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In 2013 The Foundation launched The Black Heart Scholarship Programme. The Programme represents the formal development of some of The Foundation’s previous initiatives. The Scholarship Programme awards several annual bursaries to qualified candidates to advance their educational goals and life aspirations.

These awards have enabled the successful candidates to advance their education where they might otherwise not have been able to do so. The process is open to all stages of education from preparatory education to post graduate schooling and the bursaries can be applied to the costs of formal (classroom/school) education or experiential education (field/community).

The Scholarship Programme supports candidates with their educational endeavours primarily in the UK and US but is open to considering work in other education resource limited geographies. The demand for scholarships is high and therefore submissions that are closely aligned to the aims of The Foundation have the highest chance of successful application.

Due to the volume of applications, candidates are reminded that their application must conform to the criteria and that submissions can only be received in electronic or hard copy via the Foundation’s postal address or electronic mailing address.

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To apply to the Black Heart Scholarship Programme, please download and submit an application pack. As part of the application we request a personal summary of no more than 1200 words providing a brief outline of the educational activity for which you seek a scholarship, outlining how the scholarship would align with the aims of The Black Heart Foundation and presenting a clear case of financial need. Take care to complete all of the sections in the application before submitting it via email or post. For further information on completing the application pack please refer to our frequently asked questions (FAQ’s)



The Black Heart
Scholars Programme
The Black Heart Foundation
PO Box 7789
United Kingdom


Please supply any financial statements and supporting financial documentation as part of your application

Applications are accepted twice a year

Cohort 1: Applications will be accepted between 1st March and 18th August. Applicants will be informed of the outcome by 30th September 2023

Cohort 2: Applications will be accepted between 19th August and 31st October. Applicants will be informed of the outcome by the 31st December 2023

We will not be accepting applications between 1st November – 28th February. If you submit an application during this time it will be added to the applications to be reviewed as part of cohort 1

*Please note that only successful candidates will be contacted and all scholarships will be announced on The Black Heart Foundation website.

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MMus Performance, Composition, Jazz and Creative Practice | Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance

“I was on the DLR train after 10pm making my way back from a late rehearsal at music college worrying over the large sum of money I had just taken from my savings to pay the first instalment of my master’s tuition fee. I didn’t know how I would pay the next two instalments when they would be due, since my savings were largely depleted already. Then I got an email from The Black Heart Foundation saying that they had decided to award me, which would cover the rest of my tuition fees for my master’s course, including the money I had just taken from my life savings. I cannot describe the relief and deep gratitude I felt in that moment. Receiving this scholarship has meant I don’t have to feel anxious about how to pay for the rest of my tuition fees, so I can be in a much healthier state of mind to complete the course successfully. I’m very grateful to the Black Heart Foundation for their generosity and support.”


Coding | 01 Founders

“The Black Heart Foundation’s scholarship has not only flung open the first of many doors to success,  but granted me the ability to leap through them and become an arm’s length away from my aspirations. It has lifted me the bleak burden of working extra hours to make ends meet, which would’ve hindered my learning. This ignites a burning flame to fully focus on achieving my qualification and purges any self-doubts in me because the scholarship is evidence of the Black Heart Foundation’s belief in me. Once I finish my course, I want to venture into entrepreneurship: to inspire my community to be ambitious and break the cycle of poverty; to take the ethical and self-respecting lifestyle of commitment, resilience, and discipline; and to be proof that, regardless of a rough environment, we are free to pave our own path. Thank you Black Heart Foundation for giving me this opportunity.


European Social and Political Studies | University College London

“It is so inspiring that the Black Heart foundation believes in me and all the other scholars, and it is difficult to put the impact of this grant into words. I want to say thank you so much to everyone involved in supporting the organisation, because you have helped steer the course of my life for the better. This scholarship will be vital in helping me excel in this exciting course and university. Moreover, it will relieve my family and help secure my future without additional financial pressure. I am very grateful, and I will do my best to work hard and give back in light of the generosity I have received.”


MMus Programmes in Music | Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama 

“I had to re-read the email confirming my scholarship from the Black Heart Foundation several times before it really sunk in! I am so incredibly grateful to them for providing me with a scholarship which will support me in my MMus studies in piano performance at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama (RWCMD). I have worked incredibly hard to get to where I am, including having many part time jobs while studying for my BMus (Hons) degree at RWCMD. This scholarship will massively alleviate the stress that comes with working and studying simultaneously. This scholarship allows me to take more time to focus on my studies and will allow me to take many more opportunities at RWCMD. I no longer have to fund my MMus solely by myself and I will be forever grateful to the Black Heart Foundation for their support.”


Law | University of York

“I cannot express how grateful I am to the black heart foundation for this scholarship. It’s been a dream of mine for years to study law at university so for this dream to finally be coming true feels incredible. Thanks to the black heart foundation I will be able to study law at the university of York to begin my journey into the legal industry. As I’m from London, travelling back and forth from London to York can be expensive and this put with the numerous student expenditures can add up and cause a huge financial burden. This scholarship will aid me in focusing on my education as my finances will no longer be a problem. I will be forever grateful.


BMBS (Intercalation in Medical Sciences with Neuroscience) | Plymouth University and Imperial College London

“Coming from a low socio-economic background, I have always had concerns at the back of my mind over financing my medical degree. Government funding, savings from part-time work, and support from my amazing, hard-working parents have made the past four years manageable. However, changes to funding for my final two years, including intercalating in London, meant I was facing an overwhelming deficit that drove me to search for other sources of financial assistance. I applied for the Black Heart Scholarship with little expectation of success due to the large volume of applicants. Finding out I have been granted the scholarship and sharing the exciting news with my parents was one of many highlights during this journey so far and has lifted an enormous burden off our shoulders. I no longer have to worry about working to save up or the pressure on my parents to contribute towards my expenses – instead, I can look forward to enjoying and making the most of my final two years of medical school. I am keen on pursuing psychiatry as a career, helping people with mental illness manage their symptoms and live as happy and fulfilled a life as possible. Additionally, I am eager to contribute to efforts to dismantle the stigma towards mental illness within Black communities and aid with tackling inequalities in access to mental health services.”


