and I have worked with some very talented people who I’m sure I will work with again and again during my career. I have also travelled; as part of the course I have trained in Greece and Russia.  I am now a more prepared, knowledgeable and skilled actor than I was prior to the training, and this is thanks to The Black Heart Foundation.

This scholarship has meant that I can pursue a career that, unfortunately, is increasingly closed to those without financial backing. This is particularly so with Postgraduate training. The funding I received has opened this career path to me and I’m sure the programme will continue to open career paths for others in the future.”



“I am sincerely honored and grateful to be a recipient of The Black Heart Scholarship. The award enabled me to pursue a master’s degree at the world-renowned London School of Economics, studying International Health Policy. Having grown up in South-East London as a young black female, surrounded by various issues such as crime, poor educational opportunities and poor housing, I always felt I could change my life with a good education. Pursuing a master’s degree in Health Economics has equipped me with the applied and profound abilities to influence domestic healthcare policies in the future. I am able to focus on the important educational aspects of this experience, as opposed to being distracted by the financial strain.

During my time at the LSE, I have been coached and mentored by key researchers in the international health specialism and exposed to a wealth of exciting opportunities. Because of this scholarship, all the aspirations I hold for myself are ever becoming a reality. This generosity has further inspired me to help others and give back to the community. As well as continued support to the Black Heart cause, I am motivated to help young unprivileged people also achieve their educational goal.”



“The Black Heart Foundation scholarship has helped me in ways difficult to articulate in words. Firstly, I remain wholly grateful for the Foundation’s monetary support, without which I wouldn’t have had the means to enroll on the Legal and Political Theory MA course at UCL. However my gratitude extends beyond just a recognition of the financial support. Whilst obtaining the scholarship, I also attained the warm hand of encouragement imparted upon me via the gracious personnel within the Foundation. One can calculate the fees of the masters, but it is impossible to quantify the added value of having Mr. Ric Lewis and The Black Heart Foundation instill faith into your dreams.

In its immediate context, completing this multi-discipline degree has opened an array of career opportunities. Although my applications are directed towards the private sector (in London and Africa), public policy work and academic research are now also realistic aims.

Finally, it is when I refer to the wider context of the benefits incurred unto me by the grant, that I’m truly moved by the charity of the Foundation. Born into a socially, economically and politically disadvantaged sect of the population, both in terms of race and region, access to legitimate success remains accessible largely through the exclusive door of education only available for the privileged. I’ve undeservedly received such a privileged education and I’m obliged to share it with my community. And so, not only have I acquired this masters, but so have, my family, my friends and my neighbours.”