Economic and Social History | University of Cambridge

“Words are unable to describe my immense gratitude and deep appreciation to the Black Heart Foundation for the scholarship that I have received. This scholarship will enable me to focus solely on my master’s at Cambridge, without having to worry about the financial burden of funding my course. The Black Heart Foundation recognises that financial restrictions should not be a barrier for a young person looking to achieve their dreams and pursue their passions. I am so proud to now be part of an organisation that cares deeply about supporting disadvantaged young people. It’s because of organisations like the Black Heart Foundation that ambitious young people see only the sky as the limit, can become successful and ultimately give back to their own community. I am now determined more than ever to work hard and complete my master’s, emulate the values of the Black Heart Foundation, and join a distinguished group of scholars. I will do my upmost to support future scholars and see other young people achieve their goals.”


MSc Advanced Control and Systems Engineering | University of Sheffield

“Before hearing the news about my successful application for the Black Heart Foundation Scholarship, I was planning on working full-time at a warehouse a few hours away from where I live, as I have been doing over the summer holiday. This would have been difficult to balance along with my academic commitments and extra-curricular activities. The Black Heart Foundation has gifted me generously and has also given me a boost in confidence regardless of setbacks in my life. The impact this will have on me will be great and I aim to use this opportunity to ultimately achieve academic success, to start participating in activities that contribute to my goals and to aim higher. I have expressed my passion in developing medical devices and systems in my application and the need for certain skills in order to make state of the art technologies in this field. This is what drives me to complete my masters course and I am enthused by the idea that the trustees at the Black Heart Foundation see this aligning with their values.


Computer Science | University of Warwick

“I am so grateful and honoured to be awarded the Black Heart Foundation Scholarship. When I saw the email on my phone that I will be a recipient of the scholarship it felt surreal. Coming from a low income family, my parents are unable to help financially and I found myself stressed over tight budgets which I could tell had been affecting myself both mentally and physically. This scholarship alleviates my financial burdens and allows me to focus on studies instead of whether I have enough money to get through the year or not. The generosity of the Black Heart Foundation has inspired me and reminded me of my ambitions, and to be a part of this community brings me a drive to push forward and prove that provided with the right resources, all can achieve regardless of background. Thank you Black Heart Foundation for awarding me the scholarship and helping out countless other students who are in the same situation as myself.”


Holistic Health Coaching | Academy of Healing Nutrition

“Words cannot express my gratitude to the Blackheart Foundation for investing in me with a scholarship. This allows me to continue on my professional career in becoming a naturopath. Living in a financially disadvantaged area has meant that employment opportunities are very limited and furthermore, living in an area where tourism is the main industry, is an added burden if you are not interested in that industry. Therefore, it has taken many years of financial struggling and working in minimum wage jobs that I finally accepted some help.  Now I can feel proud that I am improving my life and able to move to a more lucrative area in the future without worrying about mounting dept accumulating through adult education and thus pinning me to an unhappy familiarity. Thank you, Blackheart Foundation, for giving me scholarship funding. This is not just convenient or even lucky, this is life changing for me.”


MSc Applied Mathematics | Imperial College London

“I am extremely grateful to have been awarded the scholarship from the Black Heart Foundation. Postgraduate masters study in London is exceptionally difficult for people from working class backgrounds. The Scholarship will allow me to focus all my time and energy into my studies, giving me the best chance possible for my future ambition as an academic researcher in mathematics. As well as giving me more time to study, the Scholarship will allow me to attend networking events at Imperial College that include inspirational lectures from some of the leading mathematicians in the world. Not only has the scholarship given me the financial stability to complete my course, but it has given me inspiration to continue working hard. The master’s in applied mathematics will give me the best training possible for a PhD and research career, where I hope to solve some of the most important problems we face in the world.  I cannot thank the Black Heart Foundation enough for investing in my ambitions, and I am proud to be part of the community.


MMus Music and Orchestral Performance | Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama

“Receiving the news that the Black Heart Foundation wanted to support me through their scholarship was a truly emotional and moving moment. Securing a scholarship is lifechanging for me as it means I am able to complete my postgraduate degree at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama and become the flautist and musician I could only dream of being. Previously, I was unable to finance my studies but I felt the work I was called to do was so valuable. I believe community-led music-making is an extremely powerful educational and social resource for children and their families. This scholarship will enable me to train and re-invest my training to affect positive changes in the lives of children who do not currently have access to such community resources. My hope is that I am able to work to remove some of the barriers young people face and challenge the lack of inclusive, equal and present learning facilities within their local areas. I am proud and privileged to have been chosen as a scholar by the Black Heart Foundation and I hope to embody their values in all that I do. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to follow this path and investing in me as an individual. I feel renewed and empowered knowing my hopes and dreams can now be realised and have the possibility of positively impacting the lives of others.”


PGCE | Goldsmiths

“Words cannot say the gratitude I feel towards the black heart foundation for the scholarship I have received. What I can do is dedicate my career as an educator and my future actions to work towards the same goals as The Black Heart Foundation of breaking down the barrier’s children and young adults face in education. I want all our future generations of children to be able to prosper. Forging meaningful connections with my students I want to ensure no child feels option-less or isolated. No child should suffer alone or have their schooling affected. I want to be an advocate for all my future students; to be the guidance that I didn’t have.”


BSc Biomedical Science | University of Warwick

“I want to give thanks to The Black Heart foundation for supporting me on my journey of succeeding in my endeavours. This financial support alleviates the pressure that was once on me to find a source of income whilst studying, now I can fully focus on my education without having any financial limitations. This is an opportunity that I will grasp with both hands and show that my success will not only be through my determination and hard work, but also through the help of others such as The Black Heart Foundation.


Computer Science | University of Nottingham

“I am truly grateful to the Black Heart Foundation for this opportunity. I cannot fully express the drastic effect in words that being the recipient of a Black Heart Foundation scholarship will have on my student life. The benefit that the Black Heart Foundation scholarship has for people in struggling backgrounds is remarkable. Coming from a large family, financial struggles that would sometimes impact my own education were not uncommon, which often meant that educational achievement seemed limited due to lack of resources. I have always considered education as one of the most important things in my life, as I have believed it to be at the forefront of the steps that I would need to take in order to pursue my dream career. However, with this scholarship I will be able to fully immerse myself within my studies, extracurriculars and placements without having to worry about financial limitations. The unselfishness of the Black Heart Foundation with this scholarship has motivated me even further to achieve my aspirations and make the most out of this opportunity. I am much obliged to the Foundation for this generous investment to me and my education, and I look forward to the day I am able to have a powerful positive influence on people on the level that is exhibited by the Foundation. Thank you.”


Biology | Open University

“It’s hard to put into words how grateful I am to receive this life-changing scholarship from the Black Heart Foundation and what it means to me. I had to read the acceptance email several times before I could really believe it! Firstly, the award has significantly eased my financial pressures, clearing a pathway to completing my degree and putting my aspirations back on the table. Secondly, I have been inspired by the work of the foundation and the stories of the other members of the community–their energy will fill me with motivation along my journey! Truly, I would like to thank the trustees and all at the foundation for giving me this amazing opportunity.”


Sport and Exercise Science

“I am very grateful for the opportunity The Black Heart Foundation have given me as it will help get world class training alongside education. This gives me the best chance of making it as professional cyclist, which is almost unheard for someone from my background. There is a significant lack of diversity in professional cycling and my goal is to change that and the help from The Black Heart Foundation will allow me to achieve this.”


Master of Research Conservation Biology | University of Sussex

“I am overwhelmingly grateful for receiving a scholarship from The Black Heart Foundation. I was the first person in my family to have the opportunity to attend university and I have really struggled financially. Student finance allowed me to finish my undergraduate degree. However, it did not cover many living costs, and the funding decreases further at postgraduate level. I will now be able to cover the costs of books, stationery, field equipment and outdoor clothing. This scholarship honestly means a lot to me and it has taken a huge weight off my shoulders. I hope to continue studying at postgraduate level and my career aspiration is to become a researcher. Receiving this scholarship has given me hope that I might be able to achieve my dream. Thank you!”


MA Politics, Government and Public Policy | University of Sheffield

“I am extremely grateful to be a 2021-22 Black Heart Foundation Scholarship recipient. Starting my master’s degree as a single parent looked very daunting with trying to balance my life between being a parent, a full-time student and running a house. Receiving this scholarship has taken the financial pressure off my family and has allowed me to have space in my already busy schedule to focus on pursuing my dreams. I cannot thank this organisation enough. This means so much to me and my family.”


Coding | 01 Founders

“I am more than grateful for being presented with this Scholarship from the Black Heart Foundation. It has given me such relief, knowing I’ll be able to study with peace of mind knowing that I will be financially stable. This grant has given me the opportunity to further contribute to my knowledge in programming, by engaging in extra online courses to help further my understanding. I truly appreciate your support, and I’m thankful for this opportunity allowing me to be a step closer to achieving my career goals, I’m excited for my future, eventually becoming an expert-professional in my field.”


MS Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies | University of Oxford

“I am so incredibly grateful to The Black Heart Foundation for all their generous support, without which I would not have been able to pursue my dream of studying Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Oxford. I was getting very worried about how I would fund my masters; I’d had to take time off work for my health, however I’d been reliant on working for a year to pay for my studies. When I found out my application to The Black Heart Foundation had been successful, I felt such a huge sense of relief. I’m now able to devote all my attention to my studies, and I wish to thank everyone at The Black Heart Foundation for this amazing opportunity.


MSc Sociology | University of Oxford

“I can’t begin to put into words how thankful I am to be a recipient of the Black Heart Foundation Scholarship Programme. As a first-generation university student from underprivileged and working-class backgrounds, I never dreamt that my offer to study MSc in Sociology at Oxford would ever become a reality. I was moments away from rejecting my place when I received life-changing news from the foundation that has transformed the entire trajectory of my life and my future. Undoubtedly, this scholarship has removed all of the financial barriers and obstacles that usually interrupt my academic progress, providing me with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to pursue my dreams and ambitions at the University of Oxford with no financial burdens holding me back. After completing my degree, I intend to dedicate my life to helping others by fighting for global social change and justice through sociological research and humanitarian action. In the far future, I hope I can help many others like myself from poorer social backgrounds and ultimately give back to this amazing foundation that has helped me pursue my dreams at Oxford. The foundation has made the impossible possible for me. I am eternally grateful to have been awarded this life-changing scholarship and so incredibly honoured to be a Black Heart Foundation scholar.”


BSc Biotechnology with Entrepreneurship | University of Manchester

“It is with honour and delight that I receive the privilege of calling myself a Black Heart Scholar. The value of an education was instilled in me at a very young age at home and consolidated throughout my schooling by passionate teachers who nurture belief in children whatever their backgrounds. The Trustees of the Black Heart Foundation have decided to invest in me financially and in doing so, have expressed their belief in my potential, which is a truly, special feeling.  These funds will completely remove the financial barriers that had threatened to reduce my degree prospects and future plans. This award also bestows a sense of choice, control and security to all my future endeavours. Too often the financial constraints of studying at higher level institutions, prevent capable students from achieving their potential. The Black Heart Foundation provides vital support to its scholars, and I am thrilled and humbled to be one of them. I also have enduring gratitude for every, single sponsor who generously donated to this fund. I hope that my experience will inspire students with talent, ambition and dedication, especially those from Northern Ireland, to seek greater opportunities, apply for funding and not to limit their future aspirations.”


MSc Marketing | University of Birmingham

“Words cannot express how truly grateful I am to be a recipient of The Black Heart Foundation scholarship. The scholarship has relieved all the financial pressures of completing my MSc degree in Marketing. The scholarship will not only assist me in financing my degree, but it will also allow me to devote more time to extracurricular activities and fully immerse myself in my postgraduate studies. A career in marketing will allow me to make a difference as a woman, and help to portray women as smart, beautiful and powerful. We live in a society where women are constantly being struck with obstacles such as outdated gender norms, unrealistic body images and many others. The dissatisfaction it can causes can have a detrimental impact on a young woman and therefore I plan to help make a difference by advocate for younger girls trying to educate and better themselves; which this scholarship will able me to do by helping to fund my master’s degree. Thank you again to the foundation for the confidence and support in help me to achieve my goals.”


Dphil Psychiatry | University of Oxford

“I cannot thank the Black Heart Foundation enough for their generous support throughout my studies. The foundation does incredible work in helping individuals from under-privileged backgrounds find hope anew through education and support.  I am proud to receive support a foundation that does such incredibly meaningful work. Their generous support will help me throughout my psychiatric/psychopharmacological research; to assist in the pursuit of novel, safe approaches to help individuals with mental health difficulties, young and old, during these very difficult times. It is only through the generous support of the foundation that I am able work hard, free of financial worry, producing work that I believe will make a meaningful difference to peoples’ lives. Thank you once again to the Black Heart Foundation.”


BA Professional Dance and Musical Theatre | University of Greenwich

“I cannot express how grateful I am to have been selected as a scholar on the Black Heart Foundation’s scholarship programme! This scholarship will lessen the financial burden associated with university and I am thrilled that I will be able to fully immerse myself in my degree, without the worry of financial constraints. I was elated when my place was confirmed to study at Bird College, Conservatoire for Dance and Musical Theatre. However, coming from a working class, low socio-economic background, I had concerns about whether I’d be able to afford the associated costs that come with studying a Musical Theatre degree – a degree that is known for having a high proportion of students from high socio-economic backgrounds. Thanks to the generosity and support of the Black Heart Foundation trustees, I will not have to worry about my financial situation inhibiting my ability to participate in my degree and the associated activities (such as shows and additional classes) which will enhance my university experience. Going into the Performing Arts industry is extremely competitive, hence why establishing strong foundations is imperative to have the best chance of being successful in the industry. I am so privileged to be able to attend one of the best Musical Theatre schools in the country and I know that this training will be invaluable for my future. Thank you to the Black Heart Foundation for helping me turn my dream into a reality, I am so grateful for their generosity.”


BA Law | Universtiy of Cambridge

“It is an immense privilege to have been chosen as one of the scholars on the Black Heart Foundation Scholarship programme! I cannot express my gratitude to the trustees for believing in me and investing in my future through this generous scholarship. My parents and family have always encouraged me to enhance my academic potential by pursuing higher education. When I applied and subsequently got a place to study Law at the University of Cambridge, my family and I were absolutely elated that I would have the opportunity to learn from world-class academics in an intellectually stimulating environment. However, it wasn’t long before I became aware of the immense costs that are associated with going to university – such costs that my family didn’t have the means to cover. At one point it seemed unlikely that my twin sister and I would both be able to start our undergraduate degrees at the same time, due to the financial burden it would have created for our family. However, The Black Heart Foundation has helped make our dreams of university a reality and I am extremely thankful for their kindness and financial support, from the bottom of my heart. It is an honour to be involved with an organisation that is actively working to make education accessible to students form low socio-economic backgrounds. Whilst I am at university, I hope to work on increasing accessibility to universities such as Cambridge, to students from low socio-economic and underrepresented backgrounds.”


Master of Business Administration | University of Oxford

“I can’t express how grateful I am to the Black Heart Foundation for this grant: It truly means the difference between me realising my goals this year, and missing them. My journey to this point has taken me through some of the most deprived regions in the world, but everywhere I have seen the power of social enterprise to drive positive social change. I am determined to use this incredible opportunity to explore how businesses, governments and society can work together to improve the world around us in a sustainable and meaningful way. I cannot say it enough, thank you to everyone at the Black Heart Foundation for supporting me in my next chapter: I am excited to pay this generous gift forwards!”


BA Social Work | Greenwich University

“I had so many obstacles standing in my way of completing my degree and as much as I was worried, I took the opportunity to research ways to resolve these obstacles. I found out about the Black Heart Foundation online and decided to apply, and even though I was a mature student I was determined to give it my all. To my amazement I was one of those chosen to receive a scholarship and I cannot begin to express my gratitude and appreciation. The Black Heart Foundation has made a world of difference to my life as I do not have to worry about the financial aspect of my academic commitment and can focus on my education. Thank you to the Black Heart Foundation, for the work you do and your contribution to society in general and to me particularly. I am forever grateful to you.”


Law | University of Lincoln

“Words will not describe how truly overwhelmed and joyful I am to be given a wonderful opportunity! Studying Law at the University of Lincoln with this bursary has allowed to invest and engage time into my studies and to achieve my full potential without worrying about issues which would make grades deteriorate. My ambitions are no longer restricted and my dream of studying Law has come true. I hope many others are inspired to take opportunities like this and to be grateful for this opportunity. I am truly in awe and thankful and applying  is one of the best decisions I could’ve made! I’m also grateful to be given this grant in the midst of a time where people are struggling losing jobs because of covid and where money is certainly tight. Again I cannot thank the Black Heart Foundation enough! I hope with this bursary I can follow in the footpath that I always intended to walk on and to make my family which have given up everything for me, proud. This is truly a rewarding experience and I am on a journey to fulfil the core beliefs of the Black heart Foundation.


Arts Management, Policy and Practice | University of Manchester

“I am so grateful to be a recipient of a Black Heart Foundation scholarship. This is such an amazing opportunity which will not only ease financial stress during my studies but will allow me to focus on my master’s degree and my future. This is important to me as I hope to use the knowledge and skills, I gain from my degree to empower and encourage young people from similar backgrounds to myself, and help them develop the skills to take charge of their own futures. The Black Heart Foundation is an amazing organisation that are knocking down barriers for so many people who facing various difficulties at different stages of their education. I would encourage anyone in need of support during their studies to find out more about the work they do and how they can help. Everyone deserves to dream big and achieve.”


MA Musical Theatre | Royal Academy of Music

“The generous financial support of The Black Heart Foundation has allowed me to train at this incredible, world renowned institution. The Royal Academy of Music is a truly incredible school. Walking through the corridors of the beautiful historical buildings I am always surrounded by music and world class talent. The Academy provides not just wonderful training but exposure to leading directors, choreographers and musical directors. I am so happy that The Black Heart Foundation are choosing to support young people like myself, who are perusing a career in the Arts – particularly as it is a sector that has suffered severely at the hands of the COVID-19 Pandemic.”


Coding | 01 Founders

“I am extremely grateful, honored and thankful to be given a scholarship from the Black Heart Foundation to change and improve my life.  After having a hard time over the last part of my life it is such a good feeling that I can have an opportunity like the one the Black Heart Foundation has afforded me to better myself and continue with a subject that I enjoy.  I became interested in coding when my brother introduced me to it when I was 8 years old and saw this opportunity as a way to honor his memory.  Having this scholarship means I can focus my time and energy on my education without worrying about the financial burden that full time education comes with.  I am in awe of the foundation’s generosity and for believing not only in me but in me but other people.  I will always be extremely grateful to the Black Heart Foundation for believing in me and my future and helping me improve my quality of life.


MA Music Performance | Royal Academy of Music

“While taking a gap year to work and save up for my dream of studying a Postgraduate in Vocal and Opera Studies at a leading UK music conservatoire, like most artists, I was hit by the pandemic and the financial challenges it brought. When I first encountered the Black Heart Foundation, I couldn’t help but admire the core values and work of this inspirational charity, and found that they very much aligned with my own. I followed my instinct and applied for the scholarship. When I received the email with the incredible news that I will be a BHF scholar I felt an overwhelming sense of joy, achievement and relief. After spending every day for 7 months relentlessly applying for funding, I realised that someone out there believed in me and could see my potential. This proves that commitment to one’s passion shines through, even if one is from a low-income background and that with some help, everything is possible. This generous scholarship will make my dream of studying at the Royal Academy of Music a far more enjoyable and productive experience, alleviating much financial pressure, allowing me to grow as an artist and share the magic of live music with audiences. I hope that in the future I can give back to the Foundation some of the kindness and support it has shown me.”


MPH Public Health | King’s College London

“I am elated to be awarded this opportunity by the Black Heart Foundation to study Public Health and King’s College London. In the past I have worked part-time alongside studying. Now I intend to do things differently which has been made possible by the Black Heart foundation. Being awarded this scholarship has enabled me to achieve my academic aspirations. I am excited to see how further education can enable me to improve peoples health outcomes, and I am happy this scholarship will empower me to be a part of this change. This will also make a huge difference to my career and life. The whole process has been straight forward and support was easily available when needed. I look forward to progress in my career and improving healthcare in the UK.”


MSc Migration Studies | University of Oxford

“I feel truly honoured to have been awarded a Black Heart Foundation scholarship. Studying for a masters at one of the best universities in the world is something I never expected I would get the chance to do, but the course fees and living costs associated with studying at Oxford left me feeling anxious rather than excited about the prospect of starting my course. The funding from the scholarship has allowed me to properly dedicate myself to my master’s degree without having to juggle additional jobs on top of my studies, and I am incredibly grateful to the Black Heart Foundation for allowing me this freedom to pursue my educational goals. I hope to be able to use the opportunities I have been given to encourage and support other marginalised young people to aim high, and break down the barriers to entry into elite institutions.


LLB Bachelor of Law | London School of Economics and Political Science

“I am extremely grateful and humbled by the Foundation’s decision to make me a Black Heart Scholar. Studying the LLB Bachelor of Laws at the London School of Economics and Political Science was not only the dream at sixth form, but an expensive one. And this is where the Black Heart Foundation came in: at first, I was unsure whether to apply but after taking the leap, I can confirm that it was one of the best decisions I could have ever made. Making ends meet in London was already proven to be a difficult task, but given my personal circumstances, there were only more obstacles in my way. And so, that is to say that the Black Heart Foundation has not only allowed me to fully immerse myself in my undergraduate degree without financial burden, but I also revel in the fact that it comes from an organisation which aims to help underrepresented people in many different facets – something in which underpins the reason I chose to study Law in the first place.”


DPhil Politics | University of Oxford

“This time last year, in the teeth of winter and the grip of the pandemic, I was unsure whether I would even be able to start my studies. The last eighteen months have been tough on all of us, many more than others, and so I know how lucky I am to get this scholarship. It really does mean the difference between finishing and not finishing this degree. It will also make everyday life a lot easier for me, let me buy books, travel to meet interviewees for my research, and take on less work to pay my way. To be awarded something like this from an organisation which shares so much of what I believe and whose work and passion I truly admire means so much more to me. I hope my research into local identities in the UK will also be important to what the foundation does, touching on community life, poverty, disadvantage, schools, health and the built environment. When it’s done, I am sure it will reveal far less about what divides us than what binds us together.”


Independent Boarding School

“I am very grateful to receive this opportunity.  The Black Heart Foundation Scholarship has enabled me to attend an independent boarding school that I would not otherwise have been able to attend.  This opportunity will expand my horizons on a much greater level than I ever though could be possible and I intend to make full use of the resources granted to me. Through this I hope to achieve an excellent education and go on to university to follow a humanities course which will open doors to a wide varied of possibilities. I would like to thank The Black Heart Foundation trustees for having faith in my abilities and investing in my future.


Politics and History | London School of Economics and Political Science

“Receiving support from The Black Heart Foundation has been life-changing not only given my working-class background but also the way in which my family was impacted harshly by the Covid-19 pandemic. Without the scholarship, my time at university would have been burdened by overdrafts, part-time work and the growing expenses of renting privately within London. It is for the alleviation of these forms of stress that I thank the Foundation wholeheartedly for continuing to spread good in the world and ensuring that access to a good quality education is available to all. Thankfully, I am now in a position to pursue my academic passions with the fullest determination and rigour. I hope that one day in the future I am also able to help others as generously as the Foundation has helped me today. In a world emerging from Covid, goodwill, charity and a helping hand are important ideals our society should champion through organisations such as The Black Heart Foundation.”


MSc Criminal Justice| London School of Economics and Political Science

“I am incredibly excited to be studying the inner workings of the justice system, and how it engages with young people. Funding from the Black Heart Foundation will be an invaluable resource to me this year. The grant will support me with my tuition fees and help me afford the high costs of studying in London. Without support from the foundation, I would not have the ability to fund my postgraduate studies. The generous funding from the foundation also means that I can spend my free time engaging in extracurricular activities such as mentoring and debating, thus, allowing me to take full advantage of the opportunities my university has to offer. Thank you to the Black Hear Foundation for believing me. I am honoured to represent the foundation next to the many talented people the foundation has supported.”


University for the Creative Arts  |  Business and Management for the Creative Industries

“Having support from the Black Heart Foundation will make a significant difference to not only my master’s degree but also to my future career. The funding from the BHF means that I can complete my master’s degree and use that knowledge to further develop my ethical, artisanal fashion business. I am extremely grateful that the BHF is making it possible to complete my studies, but I am even more grateful that they can see how my career plans align with their values of diversity, community and a better future. Engaging with like-minded people that want to help others and make our world a kinder place gives me hope and motivation to continue perusing my goals. I am more determined than ever to help create a more sustainable, ethical fashion industry, especially for all the artisans that often see the worst side of the industry.”


University of Essex | Economics

“I want to give thanks to The Black Heart Foundation for supporting me on my educational journey. It is impossible to describe in words the impact this scholarship has on my future. I used to work two part-time jobs while striving for academic and professional excellence, and my financial struggles presented an enormous obstacle. The scholarship allowed me to focus on my studies, as well as create an impact through leading a social enterprise and providing career coaching to younger students. I would like to extend my gratitude to all donors and trustees of the Foundation – without them, it wouldn’t have been possible to pursue my dreams.”


University of Kent  |  BSc Management

“I feel extremely privileged, fortunate and blessed to be a recipient of the Black Heart Foundation Scholarship Receiving the scholarship will help to alleviate the financial stress I have endured throughout my university journey. I feel a weight lifted of my shoulders knowing that with the financial support I will be able to study and put all my focus into my final year with the peace of mind that I will be financially stable This will give me more time to do extra-curricular activities that I was unable to do before. The Foundation decision to believe and invest in me and my education has provided me with even greater motivation to excel in my studies and pursue my desired career following graduation.  

I aspire to emulate some of the core values of The Black Heart Foundation, and I aim to be in a situation whereby I can give back and support people from disadvantaged backgrounds to realise their potential and succeed in life despite any obstacle and hardships. I am truly honoured and am forever grateful for being a Black Heart Foundation scholar.”


Imperial College London | Mres Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

“I am grateful to Black Heart Foundation awarding me a scholarship, that has directly paid off the remainder of my masters tuition fees. I am looking forward to studying without the burden of raising money to pay off tuition fees. Thank you BHF for all that you do, not just for me, but for other students as well!”


City University of London  |  Mechanical Engineering

“To have a dream and want to pursue it can be very difficult especially when facing financial constraints. To have the black heart foundation who believe in you and your dream through providing a grant has been a blessing. I have been stressed due to high expenses and struggling to find a solution but once I received the letter explaining that I have been awarded a grant, I was more than overjoyed and relieved. The grant will definitely rid me of the financial struggle I have been facing and allow me to focus solely on my studies. I thank everyone at the black heart foundation for choosing me and supporting my venture throughout university. I am truly appreciative for this opportunity, and I will work hard to make everybody proud.”


University of Birmingham  |  Pharmacy

“I can’t fully express my appreciation and gratitude for the foundation and all their work. The award has provided me with peace of mind and has lifted an immense weight off my shoulders. I can now continue my course without added financial pressures and allow me to reach my full potential. When I applied, I was worried I would not be accepted due to the large number of applicants per year, but I was delighted to receive my acceptance email just after the New Year. I want to be a source of hope for others that your current situation can and will improve. I have always been encouraged to follow my dreams and aim high; this scholarship will help me to do this. I am inspired by the Black Heart Foundation and hope that one day I can contribute to the initiative of this foundation. Thank you so much!”


National Film and TV School  |  Film and TV

“I am immensely grateful to the Black Heart Foundation for granting me this scholarship. To be recognised and supported by such a remarkable organisation is a huge honour I will forever hold in my heart with pride. Being a student at a top institution for my craft is in itself an incredibly life-changing opportunity but receiving this award has gifted me the privilege to be fully immersed in the full-time experience without the substantial financial strain it comes with. I can now approach the final year of my MA with the focus and wellbeing needed to benefit from such a pivotal, career-defining opportunity. Just as the Black Heart Foundation has generously contributed to many lives, my dream is to not only impact others positively through the stories I tell on screen, but to also invest in those in need of support to achieve success in the Film and TV industry. Thank you, Black Heart Foundation, for being a significant spring in this major step towards achieving my vision.”


London Academy for Music and Dramatic Arts  |  Acting

“My name is Francesca, I’m 29 and I’m an actor. I was offered a place to train at LAMDA last year on the Masters in Classical Acting and for context, the first time I auditioned there I was 18 and I’ll be 30 by the time I graduate so you can imagine my reaction when I finally received the ‘yes’ I’d dreamt of for over a third of my life.

LAMDA is one of the best drama schools in the world and this course is one of the only ones like it that specialises in classical texts like Shakespeare- which is my favourite thing in the world but funding my place has been incredibly hard. I crowd funded, I received a postgrad loan and it still wasn’t enough to ensure I could train there. The generosity of the Black Heart Foundation has enabled me to pursue my dream, and to be able to do so without the financial burden of fees on top of the extortionate cost of living in London.

This course is the most physically and emotionally demanding thing I’ve ever done in my life and it’s such a privilege to wake up everyday, do what I love, and know that I’m in the best possible place to launch my career. I quite literally wouldn’t be sat here in this studio without their support and I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me.”


Birkbeck University of London  |  Psychology for Education

“No words can truly encapsulate and articulate how grateful I am to the Black Heart Foundation for choosing me to be the recipient of their incredible scholarship. I feel honored and privileged. I am now able to immerse myself in my studies without the financial burden that used to limit me. When I embarked on my journey of attaining my degree, I knew I did not want to take the student loan because it contained interest – which is impermissible in my religion. I did not want to compromise my religion, but I also did not want to give up on my dream of completing my degree and working with children. So, I did one of the hardest things I had ever had to do, I did both. I worked full time and attended university part time; it was very difficult emotionally, mentally and physically but I knew it was worth the sacrifice. When my friend told me about the Black Heart Foundation, I was so amazed and so hopeful. I prayed and applied. Receiving the congratulatory email made my year, I could not believe it, and I will be eternally grateful to the Black Heart Foundation.”


Queen Mary University  |  Psychology

“I am eternally grateful for all of the open doors and opportunities the Black Hearts Foundation has provided me with, it is such an immense privilege to be chosen as a scholar! It has made me completing my last two years of University not only possible, but achievable, as I can finally grab onto the chance and not have to let it slip through my fingers. Without the burden of financial strain and uncertainty, I can finally put all of my focus on achieving my aspirations. Thank you, to the Black Hearts Foundation for this lifechanging opportunity.”


UWE Bristol  |  Software engineering for business

“I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the Black Heart Foundation for honouring me with this scholarship. I am truly delighted to receive this support that allows me to complete my Software Engineering for Business course without financial uncertainties that would affect my academic performance and university experience.

As a self-supporting mature student, studying at university meant that I would have to return to my previous hospitality job in order to generate funds for living costs along with completing my full-time course in higher education. Fulfilling my potential in academia is my major goal and I am convinced that returning to employment would compromise my efforts to achieve this.  

Being a Black Heart Foundation scholar allows me to not be distracted by trying to cover my living costs during my course and to focus only on my progression with my studies.

I will never be able to thank the Black Heart Foundation enough for providing me with this opportunity.  I am truly grateful to the foundation for recognizing the struggle of students without any financial support and I would like to thank the trustees for selecting me as a worthy candidate.”


University of East Anglia  |  Psychology

“As I type this testimonial, I am still in complete disbelief that I have been awarded a scholarship by the Black Heart Foundation. As a first-generation immigrant from a working-class background, navigating the financial costs associated with higher education can be very daunting and turn what is meant to be a positive educational experience into a rather stressful one. This scholarship will allow me to have a positive higher education experience as I will not have to constantly worry about my finances. More specifically, I will be able to focus solely on my studies and work towards my goal of achieving a first. I will also have the opportunity to complete valuable voluntary work which will not only enable me to gain key skills but also support under-represented communities. Having the chance to focus on my studies and complete valuable voluntary work will increase my chances of securing a job after university as the job market for my degree is extremely competitive. I will forever be grateful to the Black Heart Foundation for their generosity and support. I will continue to work hard to achieve my academic and professional goals so that I can make a positive difference to society and uphold the Foundation’s values.”


University of Bristol   |  Economics

“I wish my words would be enough to describe my honour and gratitude toward such an amazing scholarship and opportunity! By receiving this scholarship, it helps relieve the financial burdens I face whilst studying Economics at the University of Bristol. I am able to invest into my studies without the worry of where I will receive the finances, and how such decisions will impact my financial capabilities to invest in my studies in the future. This scholarship will most certainly help me reach my full academic potential this year and put me many steps closer towards my goal of being a successful first generation university student, and hopefully one who can support my family further in the future. At such a difficult time for many families around the world due to COVID-19, I am even more thankful and appreciative of such an amazing scholarship from The Black Heart Foundation, a scholarship I believe will hold me, and many of the fellow scholars on a good path toward our educational, career, and personal goals. Again, I would like to thank everyone at the foundation for their amazing commitment to changing lives, I am determined to utilise this opportunity to also inspire the next generation of promising students who come from troubled financial backgrounds and will continue to work by the core values of the foundation.”


University of Cambridge  |  Land Economy

“Receiving the news that I had been awarded a scholarship from the Black Heart Foundation was the most amazing end to a year that had otherwise been quite stressful. The decision to switch universities and restart after one year of studying was one which I did not take lightly as it came with increased costs. Nevertheless, I was encouraged by my family to pursue my dream course and find a way to make it work. Being placed in a college different from the one to which I applied means that rent levels are higher than I anticipated. Besides this, the short and intense 8-week Cambridge terms limit the ability for one to get a part-time job during term time. This scholarship will go a long way in reducing the financial burden of University and allow me to really focus on my studies for the second half of my degree. I am extremely grateful to have received support from the Black Heart Foundation and genuinely appreciate its efforts in ensuring that education is accessible to all.”


University of Bristol  |  Maths and Computer Science

“I cannot thank The Black Heart Foundation enough for awarding me the scholarship. Throughout my time at uni, I have always had to keep a close eye on how far I have gone into my overdraft. Worrying about money is something that takes its toll both physically and mentally. This scholarship gets rid of my former worries, allowing me to entirely focus on my final year at university, allowing me to open new doors and explore new pathways that were previously just out of arm’s reach. Thank you to The Black Heart Foundation and everyone involved for recognising that finances should not prevent students from reaching their potential. It means so much to be among those who get to benefit from this incredible scholarship, and I look forward to the day I will be able to pass it forward. Thank you once again.”


University of Southampton  |  Economics

“I am thankful to The Black Heart Foundation for allowing me to focus on my degree in addition to giving the opportunity to pursue a career in finance without having to experience the financial burden that comes with getting support for my mental health and learning difficulties.

Through this scholarship I would like to continue aligning myself with the foundation’s goals through mentoring young children with similar backgrounds to me. As also not financially rewarding it helps me to give children who, like me, do not see themselves obtaining professional careers. There are not enough words to express my gratitude for The Black Heart Foundation for awarding me a scholarship.”

Richard (Prince)

University of Oxford  |  Chemistry

“I am extremely grateful to the Black Heart Foundation for providing me with the support to pursue interests both inside and outside of university – this flexibility would not have been possible without their assistance. This organization has aided many people in the past and will continue to do so, thus I am very proud to be a Black Heart Scholar and would encourage everyone to apply!”


University of Cambridge  |  Human Sciences

“I am filled with gratitude at the unparalleled  generosity of the The Black Heart Scholarship Programme. Growing up, money didn’t flow and in a world where educational excellence often demands deep pockets, many sacrifices were made to enable me to fulfil my academic potential. When considering applying to university, I would often find myself concerned about the expenses and financial burdens that I would encounter. Although this was originally daunting and had the capacity to deter me from applying, I decided to apply in faith. Thankfully, at the opportune time I was fortunate enough to be awarded this financial support. This scholarship has afforded me the privilege to attend a world renowned institution, to fully immerse myself into student life and to dream bigger. The ethos and values that The Black Heart exemplifies is inspiring. I hope to reflect the same kindness and liberality to others throughout and beyond my university experience.”


Royal College of Art  |  Fashion Design and Localised and Agile Manufacturing Systems

“I wholeheartedly would like to thank the Black Heart Foundation for believing in me by awarding me a scholarship to help with my masters studies at the Royal College of Art. I have worked tirelessly all my life to enable the opportunities to progress both myself and my craft, with the end goal of achieving success in my career within the fashion industry and making lasting contributions to pursuing new sustainable systems for current and future generations. The scholarship alleviates pressure I have been facing to find extra funding for my studies which occur high extra costs on top of tuition and living in London, while I have also been working alongside studying to make up some of my deficit, I will no be able to focus more time on achieving my goals. Their support really means a lot, they have made a huge difference to my situation and many other students who may not have been able to pursue our goals in education and success in life without their help.”


University of Cambridge  |  Law

“I am delighted that the Black Heart Foundation has chosen to believe in me and invest in my future. The generous support of the Foundation will help me to focus on making the most of a world class legal education, and using my free time to pursue access initiatives and sport without the financial burden. I am really looking forward to achieving my full potential in my undergraduate degree and eventually pursuing a career at the Bar. I’m excited to prove that the trustees made the right decision in supporting me! Thank you so much.”


University of Birmingham  |  Respiratory Medicine 

“I am eternally grateful for the opportunity that the Black Heart Foundation have given me. Coming from where I’m coming from, people traditionally don’t have the opportunities or the financial capabilities in order to succeed and really push the boundaries and the confines of the area they grew up in. This is the reason why I am so happy that the Black Heart Foundation believe in me, my aspirations and my ability enough to support me through a challenging time in my life.”


Cardiff University  |  Computer Science

“Receiving the news of my scholarship offer from the Black Heart Foundation couldn’t have come at a better time. Going into the new year with the financial support of a foundation that is dedicated to helping to secure the futures of young people is one of the best things as a student. I will be able to dedicate more of my time to my studies and I look forward to being able to achieve my dreams as well as inspire a generation after me. I am incredibly grateful to the Black Heart Foundation for their support and generosity and look forward to working hard to pursue my dreams.”


Kings College London  |  Medicine

“I am very grateful for receiving the Black Heart Foundation scholarship that will help me with my studies. This scholarship will lift the burden off my parents to continuously pay for my costs. Going to university from a low socio-economic background can be financially challenging because you’re constantly worrying about money, which can interfere with your studies. However, this scholarship will allow me focus on my studies and experience other aspects of university life that would otherwise been difficult without the scholarship. I’d to thank the Black Heart Foundation for their generosity.”


Goldsmith University  |  Film Making

“It truly means the world to be a recipient of the Black Heart Foundation scholarship. The undertaking of a masters felt like a very daunting task financially; to now have these barriers lifted is an indescribable feeling. I am deeply appreciative to everyone involved in the foundation for allowing the space to authentically express  my vision and thank everyone for believing in it. I am grateful for the support to be able to further hone in on my craft and to share stories that speak inclusively on behalf of our communities and engage the wider public, carrying on Black Heart Foundation’s mandate in all future works.”


Kings College London  |  Addiction Research

“I am indescribably grateful to have been awarded the Black Heart Foundation scholarship, which will be essential in allowing me to commit myself to my PhD project. This scholarship will provide the financial stability to focus on my studies, produce the highest quality work possible, and fully benefit from the world-leading academic opportunities provided by King’s College London. In essence, the scholarship has provided a vital stepping stone into my career as a researcher, for which I will always be grateful. Through this PhD project I aim to help those who may be suffering from substance addiction, the effects of which are usually felt hardest by those from low socio-economic backgrounds. I am proud to be associated with a foundation that understands that nobody should face financial constraints to education, and empowers young people to achieve their potential. I extend my extreme gratitude to the Black Heart Foundation, as well as its generous sponsors, for the indispensable support they provide and aim to reflect and demonstrate their values through my PhD and research career.”


University of Kent  |  Business Analytics

“I was extremely grateful to learn that after applying I had been awarded a scholarship from the Black Heart Foundation. I had to decide to commute for my Postgraduate masters study in Canterbury from London on a weekly basis due to accommodation costs. However, due to having problems with my laptop I’d often spend hours after school in the library using school computers, which was a major inconvenience and meant I had to commute more frequently further driving up my costs, to ensure I completed my work on time . However, thanks to this Scholarship I will be able to focus more on my studies because the amount granted to me is enough to cover me getting a new laptop. I cannot thank the Black Heart Foundation enough for investing in me and giving me the chance to excel in my studies.”


Oxford Brooks  |  Psychology

“I remember how I felt when I received the knowledge of my maintenance loan from student finance England. That feeling was utter despair. I knew once I saw that number that I would be struggling financially in my second year of university. The explanation I was given was that my mum was working more and so she would be earning more. What SFE didnt understand was that my uncle was extremely ill and nearing his death bed. That extra work my mum was engaging in was to keep him alive in Nigeria. I remember how I felt when the black heart foundation awarded me the scholarship. Overwhelming Joy. After already suffering in my first semester the black heart foundation was my saving grace. I cried once I heard the news because I knew that the financial help would alleviate the pressure my mum was already under. They are giving me the financial freedom of not worrying about how my rent will be paid. Or the fear of being someone elses burden. They are changing lives and I know this because they have just changed mine. I am eternally grateful.”


St George University of London  |  Global Health

“I am incredibly grateful to the Black Heart Foundation for this scholarship. This grant provides me with the opportunity to work towards achieving my academic goals, pursuing my extracurricular activities and relieves the pressures of needing to work alongside my studies to support myself, which would have been a challenging task. However, due to the generosity of the foundation, I am now able to devote my time and attention to my studies and own foundation, in addition to balancing the responsibilities I have. This will have a significant impact on my future career, and I am looking forward to seeing how higher education will advance my efforts in promoting health equity and strengthening health systems in low- and middle-income countries. I feel empowered in knowing that the black heart Foundation trustees recognise my ambition and work to aligning with their principles, and have decided to invest in me, for which I am continually grateful.”


Imperial College London  |  Healthcare Management 

“I am writing to express my sheer gratitude and delight as a recipient of the BHF scholarship, and was thrilled to learn of my selection.

It holds even more value to come from such a fundamentally-sound organisation, one who’s founding tenets were based upon the removal of barriers and realisation of achievement for young people.

This strikes a personal chord, as someone that works with young people from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds, that is deeply passionate about young people realising their dreams and potential. This notion that you are a but a product of your environment/background is a deeply insidious one, and one that I try to challenge in every instance.

This scholarship will help further realise my own ambitions, by alleviating financial concerns, and empowering me further to pursue internships and summer programs that would have otherwise not been possible.

I am deeply grateful for this scholarship and the work of BHF, and look forward to paying it forward in the future.”


University College London  |  Economics

“I am honoured to be one of the recipients of the Black Heart Scholarship. This will not only enable me to overcome my financial situation but will also ease my experience of furthering my studies at University College London. Hopefully now I can graduate with optimism for my future career prospects without financial strain.

I look forward to starting the next chapter of my life having received an excellent education due to the support of the foundation. I cannot express my gratitude enough; this gift will serve as a motivation to give back where I can in the future. I strongly believe in carrying the foundation’s ethos with me through my career to support those who are facing financial obstacles. This foundation has opened a door that will lead to many opportunities that I could not attain by my own means; the award has allowed me the possibility to drastically change my prospects in life and I hope one day I have the chance to pay this generosity forward.

I want to say a massive thank you to the Black Heart Foundation and the board of trustees for their financial aid and their trust in my capabilities. Words cannot express how blessed I feel, your kindness and consideration will not be forgotten. I am eternally grateful.”


University of Law, Birmingham  |  LLB Law

“With just £16.00 left on my bank account, tears in my eyes on a call to my mother telling her I may have to quit school because I cannot focus on finding a way to pay my bills and study, a miracle in the form of the Black Heart Foundation Scholarship appeared.  To say that this scholarship is a dream come true is an understatement and not to sound cliché but, like the past scholarship winners, this came at a time in my life when I felt like there was no way out of a bad situation.  To start the new year knowing that I can now focus on completing my LPC and Masters, gives me a new lease on life.  The Black Heart Foundation provides an equal opportunity for all students looking to realise their dreams.  In the words of Nelson Mandela, “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world” Thank you Black Heart Foundation for giving me the opportunity to realise my dreams and hope someday to be able to give back to this organisation.”